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Surname Indexes

The following links take you to surname indexes covering a period of over 150 years, many of which are unique to this site.

You may also find the lists page useful.

1752-1820Unclaimed Bank Dividends
1793Brentford entries from Wilkes' Universal British Directory, Vol. 2
1797Brentford entries from Wilkes' Universal British Directory, Vol. 2
1800-1858PCC Wills for Brentford people
1802Brentford voters in 1802 Middlesex Poll
1811Brentford entries from Holden's Annual Directory
1813-1904 Baptisms at Brentford to those involved in Education (Peter Stuart)
1814-1906 Baptisms at Brentford to those involved in Health (Peter Stuart)
1829-1906 Baptisms at Brentford to those involved in Law (Peter Stuart)
1813-1905 Baptisms at Brentford to pub landlords, inn keepers etc (Peter Stuart)
1813-1906 Baptisms at Brentford to those who worked on the waterways (Peter Stuart)
1826Brentford entries from Pigot's directory of Middlesex and the Towns and Villages within 12 miles of London
1826-1940Brentford beer retailers, landlords
1838New Brentford landowners, tithe apportionment
1841Brentford High Street heads of household
1841-1939Residents of the Salutation Almshouse
1874-1920sBrentford Local Board Members and Councillors (Janet McNamara's research)
1878Names, trades and addresses from 1878 Post Office Directory (David Shailes)
1880s-1950sBrentford's sporty people
1899-1909Brentford UDC Mortuary Records
1899-1901Brentford teachers and others involved in education
1909/10Owners of Brentford High Street properties, taken from Valuation Records at TNA
WW1Various indexes 1914-1919
1928Brentford High Street entries from Kellys' Chiswick, Brentford and Gunnersbury Directory
1934Attendees at Charter Mayor James Clements funeral

Published June 2010; updated June 2023