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This page is for anyone looking for something to do with Brentford: people, High Street, place (not High Street), organisations, businesses, clubs, schools or events.

Please email if you can help. I will forward to the writer.

Seeking people

UNKNOWN: Peter Timms - in 2017, in Skipton, Yorks, I got chatting to a man. He lived locally but was from Hanworth in Middlesex: I used to play full back for Brentford F.C.. I started as an apprentice in 1953, from school and never played for anyone else because I got injured and had to pack it in quite young.
Does anyone know who this might have been? A look through on-line records showed that the only person still alive who 'fits the bill' is a George Lowden. (March 2018)

IAN: Peter Timms - I went to stay with my uncle and aunt in Brentford in July 1962. While train spotting on the iron bridge in Brook Lane, I got friendly with a boy named Ian. He lived close to the bridge on the Griffin Park side, in Brook Lane North. Ian had a caliper on one leg and his family had an Alsatian dog I seem to remember.
I often wonder what became of Ian as I never saw him again despite visiting Brentford regularly thereafter. He would be in his early to mid-sixties now.If anyone has any information I would love to hear from them via this website.

In surname order

ARMITAGE: Have you researched the Armitage family of Brentford, including Bigley Armitage? Narelle is piecing together her husband's family line in the 18th century and hopes another descendant will be able to assist in proving links

ASHFIELD: William Ashfield, early pilot 'was born in Brentford in 1900 and gained his RAF wings, but according to family memories he unfortunately crashed his plane on his maiden flight before he actually saw any action. He did survive although breaking many bones and he was hospitalised for quite a while. Perhaps he didn't actually see active service because of this'. Checks of military records on ancestry and findmypast did not help, can anyone suggest where further searches could be made? Deirdre Richards (Nov 2013)

Thanks to Steve for providing information including the following link on The National Archives website to his service record.

BARRY: Kate Marshall asks did anyone know Harold, Jane, Kath, Ron Barry? All born and lived in the Brentford area? (Nov 2014)

BOND/CARPENTER: Tony Carpenter seeks a Bond/Carpenter link; Charles Carpenter b1819 d1899 is part of his ancestry; see DNA details (March 2011)

BROOKS: Barry Pearce is hoping to make contact with Patricia Whelan: Barry's maternal grandfather Alfred Brooks was a brother to Patricia's grandfather, Thomas W Brooks, both living at 70 High Street late 19th and early 20th century; has anyone a current email address for Patricia? (April 2010)

BURRAGE: Graham Goulding is researching the Burrage family; he has a letterhead: Burrage Bros, Timber and Slate Merchants at New Lane Enfield and Brent Wharf, 180 High Street: does anyone remember Burrage Bros? (Feb 2011)

BURRIDGE: Peter Burridge writes 'I am very interested to find out any further details about the Burridge family and share any details, as I know that several branches of the family lived in and around Brentford for many years. I have confirmed most house locations and the occupations of these family members and could certainly supply details if interested. Some residences include: 29 Orchard Road, 28 Clifden Road, 62, High Street, 43 Ealing Road. Mainly between 1886 - onwards. I would be very grateful to contribute or find out more details if possible, as this part of the family are all directly related to me (August 2011)

BURWOOD: Edith Burwood (nee Joyce) - I'm looking for all info and early memories of her & her family, if anyone remembers them! She married Albert (Bertie) Burwood and I'd love to hear all about their early lives. They all lived in Kenley, Cressage and Harnage Road's and the Potteries before that (1800's): Jane (Feb 2014)

CHAPPLES: Simon Holloway is interested in contacting researchers into the Chapples family of the Brentford/ Chiswick area (April 2010)

CLARK: Robin Easton writes 'my ancestor Henry Clark was a brickmaker in Tynemouth, Northumberland, in 1803, and lived since 1809 in Jarrow, County Durham. In the parish registers he is mentioned as a native of Brentford or Hounslow in Middlesex. I presume that he was born around the 1770s-1780s.' The website has details of a number of Clarke families who lived in Brentford and Isleworth, but so far none are known to have been brickmakers, or to have had a son Henry. Ancestry includes an entry which may be relevant: Henry Clarke son of Henry and Margaret was born Feb 5 and baptised 6 March 1774 at St Mary Ealing. Is this part of your family or have you come across Clark(e) brickmakers in your research? (Aug 2014)

CLEMENTS: John Deane: his grandmother, May Florence Clements b. 1889, was the eldest child of James Clements, Charter Mayor of Brentford; John is keen to learn more about the Clements family (Oct 2010)

COLE: Richard Taylor who has been in touch about William Charles Cole, Brentford fireman (possibly a part-time volunteer); a photo of his medals is included; is William Charles Cole part of your family tree? (Sep 2010)


DEAN: Gaynor asks if any of the Dean family still live in the area. Frederick Montague Dean is commemorated on the West Brentford war memorial and he is known to have had two brothers, Albert Edward Dean and George William Dean, who survived the First Word War, also three sisters including Dorothy Dean. (Dec 2014)

FLEETWOOD: Mike Field writes 'I am a great g g grandson of Reuben and Louisa Fleetwood and their daughter Elizabeth'; I am looking for more information about Louisa and in particular her parents details (October 2009)

GEARY: Barbara Harrison of Canada seeks descendants of the Geary family of Twickenham (June 2009)

HARRIS: Kate Marshall writes: my father's mother Grace Marshall (maiden name Barry) born 1909, married Fred Harris who lived in Mafeking Avenue in the 1960's. Fred had a daughter called Cath? They lived at 16 Mafeking Avenue all their lives her friends were Doll Luffrum, Eileen Stocker, Sonja.
We attended my nans (Grace Harris) 90th birthday in Mafeking Avenue where they closed the street and had a old fashioned street party, this was approx 1998. (September 2014)

HILLIARD: John Kite is searching for information on the Hilliard families of New Brentford, in particular Thomas/William/Benjamin names (November 2009)

HOLMES: Mrs B Roberts asks: I am looking for anyone who knew my late uncle Ronald John George Holmes aged 18. He was killed on 10th Nov 1940 by a bomb at Busch corner when he was walking his girlfriend home, Joyce Harris was her name then? (Nov 2014)

HONEYBONE: Julie P would be grateful for the opportunity to see if anyone remembers June Honeybone at school, or her parents Frank and Evelyn Honeybone of 75 Ealing Park Gardens'; 'one of our direct ancestors was a helper to the Ascott Martyrs and has her name inscribed on a bench in Ascott, Oxfordshire' ; see Honeybone gathering details(September 2011)
Elaine write in April 2013: Although I do not know a June Honeybone, it appears that we might be related in some way. My Great Grandfather Peter Honeybone was a brother of Fanny Honeybone the youngest Ascott martyr aged 16 years. (I believe also that there were other Honeybone family members named on the seat, in the village green who supported the cause).
My Great Grandfather Peter came to N.Z. with his wife Millicent and two children Tom and John (my grandfather) on the ship "Crusader" arriving in N.Z. in 1874, The New Zealand branch of the family had a reunion before 1960 and we had another reunion a few years ago.

HOPKINS: Dawn Welch nee Hurdwell is trying to establish if the Edward Hopkins on the war memorial is related to the Walter Hopkins in her family (Oct 2010)

HOWSON: Beverley Scott seeks her cousins: children of Kathleen Howson (born 1923), Pauline Howson (1927) and Tom W Howson (1929). The Howson family (headed by Tom Howson and Catharine Mackintosh who married in 1922) lived in the Brentford area in the late 1920s through to the 1940s (May 2009)

ILBURY: A person has written to say 'my nan was Annie Ilbury...she married Stanley Brown....apparently they were a fairly big family back in the 50s/60s just wondered if you knew anything about them...thanks' (Jan 2015)


KNOWLING: Clements Knowling Ltd was a Brentford canal carrier business; Mrs. Sophie Ashford writes 'Do any descendants of James Clements know anything about his partner/fellow director "my old and valued friend and partner in business". George Knowling was my great grandmother's brother. I would be most interested to hear from anyone who may have information about him.' (November 2009)

MACKEY: Pat Green writes 'I was born at 34 Clayponds Avenue Brentford on 2nd October 1947. My mother and father lived before that in Carville Crescent. My name was Pat Mackey, in those days, so if anyone remembers me that would be wonderful. I have lived away for over 30 years but still come back from time to time and still love Brentford and always will!!' (May 2009)

MARSHALL: Kate Marshall asks did anyone know Robert Marshall, he lived in Mafeking avenue and died aged 30 in 1940? If anyone knew him I would be grateful to hear from you?
My father Norman (Nick) Marshall (only child) born 1938, went to Brentford secondary modern boys school, worked at Taylor's coal. (Sep 2014)

MATTHEWS: Keith Wallis writes Henry Matthews was killed WW1 in August 1918 at the age of 36. I would like to know more about his family, my mother Hannah was his youngest sister.He was born in Chiswick and his parents' names were William and Alice. I would like to hear from anyone who has researched his life. (Aug 2014)

MEADS: Peter Wise hopes to contact members of the Meads, Wise, Sedgwick or Munro families related through his grandfather, Bertie George Meads, who was born in Brentford in 1892; the Meads family lived at 15 Albany Road in 1901 (Aug 2015)

MOORE: June Bagley writes from Perth, Western Australia 'Richard Malam Moore married my cousin (once removed), Dora Margaret Clyne Christian in Bray, Wicklow in 1931.' Dr Richard Malam Moore died in 1973, aged 70; ' I noticed Dr Richard Moore in the telephone books in Brentford from around 1968--1981 at the Brentford Health Clinic, I was wondering if this could be the son. I am looking for the descendants of Richard Malam Moore and Doris Margaret Clyne Christian' (December 2009)

MUNRO: see Peter's request

PARSONS: see Andrea's request

PASSEY: Sue O'Donnell writes 'My dad lived at 29 Distillery Road, Brentford as a child, he's 79 now. Do you have any photos or information please? His name is James Passey, his sister is Lilian and their parents were Thomas and Amy but were known as Tama and Cath.' (March 2009)

PETTEFER: Michael Pettefer writes my dad was Brentford born and bred, does any one remember George Pettefer, he lived in 6 Bedford road his nickname was Gus, he was friends with Jackie Chapman and Peter Butler in around 1950's and 60's. It would be great if anyone has any old photos of the area they could share. (May 2014) Top

PILGRIM: Any memories of Elizabeth Pilgrim (Lizzie), Jane's nan's mum would be great. She spent her married life with Thomas Pilgrim and they lived in Carville Crescent for many years, where my nan was brought up. Early married life was in Mafeking Avenue and my nan was born there in 1929. Also, my hans brothers, Don Pilgrim and Ken Pilgrim. Both local, well known lads by all accounts! They all played in Jackie's football team at Carville Hall Park and one of the brothers, I think Ken, had trials for Brentford FC. Don worked at Smith's Crisps and I have some great pics to send over of the vans. Don Died in 1970, the same week as my nan's mum and Ken died in the late 1990's. (Feb 2014)

PLASTINE: Deborah Selby (nee Plastine) seeks other Plastine researchers (April 2011)

PRIDDY: Two 20th century Brentford families, Priddy and Wootton, are being researched by Fiona; Fiona's mother-in-law was born in 1938 and her father worked on the barges near Brentford Bridge in the late 1930s/early 1940s; he used to take the horse back to stables nearby. His name was James (Jim) Priddy and he married an Alice Creswell on 2nd August 1920. I believe they lived in Marlborough Road, Isleworth and they are thought to have had eight children. The Woottons were greengrocers and may have had a stall in Brentford Market (Sep 2013)

SANDERS/SAUNDERS: of Brentford, Middlesex– a link to Thomas Cromwell?' writes Vicki Powys; an intriguing story, spanning over 300 years; 'perhaps there are some Cromwell scholars out there who could help unravel this mystery? Or if anyone has some good ideas on this puzzle, I'd love to hear from you!' (April 2010)

SANSOM: Is Doris Frances Sansom (born 1914, Brentford) part of your family?: If so John Kemmery will be interested to hear from you as he has a 125 photos in an album plus letters, programmes, posters; she was an actress and belonged to the London stage amateur players. John has forwarded a sample of photos and these will be added to the site (this could take a few weeks): see one example. A check of the electoral register on shows a Doris Sansom at 15 Netley Road in 1936 and 1949 and other Sansoms in the household: Benjamin, Charles W. and Frances Mary. Please contact John if you are interested. (August 2013)

SEDGWICK: see Peter's request


SPANTON: Margaret Masters writes 'if anybody knows any more about the owners of Spanton's timberyard, I would love to hear from them. My husband's Spanton ancestors established a timberyard on the Basingstoke Canal in Woking, Surrey - C. Spanton & Co. - in about 1890, but ... I had no knowledge of this business in Brentford' (Feb 2010)

TALBOT: Brentford register district…..Henry Talbot…1822….son Henry Talbot born 1847...Henry by 1871 census married to Charlotte…5 children Sutton Heston Middx…Upper Sutton lane by Gt West Rd……...Farnells 5 cottages..he at 1…brick labourer by Sutton Hse and Hope Anchor pub………..please does anybody know of them thankyou: Yvonne Butler (September 2011)

TAYLOR: Ray Taylor asks if anyone has researched or remembers his Taylor family; Nathan Taylor was a traveller who was living with his young family at Chapel Yard near the Market Place in 1911; Ray attended Lionel Road and Brentford Boys School in the 1960s, then worked for Rank Bush Murphy in Chiswick (June 2015)

WARD and WHITE: see Andrea's request

WISE: see Peter's request

WOOD: Peter Wood seeks any descendants of Samuel Wood who married Mary Ann Marriner at St Mary, Ealing, in 1832; the Wood family originated in East Anglia


WOODLEY: Tony Harborwrites - I lived at 21 Distillery Road from 1951 to the late 60's with the Simeoni family my Gran Grandad and 2 Uncles Mario and Peter. My cousins lived one the other side of the road Richard and Paul Williams we all went to St George's school I would love to find Charlie Woodley

WOODS: Kate Marshall writes my mother Joan Woods, born 1944, brother Ron Woods 1940; they lived at Glenhurst Road all their lives. Went to Brentford secondary modern girls school/ boys school. Joan worked at Beechams til 1973.
If any of these names ring a bell please get in touch (Sep 2014)


Seeking: High Street

Please email if you can help. I will forward to the writer.

In number order

94 (CATHERINE WHEEL): John James seeks any photos of the Catherine Wheel at 94 High Street - it seems to have not got into any of the local history books (June 2010)

95: Martin Elsom who seeks a photo of 95 High Street - next door to the Catherine Wheel (June 2010)

227 : does anyone have a photo or postcard showing the old Beehive pub at 227 High Street (before 1907): it was not originally on the Half Acre corner, this was occupied by no. 225 until the area was redeveloped for the tramway expansion; Carl, a descendant of the Farrington family who ran the Beehive in the 1870s and 1880s, has sent this request (July 2014)

294/5/6: Lynn Hayter's sister Ena is believed to have been born in the 'house next to the doctors' 295 High Street, October 1928; the 1928 trade directory offers no clues: doctors Neil and Gowans were at no. 295, no. 294 was a drapers (Joseph C Fisher) and there is no ref. to no. 296, which was on the corner of St George's Court; have you any certicates showing no. 294, 5 or 6 as a birth place from this time? (July 2010)

396: Mark Abbott seeks any photos of no. 396 High Street< where the Cloves family lived (May 2009)


Seeking places: Brentford (not High Street)

Please email if you can help. I will forward to the writer.

ALBANY ROAD: Andrea Bristow: my great Uncle Charlie Ward lived with his wife Caroline at 75 Albany Road from 1914- at least 1949, I know he served in the war, also his son in law Charles White lived at number 71 Albany Road 1949 -1952 with his wife Mary I believe they had a daughter named Joyce. I have been told that Charlie White had a music shop but I cannot find any information on this and I wondered if you know anyone who could help. There is also talk ref a boat house at Kew. We also have a large amount of relations in the Hollows and Thames Row area of Brentford 1850-1911 in the name of Parsons. If anyone has any information on these would be great. I have search the ancestry web site and the electoral register. (April 2013)

ALBANY PARADE: see Torron-Lee's request

BRENTFORD MARKET: Graham Knight seeks photos of Brentford market in the 1900 - 1930 period, where his great grandfather Thomas Knight and his son Tom worked as potato salesmen


BUTTS: Rob Sutherland has sent a full transcript of an 1806 Indenture relating to a property in the Butts (found at a fleamarket; Rob lives in Canada); the indenture includes names of people (some from Brentford, others from further afield) and relationships between several named people; it also refers to other documents dating back to 1726: a goldmine of information for descendants (March 2010)

CRESSAGE ROAD: Kate writes: my dad had a television and radio shop in Hounslow in the 1950s/1960s - one of the very first TV rental shops - and I can remember that we used to visit a Mr. Sturley (Stirley/Sterley?) on the corner of Cressage Road, near the gasworks, to buy parts such as valves etc. Does this ring any bells? I was only about 4-6 years old, but I can vaguely remember him and his shop (April 2016)
The 1952 electoral register includes an Ellen and Vernon H Sturley at 332 High Street and in 1960 Vernon H and Nellie were at 50 Ealing Road

HUMES AVENUE, HANWELL: David - can someone tell me when the houses in Humes Avenue were first occupied (28 May 2017). West Middlesex Gazette of 12 Nov 1927-advert for Junior Clerk at Nevill Douce and Co Ltd, Chelsea Rolling Mills, Humes Avenue, Boston Road, Hanwell.
The same paper, 13 Apr 1929, has an article 'Proposed Widening of the Boston Manor Bridge':
…subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health, the Council accepted the tender of Messrs. George Wimpey and Co. Ltd, for the erection of 91 non-parlour houses at £362 17s each at Humes Avenue, Hanwell. The toal amount of the tender is £33,019 7s. The contractors guaranteed to have all the houses completed by September 30th, 1929, if they were instructed to proceed not later than April 15th…
The electoral registers for Hanwell are available online up to 1929 (Findmypast), a little too early to cover the new road.

DISTILLERY ROAD: Sue O'Donnell writes 'My dad lived at 29 Distillery Road, Brentford as a child, he's 79 now. Do you have any photos or information please? His name is James Passey, his sister is Lilian and their parents were Thomas and Amy but were known as Tama and Cath.' (March 2009)

KENLEY ROAD: Louise Davis seeks a photo of Kenley Road (Oct 2010)

KING'S PLACE: Frances seeks a photo showing King's Place, this was a terrace of eight houses, backing on to St Paul's Road and (from the front door) looked across to Albany Road (or Back Lane as it was) and St Paul's School. They were built by 1866. A check of Google Maps show various changes to the area. The Church Hall was built on the northern side of King's Place by 1934 and it appears King's Place was demolished between then and 1961 to make way for St Paul's House. Frances also asks if anyone remembers her mother's family, the Rushes.
Thanks to Janet McNamara who checked for photos of King's Place at the Local History Centre, Chiswick Library - sady no photos were found. (Feb 2014)

MARKET PLACE: Christopher Browne seeks information about 'a small factory opposite the White Horse (now The Weir) public house, Market Place, trading under the name of E A & W H Browne Western Pattern Works' (Oct 2010); see research by Peter King into this site

MERCEDES DEPOT: see Torron-Lee's request

SCRAPYARD: I am trying to track down a smallish scrapyard I used to cycle past in my schooldays circa 1960-ish, and was on the outskirts of Brentford in the general direction of Isleworth. The main occupants of the yard were motor vehicles, but there were also two small aircraft hulks which spent some months there. It is these that I am particularly interested in. I am hoping to discover how they came to be in the yard, but first I need to discover the identity of the yard and its location. Any help would be appreciated. (Charles Woodley, ex-Distillery Road, March 2018)
Roger Davis replied: I can recall an MG specialist company called Toulmins who were sandwiched between the London Road and Syon Park. Although I never visited them, I could see that they had a selection of MGs from various decades parked against the Syon Park wall. I don't remember any aircraft there. Googling Toulmins it appears that they are now in Windsor.I hope this may be of help your enquirer.

SMITH KLINE BEECHAMS building: Torron-Lee writes 'My great grandma used to work at the old Smith Kline Beechams on the Golden Mile (art deco building) in the 70's, maybe someone has pictures of the building back then and also Mercedes depot in Brentford'; also ' does anyone happen to have any pictures of Albany Parade in 1992 - 1997, I remember as a little boy there being a double "Happy Shopper" store' (March 2012)
Peter Langley: building you refer to was used by B O A C air before Kline Beecham through 40s to very early 50s
Sandra Graves: Before BOAC it was Simmons Aviations, they built parts for the aircraft in the war. Outside the building [ I think some might remain ] is some metal fencing and each piece has SA on it . Which stood for Simmons Aviations. Each worker had to pay a Penny a week to pay for this. My mum Lou Payne maiden name Grant worked there during the war.

SYON ESTATE: Pauline Stanhope (nee Young) writes 'I wonder if anyone has any early photos of the Syon Estate'? (June 2012)


Seeking organisations, businesses, clubs, schools

BASKET MAKERS: Kathleen Clark, a student at City Lit, London, who is researching street sellers baskets as depicted in The Cries of London; can you help with questions such as pay, apprenticeship, range of baskets made from information handed down in your family (Oct 2010)

BRENTFORD FOOTBALL CLUB / BOSTON PARK CRICKET & TENNIS CLUBS: Vicki Powys writes 'Photo wanted - my great-uncle Harold Saunders was a solicitor at 115 High Street, Brentford, and sadly died at the very young age of 22 in a boating accident at Teddington Lock, in August 1900. He was a keen sportsman and a newspaper article in 1900 said he was captain of the reserve team of Brentford Football Club, and secretary of Boston Park Cricket and Tennis Clubs. Perhaps someone has an early photo of members from these clubs? Harold was living in Brentford sometime after 1891, until 1900. I don't know of any photos of Harold in our family archives, and would love to have one. (March 2010)

CHARRINGTON (RICKETT & COCKERELL): Chris writes about his grandfather, who was the depot manager of Charrington's (formerly Rickett and Cockerell), Coal Merchants, possibly based in Lionel Road (East?). He seeks any records or photos of the depot. (December 2009)

CLARNICO FIREMEN: Do you know of a Clarnico fireman who was killed in action during the Boer War, WW1 or WW2? If so can you help Malc Tovey and Alan House with their project to commemorate these men - more details (March 2016)

GAS BOARD: Pauline Stanhope (nee Young) writes 'My brother-in-law, Thomas Salisbury worked at the Gas Board, Brentford for a number of years. Does anyone remember when the Brentford branch was closed? (June 2012)
Roger Davis suggests British History Online site has the answer to Pauline's query:
'After taking over neighbouring concerns, Brentford Gas Co. was itself taken over in 1926 by the Gas Light and Coke Co., which on nationalization in 1949 was succeeded by the North Thames Gas Board. Production ceased at the works, which had been gradually extended on both sides of High Street, in 1963.'
This site is recommended, not just for Brentford area, see Web Links for more details.

GAS WORKS: Tom Toomey asks if anyone has any old photos (Jan 2012)

H F DAVIS: Dave Matthews who is looking into 'the history of H F Davis Brentford Ltd, my dad Jim Matthews worked for the company for over 40 years' (August 2010)


KENNINGTON & BOURLET: Does anyone remember Kennington & Bourlet Ltd, a photographic equipment manufacturer? They were a subsidiary of Ilford Ltd and their address was 231, High Street, Brentford in 1954. They moved around 1961 to Thanet House, High Street, Brentford. Paul Godfrey is building a web site about the activities of K&B and Ilford Ltd. See Paul's web site at If you have any information about K&B and their occupation of premises in the Brentford area Paul would be very pleased to hear from you. Paul's email address is at the top of the home page of his web site (October 2009)
Dave BAKER replied in 2010: he worked with Reg Kennington late 1960 and is interested in contacting others who worked there.

OSRAM: Does anyone remember Osram, who had a base at Springvale, on the north side of the Great West Road? Peter Timms has sent two images from their December 1951 staff newsletter The Osram Searchlight (Nov 2017)

PARK BAPTIST CHAPEL: can anyone supply a photo of the Park Baptist Church on Boston Manor Rd or the stretch north of Boston Park Road, before The Ride on the eastern side, which includes 81 Boston Manor Road, home in late 19th century to John Burnham, a 'Spurgeon's Evangelist', for his descendant David Vesey; David has an 19th century drawing of the chapel (Jun 2014)

PHILIP NORBURY: Simon Lawrence writes 'I'm interested in Philip Norbury and the wood-engraved images he used in his printed output - either single sheets ephemera such as ballads or announcements, handbills, broadsides, etc, and in the images used in his chapbooks (especially), and other books. I wonder if there is anything published about him, and would be very keen to see copies of any image that he printed. Are there any collections, or academic resources?'; please write to Simon Lawrence, 95 Denby Lane, Upper Denby, Huddersfield HD8 8TZ or email (Feb 2010)

SMITHLINE BEECHAM: Kate Marshall asks did anyone work at smithkline beechams on the Great West Road in Brentford between 1962-1973? My mum Joan Woods/Marshall worked there as a secretary after leaving school until she emigrated, if anyone knew her please get in touch. (Nov 2014)

ST GEORGE'S SCHOOL / BRENTFORD SECONDARY MODERN: Pat (nee) Gardener and her sister Maureen seek friends who went to St George's school, Brentford in the 1950s and Brentford Secondary Modern Girls school in the 1950s/60s (Jan 2010)

ST JOHN'S RC SCHOOL: Jim O'Reardon writes 'Have you any photos of my old school St John's RC on the corner of Brook Road and Clifden Road?' 'Brentford Past' (Gillian Clegg) includes information about the school, including that it was at this location between 1901 and 1968 (Jan 2010)

Tom Toomey: I am trying to get a copy of a picture of St Johns RC School that I used to attend with my brother in the early 1950's. At the time we used to live in 34 Humes Ave , Hanwell, (just off the Boston manor road). The school was located on the corner of Clifden road and brook road south. On Google earth it looks like no 98 Clifden road is sitting on the foot print of the old school foundations. Can anybody help?

Thanks to Diane Lockie for providing a 1960s newspaper article about the school closure. (Jan 2012)

TAYLORS COAL MERCHANTS: Kate Marshall asks was anyone familiar with Taylors Coal merchant in Brentford and people who worked there for them? 1955-1975? (Nov 2014)


Seeking events

Please email if you can help. I will forward to the writer.

In date order

1925 - GREAT WEST ROAD OPENING: Eric Westley writes asking if anyone has any photos taken at the opening of the Great West Road in 1925 which show the 2nd / 8th Middlesex Regiment guard of honour; his dad was standing behind an officer holding a sword; we have checked those provided by Roger Davis without success (October 2009)

1944 - V1 ROCKET HIT: George Forgan wrotes 'A V1 Rocket hit 63 Clayponds Ave Brentfordat 15.20 on the 12th July 1944 causing much damage including the house my family lived in at Ealing Road. The blast resulted in myself and sister being trapped in the rubble, luckily we here pulled out quickly unharmed, is there any information of this event? (April 2010)

Late WW2 BOMBING: David - I am after details of a bomb that dropped on Brent Meadow Wharf Oil Depot Brentford. Unfortunately I do not have an exact date. (July 2017)
Links to bomb maps - unfortunately there appears to be no record for this exact location

1945 - EALING ROAD V.E. STREET PARTY: Ann Webster (nee Mancey) writes 'Until recently I had a photo but have lost it. Has anyone got a copy or does anyone know how I might get a copy please? I moved to Basildon,Essex approx.1960 and now live in Ipswich,Suffolk. If anyone remembers me or has any information they think might be of interest I would love to hear from them,especially about the photo' (Nov 2010)

LOCAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Tracy asks can you help by providing the names of any local wedding photographers who worked in the late 1960s/early 1970s? So far two suggestions:
D.W.P. Studios of Ruislip Road, Greenford, 1969; thanks to Peter Thames
F. & J. Hare, whose head office in 1971 was at Belmont Circle, Harrow, Middx, they also had branches at Wembley and Eastcote. A web search for F. & J. Hare photographers, Middlesex gave: Address: 8-10 Station Parade, Belmont Circle - Kenton Lane Harrow HA3 8SD Phone: 020 8907 0277; thanks to Lynn Hayter (Jun 2013)

BOMBING - BRIDGES FAMILY: W. Bridges' family were bombed out in 1940; has anybody got any information; 'my family all went to St John school Old Brentford' (Nov 2013).

Thanks to Roger Davis for providing a link to the website 'Bomb Sight: Mapping the WW2 bomb census'. The link shows bombs which hit Brentford in the London Blitz, 7th October 1940 to 6th June 1941. 7 bombs fell in the New Road area alone, including one in Griffin Park. Click on a bomb symbol for more information and any eye-witness accounts.

Also thanks to to Steve who replied with a link showing the area, adding 'the surrounding areas are individually listed under Hounslow on the main index page. There is also an interactive map of the whole of London and if you zoom in to high magnification on the red symbols, and then click on an individual symbol, an information box will appear which will contain information about that particular symbol. (example).


Page published November 2009; updated February 2020