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Brentford Families

This part of the site is dedicated to the families that lived and worked in Brentford - sometimes for generations. Various people have taken the time to record their information to share with others. Their stories bring the place to life - a big thank you to all contributors.

If your family includes a local councillor then it is worth checking research by Janet McNamara too: she has prepared many biographies and located numerous press cuttings.

From 2020 the list also includes those seeking other with the same family interests: read on for how to make contact.

If you would like to make contact with any of the researchers noted below (last column) please email me and I will forward (researcher's email addresses are not included to reduce spam). If I have undertaken the research (Celia Cotton) then the research is more likely to stem from curiosity than a genetic link!

See how to add details about your family.

Surnames: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R , S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

AndrewsJohn Andrews (1702-1784) and two later generations were millers of Old Brentford; they owned 334 High Sreet and other land in Brentford; includes transcripts of willsKenneth Hull
AnthonyThe Anthony family ran a greengrocers at 326 High Street from around 1953Ian Anthony
AnthonyThomas Anthony, bricklayer born Norfolk, 1812, settled in Brentford in the mid 1800s with his wife and childrenCelia Cotton
Ashby20th century Ashby family photos and also the Ashby 'Pea and Potato Merchant' lorry Helen Shepherd
AshfieldWilliam Ashfield 1826 - 1900 a bootmaker, son James, a teacher, who featured in a newspaper article on the eve of his 97th birthdayDeirdre
AttfieldThe name 'James Attfield' crops up in the 1841 census (omnibus proprietor) and a 1913 trade directory (smith & farrier); John has used the Old Bailey website (accessible through links) to find out more information about the omnibus manJohn Attfield
BaldryThe Baldry family were fishmongers of Brentford from the 1880s to Edwardian timesGaye Wheeler
BallardMontague Ballard, owner of the Royal Brewery, died in 1936; his obituary provides insights into his life and career  
BallinFrench-born Auguste Ballin, artist, lived in Brentford from the 1870s until his death Celia Cotton (not a descendant);
BarrattThe Barratt family ran an undertakers business in Chiswick & Brentford from the 1830s to at least the 1950sRoberta Ashworth
BatesThe Bates family were butchers & fishmongers in Old Brentford from the mid C18 until early C20Elizabeth Thormod (not contactable)
BeachFamous for their strawberry jam, made in BrentfordJanet McNamara
BeardsworthA Wartime Romance tells the story of a wartime romance between a Brentford girl, Joan Beardsworth, and her Welsh fiance Ray Llewellyn, who married after a whirlwind courtship, and their experience of life in post-war Brentford.Julie Jakeway
BeaverThe Beaver family lived in Hanwell & Brentford from C19 to the 1950s Lorraine Manford
BeckAngie Beck has sent Beck will transcripts and other material1805-1870Angie Beck
BeckinghamThe Beckingham lived at 94 High Street, formerly the Catherine Wheel PHJohn James
BissellTwo generations of descendants of Jeffrey Bissell born 1767 EalingDave Padbury
BondJohn Bond owned properties in Brentford in the 1840s and left a PCC will proved in 1855Heather Wade
BovingdonFrederick Bovingdon was a dairyman at Southfield Farm Ealing from around 1919 to 1925
BoxallIncluded in Bond page 
BrooksOf Isleworth & Brentford area by the late 1700s, including George Brooks who fought in the Crimean WarSally Douglas
BrooksIncludes photos of John Dowson Brooks, lighterman, born 1850 and previous generationVivien Concannon
BrownTraced back to Richard Brown born 1793 Hanwell,greengrocers, High StreetBill Brown
BrunsdenThe Brunsden family lived in Brentford from the 1820s and included publicans, butchers, builders and an undertakerCarole
BuckThe Buck family originally came from Hemel Hempstead and ran a barge and tug business in BrentfordAnn Podmore, Pam Marsh, Lyn White, Carol Flemming, Jan Chinnery, Tim Lothian, Carol North
BurrowsWilliam Burrows ran the Barleycorn beerhouse at no. 98 until the mid C19; when he died his son-in-law John Plastine and then his great grandsons (William T and Joseph J Small) took over running the Barleycorn into the C20Jayne Todd
CallisSue's Callis family lived in Brentford during the last half of the 18th & first half of the 19th century; can all references to the name be linked to one family?Sue Thomas
CallowSee Ryan, Albert Callow was a car man or carrier in Brentford from the late 1800s; Paul's write-up includes family photosPaul Smith
CarrRebecca Emily Carr worked for the Brentford Gaslight & Coke Co in the early 1900sLynn Hayter
CarterA lively account of his local Carter, Hurt and Quarrier families including 1920s photosMark Clements
CarterDownload research into descendants of James Carter (1825-1873), waterman of BrentfordPeter Stuart (not a descendant)
ChandlerA charming tale that starts with an elopment in the late 1860sCharlie
ChristmasTwo generations of the Christmas family ran a china shop in New Brentford during the 19th century 
ClarkThe Clark family of coal and lime dealers lived at no. 80 from the C18 well into the C19Janet McNamara
ClarkClark of Isleworth and Brentford - various strands so far not linked to the above familyRobyn Gross
ClarkeSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
ClementsJames Clements became Charter Mayor of Brentford; he died in 1934 and the index to mourners paints a picture of a most highly respected and loved local manRebecca Norris
ClementsClements of Back Lane: a challenging family to trace as the father used forenames Robert and Stephen interchangeably...; he died in 1891 and was age 91 to 93 Bob Sheridan
ClimpsonPhotos of Charles Climpson and his wife Lydia (nee Harris) taken in the early 1900sNigel Climpson
ClinchMemories of Kenneth Clinch from WW2Keith Clinch
ClitherowThe Clitherow family bought Boston House in 1670 and it passed through 5 generations of the family, then to cousinsJanet McNamara
ClovesWilliam Jenkin Cloves was a barge builder from Essex who moved to Brentford in the late 1890s; he lived at no. 396Mark Abbott
ColeWilliam Charles Cole was awarded the DSM and other medals in WW1; but who was he?Richard Taylor (not a descendant) & Carolyn Cameron of Auckland, New Zealand
CollinsWilliam "Bill" Collins was 4 months old in 1871, son of Jeremiah, Mount Pleasant, Brentford; Bill married Martha Raveney and moved to Beckenham, Kent where they raised 12 children and began a HUGE family of Collinses in and around Bromley; I would love it if any of the Collins family contacted meJoanna Archer
CookeWilliam Cooke (1779-1857) was a surgeon of The Butts, New BrentfordPeter Selley
CoxLen Cox is the fourth generation of the Cox family to live in Brentford and his ancestors include Charles Cox, 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards and later a Brentford police constableLen Cox
CracknellSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
CromwellVicki's research into a possible link between her Sanders/Saunders family and Thomas CromwellVicki Powys
CroxfordJanet McNamara has researched the lives fo four brothers who worked in the Royal Brewery and Brentford Gas Company in the 19th centuryJanet McNamara
DaubneyThe Daubney family ran greengrocers shops in High Street and Albany Road area during the 20th centuryKay Day and Sam Day
DavisRoger Davis is the grandson of Frank Davis who was a foreman, superintendant and captain of the Brentford Fire Brigade during the 1901 - 1933 periodRoger Davis
DawesPhotos of the Dawes family, basket makers at 306 High Street, early 20th centuryAndy Dawes
DearJohn Dear, born around 1838 in Brentford, was a punnet maker. His sons and grandsons were to become cycle makers/dealers and car dealers.Alan Dear
DigginsGeorge & Florence Diggins ran the Rising Sun during WW2Doreen Lee (nee Priest)
DobsonResearch into two Dob(bi)son families that lived on the corner of Ferry Square in the mid 1800s - a labourer and a fishmongerJohn Bayliss
DoreyJanet McNamara has researched this prominent family of buildersJanet McNamara
DorringtonCan you help with a request regarding Herbert Dorrington (1886-1917)?Jean J
DuckworthHepsley C Duckworth: theatrical producer and actor; and solicitor in Brentford in 1915Laurence van Kleek
EareeSee SandersVicki Powys
EmmettIncluded in SmithJune Newman (nee Smith)
Evans/EvensIncluded in HarrisPauline Tate
EzardPeter Sutton's book "Samuel Owen Artist and Sea Captain 1768-1857" notes Samuel Owen had connections with the Ezard family of Brentford dating back to the late 18th century. Ken Hull elaborated: Henry Ezard and Samuel Owen were half-brothers. Samuel Owen’s mother remarried Charles Ezard after the death of her husband and Henry was the eldest of their children. I was helped by owning a transcript that my grandfather made in 1950 of an Owen family Bible.Peter Sutton
Ken Hull
FairsJ T Fairs, Victorian artist 
FarnsworthA taxidermist, naturalist and hairdresser whose wife sought a divorce in 1907Valerie Wright; Celia Cotton (not a descendant); Chris Williams (related to the 'other woman'
FieldIncluded in GoodmanDavid Carpenter
FleetwoodTailors and dressmakers in Brentford High Street from the 1840s to the 1880sPauline Chidwick
FolkardPawnbrokers in Brentford, 1830sCelia Cotton (not a descendant)
FoordPlumbers, painters & decorators who lived in Brentford from the 1840sCelia Cotton
FrancisA waterman who had 19 children by his two wives in the 19th centuryClare Francis
FrickerThe Fricker family ran a long-standing egg & butter business on the High Street.Julie Jakeway
GainsfordFrederick William Walter Gainsford gave his birthplace around 1829 as Brentford and was in Australia by 1854; can you help establish his origins?Sharon Freeman
GandyGeorge Harley Gandy was a scale maker who moved from Shoreditch in the mid 1850s to Brentford, possibly following James Gregg, weights & measures man, who also settled in Brentford and whom he would have met through work Norman Biggs
GaydonWatchmakers and jewellers at 102 High Street from the mid 1850s Reg Harris, Helen Hickman, Martin Hooper
GeorgeDetails of the George family spanning a 100 yearsDerek Birch
GibbonsDorothy Gibbons lived on Defoe Avenue KewNick
GoddardSeveral generations of the family ran furniture and other businesses in Brentford; Stan Goddard (d. 2005) was known as 'Mr Brentford'Ken Goddard
GoddardFrederick Stanley Goddard: a family photo (long since lost) of a soldier sitting in a chair wearing his army uniform sparked a fascinating searchKen Goddard
GoddardSee photos: CarrLynn Hayter
GommGomms ran the Beehive Brewery, beerhouses and the Drum in the C19; another line were basket / punnet makersAmanda Hunt, Elizabeth Thormod (not contactable as at June 2015), Chris Weatherill, Peggy Rough, Karen Cross, David Hunt
Goodman and Field The Three Pigeons Inn was a well-known landmark, at the corner of the Market Place. The Goodman and Field families were publicans for a few years in the mid C19.David Carpenter
GrantWilliam & Charlotte Grant brought up their family of eight in Albany RoadSandra Graves (nee Payne)
Grant, Payne and Christmas familiesThese families lived in Old Brentford from the mid 19th century and some worked at the Pier House Laundry and Palm Toffee Factory Bob Sheridan
GreggJames Gregg was the weights amd measures man, who stamped weights for the scale makers on Tuesdays (1853 Mason's directory)Norman Biggs
GriffithGriffith Bros were clothiers until the 1930s; there is a mystery surrounding the start-up of the business Guy Richardson
GyeLinks to Small family 
HailesLinks between a Bedfordshire family and Brentford: 'Brentford Market is the star turn in this tale'Claire Noble
Hamlin1956 article about flooding in The Ham, affecting Jean's familyJean Dunsdon
HardwickThe Hardwick family of builders and architects lived in New Brentford 1725-1798Selby Whittingham
HarringtonSee Families associated with New Brentford church and schoolSelby Whittingham
HarrisHenry Harris, born Isleworth, established his currier business at 150 by 1841; his descendants lived at various High Street addresses.Pauline Tate
HartSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
HarvestSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
HatchIncluded in HieronsDonald Hatch
HaverfieldSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
HealeyThe Healey family worked as undertakers and ran a wireless accessories shop in the early 20th centuryTony Healey
HeathHeath, Dear, Daubney and Snelling family links; includes photos from around 50 years ago of Cressage Road and Mafeking AvenueRick Heath
HenreyThe Rev Thomas Selby Henrey lived at St George's Vicarage for around 30 years until the late 1920s; but where did he come from and what did other members of the Henrey family do?Anne Wallace
Hester1900s contortionist, dancer, vaudeville actorDianne Gould (nee Hester)
HieronsJohn Hierons lived at Boston Farm, New Brentford in the late 18th century; his daughter Elizabeth married Robert Hatch in 1807Donald Hatch
HilliardGuildhall records show that the Hilliards were lightermen for generationsJohn Kite
HingeThe Hinge family were blacksmiths & veterinary surgeons in New Brentford from the late C18 
HockadayJames Hockaday moved from north London to run the Half Moon and Crown in London Road, Isleworth in the 1890sQuentin Pickard
HopsonMemories of Patrica Clinch nee Hopson from WW2 and earlierKeith Clinch
HooperIncluded in SmithJune Newman (nee Smith)
HowardA history of the Howard family's ironmongery business at 298 to 300 High StreetLiz Bryant
HubbuckBob Hubbuck can trace his line of Hubbucks of Brentford back to the late 18th century (the Ham and the Waterman's Arms at 179 High St)Bob Hubbuck
HurtA lively account of his local Carter, Hurt and Quarrier families including 1920s photosMark Clements
HutchinsThis is an external site for the Hutchins family, which originated in Hayes but settled in Turnham Green near Brentford mid C19Alan Hutchins
HutchinsonLynn's great grandfather Charles James Hutchinson was a carman born ca 1843; Lynn has provided details of his descendantsLynn Hayter
IlburyIncluded in Walsh pageJohn Welsh
JacobSee NevilleAllister Neville
JamesDescendants of William Henry James born 1815 Isleworth Dave Padbury
Jennings Lynn Hayter
JohnsonJohn Johnson was a fishmonger at 253 High Street in 1871 - 1891; his son Samuel worked as a stable keeper & horse dealer, living at The HamPatricia Johnson Parma
JohnsonRobert Wallace Johnson was a doctor who lived in Brentford until his death in 1813; he owned a starch mill and Dr Johnson's Lock is named after himCelia Cotton
Johns(t)onRichard Charles Johnson and his wife Jane Agnes emigrated from Ireland to Brentfor around 1887Graham Divall
JonesEdward C. Jones founded E.C. Jones & Son (Brentford) Ltd, a boat and barge building businessPam Vernon-Roberts
Jullion18th century watch and clockmakers; the name survived in Brentford into the 19th century; Thomas Jullion was a local solictor who signed several local wills.Nigel Brock
JuppThe Jupp family were maltsters, corn and coal merchants from the 1820s through to the 1940sCelia Cotton
KennersonBiography of Henry Kennerson, gardener, born in Brentford around 1849
supplemented by research into his brother William
Gillian Shaw
Deborah Patterson
KentonThe Kenton family lived in Brentford from around 1817 and included bricklayers and a policeman; one family member was murdered in BrentfordJulie Jakeway, Charles Bloomfield
Ker or KerrThree contributors: Margaret's husband's Ker family moved into Brentford some time before 1840; one of the Ker family worked for Newens the bakers at 327 High Street
Peter Stuart's Ker(r) research includes references to Ansell, Barrett, Baxter, Broome, Collier, Davis, Dodds, Field, Franklin, Gaunt, Ginger, Grimbly, Johnson, Lockyer, Luffrum, Miller, Parry, Pool or Poole, Rutter, Stafford, Stagg, Thrupp, Turrell, Underhill, Vincent, Wakeling, Weatherley, White
Peter Timms: son of Winifred Ker and first cousin of Margaret; he has sent a photo of Winifred from 1932
Margaret Ker
Peter Stuart
Peter Timms
KinghamJoseph Kingham ran a wholesale grocery, initially at 86 High Street; includes photos from 1921 and names of workers in the 1950sCarole Ann Bartholomew
KirbyStella Kirby (nee Gomm) and her son Paul, Bangor RoadPaul Kirby
KnightThomas Knight and his son Tom were potato salesmen at Brentford market from the early 1900sGraham Knight
LangleyJean's Langley family were in Brentford by the start of the 19th century, addresses include Boars Head Yard, The Ham and Albany RoadJean Dunsdon
LeesSee SandersVicki Powys
LeesSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
LewisBrentford family traced back to mid 18th centuryColin Halstead
LittleLinks between Ebenezer Little of Bedfordshire and Brentford: 'Brentford Market is the star turn in this tale'Claire Noble
LockyerThe Lockyers lived in Brentford from the late C19 and owned a butchers at number 400.Maurice Lockyer
LockyerThe Lockyer, Sharp and Loveday families owned Coldhall Manor, Ealing from the mid 18th century; includes will transcriptsBob Loveday
LonginottoA family with Italina roots who were umbrella makers at 245 High StreetJames Earnshaw
LovedayThe Lockyer, Sharp and Loveday families owned Coldhall Manor, Ealing from the mid 18th century; includes will transcriptsBob Loveday
LynchRobert Lynch came from Ireland in the early 19th century and his descendants settled in Brentford and Isleworth for over 140 years.Milli Shooter
Mann, J.A biography for the 'J Mann' commemorated on the West Brentford War MemorialMichael Maddock
ManningPossibly an Irish family; Paul's write-up includes family photosPaul Smith
MarrinerThis is a link to an external web site which has a detailed family tree for this Brentford & area familyAlan Hutchins
MaskellBenjamin Maskell lived in Back Lane Old Brentford from the mid 1850sAlan Maskell
MatthewsMy grandmother Alice Elizabeth Matthews was born 1888 to William Matthews ... Stella White
McCarthySee SnellingMaggie Luscombe
MitchellSee Snelling pageJoanne Tansley & Trevor Mitchell
MitchellGladys Mitchell was a local author and also taught at Brentford Secondary Modern in the 1950sBrenda Bostock (not a descendant)
MolesLightermen, watermen and basket makers of 262 High Street in the 19th century 
MontgomreyTimber merchants whose yard was on the south side of the High Street; members of the family lived at numbers 77 & 78.Carolyn Chalmers; Dr Beverley Ronalds
MoriartyThe Moriarty family lived in Brentford from the late 1800sBrian Moriarty
MorleyReverend Ebenezer Morley, minister of Albany Chapel during the 1850s; his son Ebenezer Cobb Morley was a local sportsman - can you help with David's query?David King
MorrellA divorce in 1907 cited Charlotte Ethel Morrell as the 'other woman'; the account includes details of her familyChris Williams, Morrell descendant
MumfordJohn Oman Mumford was based at the Brentford Police station during the latter stages of his career with the Metropolitan Police in the 1890s; he later ran the George IV PH at no. 50Arthur Fanning
MumfordIncluded in SmithJune Newman (nee Smith)
NayA. Nay is commemorated on the Brentford War Memorial; he also served in the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902Meurig Jones, Celia Cotton (not descendants)
NeighbourRichard Neighbour was a 21 year old chimney sweep at no. 74 in 1901 and his business continued into the 1960s. His grandfather Robert Neighbour, born locally around 1826/8, was a waterman.Wendy Scott
NevilleThe Neville family moved to Brentford from Buckinghamshire in about 1810 and descendants lived in Brentford until the 20th century; their trades included market gardening, coopering and tailoringAllister Neville
NewmanNewman family photos from around 1916 to the 1960s; the family ran a shop at 245 High StreetDiane Lockie (Newman) and Lynn Christison
NorburyAt least three generations of the Norbury family were printers / book sellers in New Brentford until ca 1890Celia Cotton
NorrisThe Norris family inter-married with the Gearey family, brewers of Catherine Wheel YardCelia Cotton
OdellIncluded in TompkinsBonnie Green
PadburyVarious Brentford addresses, back to Edward Padbury, born 1819Dave Padbury
PaddonDraper of New Brentford in the 18th centuryCelia Cotton (not a descendant)
ParsonsBoot & shoemakers who lived in Brentford from the 1840sCelia Cotton
PayneWilliam & Bridget Payne lived in Chiswick and Brentford around the turn on the 20th centurySandra Graves (nee Payne)
PearcePearces ran beerhouses, pubs, were watermen and lightermen, orange sellers during C19 / C20Joanne Tansley & Trevor Mitchell
PearceWalter Pearce was a local printer and publisher of postcards from the early to mid 19th centuryCelia Cotton
PeekIncluded in SmithJune Newman (nee Smith)
PenningtonThe Pennington clothier business operated in New Brentford from 1854 for around 100 yearsIris Lanham
PerrottThomas Perrott, chairmaker, lived in Sunderland, Suffolk and Essex before settling in Brentford by the 1820s - find out why!Christine Russell
PeruginiLaurence Perugini was a watercolur artist who spent his youth in Chiswick (late C19) and later lived in BrentfordLiz Blair (not a descendant)
PhillipsThe life of an Edwardian actor, Arthur Phillips, and his wife Christie LawsDr James Whetter & Celia Cotton (not descendants)
PickeringGrocers who lived in New Brentford from the early 1800sKen Pickering
PiggottThe Piggott family were waterman / lighterman and lived on The Ham in the 1901 censusPam Marsh & Jo Pollard
PitcherThe Pitcher family lived at Clifden Road from 1925Norman Baldwin
PitherThe Life of James Pither, a bricklayer of Brentford, 1846-1919Lynn Hayter
PittIncludes Joseph Pitt, Esquire, a surgeon who lived in The ButtsColin Pitt
PlastineLinks to Burrows and Small families 
PlastineFamily traceable back to the early 1800sDeborah Selby (nee Plastine); Brenda Mitchell
PorteusSee Families associated with New Brentford church and schoolSelby Whittingham
PritchardA few notes on Pritchard found in Brentford, 19th centuryWendy Tagg
PughJohn Pugh, tinker and tin smith of Distillery Road, with photos of him and familyJanet Byron
Purchas/PurchesThe Purches family lived in Stratford, Brentford until late 1860s (Back Lane & Warden Cottages), Islington and West HamNigel Purches
QuarrierA lively account of his local Carter, Hurt and Quarrier families including 1920s photosMark Clements
QuinionTranscripts of two documents involving Joseph Quinnion, saddler, who died in 1837D.Q.
RandallSee Families associated with New Brentford church and schoolSelby Whittingham
RandallSee Watercress sellers and strawberry punnet makersDianne Gould (nee Hester)
RaveneyWilliam "Bill" Collins married Martha Raveney and moved to Beckenham, Kent; the Raveney family is particularly concentrated in Middlesex; I would love it if any of the Raveney family contacted meJoanna Archer
RedwoodHarry Redwood was living in Brentford by late 1800sJenny Redwood
RicketRicket family settled in Old Brentford by 1860 and ran various High Street businesses into the 20th centuryMuriel Wallington
RicksJames Ricks was a waterman of Boars Head Yard in 1911; are there any Ricks descendants still in Brentford?Angela
RobertsSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
RobertsonWalter Robertson's Toffee Factory was by Brentford Bridge; features a toffee tin designed to celebrate a marriage! Andrew Robertson
RobinsonArchibald Robinson worked at the York Mineral Water Co from the late 19th to early 20the centuryNick
RonaldsNurserymen & seedsmen who lived at numbers 137 & 138.Carolyn Chalmers; Dr Beverley Ronalds
RoundJohn Round was a grocer on the south eastern side of the High Street at no. 33 or thereabouts; the link takes you to an account of his suicide.Gavin Meeser
RutterSee Bates 
RyanDublin-born Cornelius Ryan settled in Brentford in the late 1800s; Paul's write-up includes family photos Paul Smith
SandersMembers of the Sanders family lived at nos 303 - 307 in the C19; includes family photoVicki Powys, Fiona Sheehan
SandersVicki's research into a possible link between her Sanders/Saunders family and Thomas CromwellVicki Powys
SaundersSee SandersVicki Powys, Fiona Sheehan
SavakerThe Savaker family lived in or around Brentford from c1820 to 1872; branches moved to other parts of London and CanadaWendy Savaker
SedgwickA charming tale that starts with an elopment in the late 1860sCharlie
SharpThe Lockyer, Sharp and Loveday families owned Coldhall Manor, Ealing from the mid 18th century; includes will transcriptsBob Loveday
SheppardIncluded in Lewis family notesColin Halstead
SimsSee Tayler 
SimsJohn Sims was a carpenter who loved in Brentford during the early 1800sKim Wight
SimsRobert and Ann Sims emigrated to NZ in 1883, taking some Brentford -born children with themBill Goodall
SmallWilliam T and Joseph J Small ran the Barleycorn beerhouse (no. 98) after their grandparents, John & Rosina Plastine diedPaul Burton
SmithThe Smith family lived at Harnage Road, Clayponds Lane and Pottery RoadJune Newman (nee Smith)
SmithHenry Smith was a tugboat stoker who married Louise Alice Neill in 1907; addresses include Mafeking Avenue, 404 High Street and Crowther Ave off Clayponds Lane; includes photosPatricia Horwood (formerly Smith)
SnellingThe Snelling family included several watermen who lived in Brentford in the C19; one married a McCarthy (a Brentford family with Irish origins)Maggie Luscombe
SnellingA second Snelling family, descended from Robert (bn 1783), who lived in Red Lion Yard, Market Place and other Brentford addressesJoanne Tansley & Trevor Mitchell
StepneyDownload research into descendants of Henry Stepney (1810-1871) in Mortlake and BrentfordPeter Stuart (not a descendant)
StonePhotos from a 1948 wedding: Ena Stone to Kenneth ThompsonLynn Hayter
StoneleighHarold Stoneleigh and his wife Emma (Cox) ran a coffee and lodging house at No.156 from around 1880 until the 1905-1913 periodDave Stoneleigh
TaggThomas Tagg and Mary Ann Pritchard married in New Brentford in 1865Wendy Tagg
TavernerThomas Henry Taverner was a clothier and pawnbroker who lived at 131/2 High Street in the 1871 and 1881 censuses; after buying a couple of certificates it was possible to trace the family back to Cambridgeshire in the early 1800sDavid T Taverner; Catherine Taverner
Tayler/TaylorTwo Taylor or Tayler families ran High Street pubs in C19. Fortunately I have been contacted by a descendant of each family, and with information from them it has been possible to sort out who ran which pub. One family also had connections with the Sims family.Susan & Geoffrey Parkinson & Michael Taylor
TaylorJohn Donville Taylor was a baker who moved from Kew to Brentford by 1841; his sons worked in various trades in BrentfordCelia Cotton
TaylorThomas William Taylor ran the coal business in Brentford by the stationBrian Moriarty
ThomasMark Thomas was caretaker of the Rothschild Gunnersbury EstateNick
ThorndycraftIncluded in notes on the Ashfield familyDeirdre
TicknerFrederick Tickner Snr. was a boat builder, builders foreman and works manager for Clement Knowling. He was something of an inventor too...Dee Tickner
TillerIncluded in Lewis family notesColin Halstead
TompkinsWilliam Tompkins, a carpenter, moved to Brentford from Chesham, Bucks by 1841 and had three daughtersBonnie Green (nee Tompkins)
TompkinsThomas Charles Tompkins, born in 1824, living in Chiswick/Kew in 1841; previous generation from Uxbridge/Chesham?; Thames lightermen & watermenColin Tompkins
TookeSee Families associated with New Brentford church and schoolSelby Whittingham
ToweThe Wood and Towe families lived in Catherine Wheel Yard during the 19th centuryPeter Wood
TrevelyanExtracts from the diary of Raleigh Trevelyan, a scholar in Brentford until his early death in 1814Janet McNamara (not related)
TrimmerLink to an external web site containing details of the Trimmer family, including Sarah Trimmer (nee Kirby), who founded the Sunday School next to St Georges Church in 1786 
TrimmerResearch into the Trimmer family of BrentfordSelby Whittingham
Trimmer associatesTen local families who had links to the Trimmer family, mainly late 17th -early 19th centurySelby Whittingham
TunstallSee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham
TurnerRead about the artist Joseph Mallord William Turner's connections with BrentfordJanet McNamara (not a descendant)
TurnerWilliam Turner worked on barges and lived on the 'Amos' in the early 1900sLorraine Winson
TwiningOf Boars Head Yard mid 1800s; includes a photo of George Frederick Twining (1837-1914)Jim Kelleher
UnderhillThe Underhills lived at numbers 43 & 44, a large family who lived in a small house.Maurice Lockyer
UnderwoodThe Underwood family of hay & straw merchants settled in Brentford in the mid C19, living at no. 80Janet McNamara
VollerLoretta's Brentford family names (over 40 in total from Algar to Wyatt), linked via her Voller familyLoretta
WelchPrivate James Welch is commemorated on the Brentford War MemorialEamonn Welch
Welsh/Walsh and IlburyThese families settled in Brentford by the 1850sJohn Welsh
WardenHigh Street butchers; includes two letters sent to son Alfred who emigrated to New Zealand in 1874Anne Thompson
WeathersA carte de visite of a handsome young man, inscribed D. Weathers at an Isleworth address...Celia Cotton (not related)
WhiteSee Families associated with New Brentford church and schoolSelby Whittingham
WhiteheadBenjamin Whitehead was a watchmaker who lived at 278 High Street intermittentlyAnn King
WoodThe Wood and Towe families lived in Catherine Wheel Yard during the 19th centuryPeter Wood
WoodThomas Wood came to Brentford in the late 1770s and ran a curriers in New Brentford until the mid-1800sCelia Cotton (not a descendant)
WoodJonah Wood spent a few years in New Brentford running a drapers and tailor's shop in the 1830s and 1840stLorraine Dicksee (not a descendant)
Woodroofehe Excise Service brought Nathan Woodroofe to Brentford in the 1820sEnid
WrightAlfred Wright, draper, lived opposite the Market Place in the 1870sJohn Power
ZoffanySee Trimmer family associatesSelby Whittingham

Surnames: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R , S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Published around 2005, last updated August 2023