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Obituary, Montague Ballard, 1936

Thanks to Janet McNamara who provided a photocopy taken from the Middlesex Independent newspaper, March 28th 1936.

The Passing of Mr. M. Ballard

Renowned Brentonian Dies in Cairo
Man with two hounds

Photograph of Mr. Montague Ballard in his younger days

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr. Montague BALLARD, which took place last Friday at Cairo.

Mr. BALLARD, who was 85 years of age, will be remembered by many elderly residents in the district for his connection with the Royal Brewery.

He was the second son of Mr. William BALLARD, of Arlington, Berkshire, who was several times Mayor of that town.

He commenced his association with the Royal Brewery, Brentford, in 1868, under Messrs. GIBBON and CROXFORD as a pupil brewer. Eleven years later the business was put up to auction and Mr. BALLARD became the owner. He retained the services of Mr. Henry TAYLOR as manager, and Mr. Henry CROXFORD. He devoted his time and energies to the business with excellent results. He did occasionally take a "day off" to attend a meet of the Queen's buckhounds, where he came into contact with another Brentford brewer, Mr. Thomas LAWRENCE, the owner of the Boston Brewery.

In 1890, Mr. BALLARD converted his business to a company and he then lived in Wiltshire for hunting and shooting. Afterwards he became joint master of the Cambridgeshire hounds.

In 1898, Mr. G. CHALLONER became manager of the brewery and together they started the rejuvenation of their licensed houses and in 1904 with the aid of the late Mr. Nowell PARR, they had fourteen licensed houses under reconstruction.

Mr. BALLARD was certainly a pioneer of public house improvements arid his elevations were very largely copied by other brewers.

Hop farming also gave scope for Mr. BALLARD's energies, and he worked at this with the same determination as in the case of the brewery.

He made his farm and the quality of his hops celebrated. He left the brewery in 1922, but was still head and holder of preferential shares. He sold his ordinary shares to Messrs. STYLE and WINCH, the Maidstone Brewers, who have since amalgamated with BARCLAY PERKINS. He went to live at Eze Sur Mer, Alpes Maritimes in 1923, where he had a most charming villa, generally spending the winter in Khartoum.

Mr. BALLARD was a regular reader of the "County of Middlesex Independent," and each week a copy was sent to his address. He was well known for his generosity and the Brentford Hospital has been a benefactor. Regularly each year he would send a handsome cheque to the Editor asking him to forward it on to assist the Hospital Carnival Fete Fund.

Mr. Henry H. WHITEHEAD, J.P., formerly vice-chairman of the Royal Brewery, Brentford, Ltd., pays the following tribute to Mr. BALLARD in a letter we have received:-

"Mr. BALLARD was a very successful and interesting man. He could manage men; he made a success of everything he took up, whether a business, or a hobby.

He visited South Africa; he undertook excavations in Egypt and some of the specimens he discovered are now in the Cairo Museum.

He was a collector, an artist, very fond of music, and a great gardener—altogether a charming host and companion."


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