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Brentford Post Office Directory 1878

David Shailes prepared this index by transcribing and sorting information from the Post Office trade directory for 1878, Old and New Brentford. No mean feat, I have tried similar exercises and given up ... Thanks for persevering.

The 1878 directory is of particular value as it was compiled shortly after the High Street was numbered.

Name Forename Business name Address Address no. Business
Abbott John High Street 106 Tobacconist
Acrell John High Street 154 Beer Retailer
Aldous William Waggon & Horses Kew Bridge Road 26 Public House
Allen Charles High Street 164 Hairdresser
Allen Frederick North star New North Road Public House
Allen George Windmill Bridge Wharf Slate Merchant & slater
Allen Harriett Jane (Miss) Windmill Lane Ladies School
Allen John Daniel High Street 228 Hairdresser
Andrews HY High Street 177 Wardrobe Dealer
Archer Mountford High Street 167 Corn Chandler
Arnold Thomas T White Horse Market Place Public House
Ashfield William North Road Relieving Officer
Atkins George Magpie & Crown High Street 128 Public House
Atkins Thomas New North Road Baker
Bailey & son Thomas High Street 43 Farriers
Baker John Kew Bridge Road 44 Pigeon Dealer
Baldry Elizabeth (Mrs) Black Boy & Still High Street 87 Public House
Balfern & Liversidge Spring Grove Works Kew Bridge Road Dyers & Bleachers
Ball William The Butts Estate Agent
Ball William James The Butts Builder
Band & Son James Boston Road Parchment Makers
Band Martin High Street Parchment Makers
Bantock Charles High Street 382 Pork Butcher
Barker William White Hart Windmill Lane Public House
Barnes H.S. (Exors of) High Street 203 Wholesale Confectioner
Barnes James High Street 93 Undertaker
Bartlett Frederick Red Lion High Street 318 Public House
Bates Thomas High Street 282 Fishmonger
Bax Frank Sl. High Street 278 Watchmaker
Beach Thomas William Ealing Lane Preserver of Fruit
Bee Robert Back Lane Beer retailer
Begley Charles High Street 57 Wholesale Confectioner
Besley Henry See Stout James & co High Street Wines & Spirit Merchant
Bicknell Thomas Harrison High Street 339 Grocer
Bissell Alfred High Street 313 Ironmonger & Rag Merchant
Bissell Ann (Mrs) High Street 47 Basket Maker
Bolter Henry High Street 242 Confectioner
Bond Charles High Street 389 & 390 Baker
Borer William High Street 291 Clothier
Bovingdon & Sons Mary High Street 46 Poulterers
Bovington James High Street 325 butcher
Bowler John William High Street 366 Beer Retailer
Box Ambrose Veal High Street 120 Oil & colorman & Wine & Spirit Merchant
Box Sarah (Miss) Market Place Milliner
Boxall George High Street 122 Baker
Boxall William Seven Stars Half Acre Public House
Bradbury James High Street 108 Grocer & Cheesemonger
Bradshaw Elizabeth (Mrs) High Street 226 Tobacconist
Bradshaw Thomas High Street 109 Baker
Bradshaw William High Street 246 butcher
Brentford Co-operative Stores John Chesnell Manager High Street 281 Co-operative Store
Brentford County Court Willian Ruston Registrar Market Place Town Hall
Brentford Gas Co Wm Croxford Secretary High Street Gas Company
Brentford Dispenary Mrs Sarah Harris Matron Chemist
Brentford Institute, Library & reading Room Robert Emmerson JNR Secretary High Street 81 Library
Brentford Local Board High Street Local Authority
Brentford Rate Payers Association George William Lay Secretary Market Place Rate Payers Association
Bridge Joseph Wilson High Street 60 Saddler
British Workman's Reading Rooms High Street 238 Reading Room
Brooks Isaac High Street 30 Confectioner
Brooks William Ealing Lane Beer Retailer
Brooman Alfred Ealing Lane Carpenter
Brown Alfred James, Sec and actuary Savings Bank Market Place Town Hall Savings Bank
Brown Charles High Street 337 Linen & Draper
Brown Henry High Street 148 Greengrocer
Brown Richard High Street Carman
Brunsden Thomas High Street 185 Builder
Buchanan George High Street 223 Gas Fitter
Bunday Thomas New Road Beer Retailer
Burford Thomas High Street 364 Pawnbroker
Buss Edward Back Lane Beer Retailer
Cant Joseph High Street 380 Grocer
Carpenter & Co John Goat Wharf Wholesale Rag Merchant
Carter, Paterson & Co High Street 356 London & Suburban Carriers
Carter William High Street 269 grocers & Agents for W & A Gilbey wine & Spirit merchants
Champion James High Street 284 Musical instrument dealers
Chaplain John High Street 263 Carver & Guilder
Chapman Edward Kew Bridge Road 60 Market Gardener
Chesnell John, Manager Brentford Co-operative Stores High Street 281 Co-operative Store
Christmas Sarah (Miss) High Street 219 China Dealer
Clark Charles High Street 175 Ironmonger
Clark George High Street 171 & 172 Lighterman
Clark George Brodie High Street Solicitors - Ruston Clark & Ruston
Clark Henry John Kew Bridge Road 25 Firewod Merchant
Clarke Joseph John High Street 193 Linen & Draper
Clarkson Charles High Street Oilman
Climpson Charles High Street 164 Boot Maker
Clinch Henry Kew Bridge Poulterers
Cockren Edwin High Street 71 clock maker
Cole Ann (Mrs) Half Moon & Seven stars High Street 25 Public House
Coles Charles Hy Market Place mdel.botanist
Coles George High Street 114 Grocer
Collier George Charles Catherine Wheel High Street 194 Public House
Collier James Boston Road Railway Station Pottery, drain pipe & tile merchant, garden edgings,flower pots & lime, silver sand, peat, loam, agricultural salt, coals & coke
Collins John High Street 257 Tobacconist
Cooper Thomas Ealing Lane Wheelwright
Cooper William George IV High Street 50 Public House
Coulton Isabella (Mrs) High Street 214 Printer & stationer
Cowdrey David Two Black boys High Street 140 Public House
Creamer James Windmill Lane Beer Retailer
Cross Charles J See Rowe T.B.& Co Ferry Lane Soap Maker
Croxford Charles See Gibbon & Croxford High Street Royal Brewery Brewer
Croxford William Brentford Gas Co High Street Secretary to Gas co
Cunnington Thomas See Rowe Thomas B & Co Ferry Lane Soap Maker
Dale Edwin High Street Catherine Wheel Yard Shoeing smith
Dale Joseph High Street 160, also Brentford Bridge Lighterman & Corn & Coal Merchant
Dare William High Street 202 Boot maker
Davies & Evans And at Turnham Green High Street 317 Oil & Colorman
Davis Edward High Street 295 Surgeon
Davis John High Street 265 Tobacconist
Dean George High Street 168 Hairdresser
Dear John High Street 355 Greengrocer
Dick Susan (Miss) The Butts 1 Ecclesfield Villas Ladies School
Dickman John & Son High Street 176 & 178 Furniture Dealers
Dickman John Henry Half Acre Furniture Dealer
Dorey Joseph Distillery Road Stone mason
Douglass Henry High Street 188 Boot & shoe Maker
Dowden George High Street Boar's Head yard Coach Builder & Wheelwright
Earle Edward Septimus High Street 210 Surgeon
Earle George Half Acre Beer retailer
Edlin Arthur High Street 128 & 204 Greengrocer
Ellis Joseph High Street 104 Tailor
Emmerson Alexander George Kew Bridge Sailmaker & Tarpaulin Manufacturer
Emmerson Robert The Butts Lighterman
Emmerson Robert jnr, Sec. Brentford Institute, Library & reading Room High Street 81 Library
Evens Alfred John High Street 320 Grocer
Evens Benjamin High Street 229 Grocer
Evens James Ealing Lane Beer retailer
Everett Elizabeth (Mrs) High Street 142 Clothier
Farrington John High Street 12 Beer retailer
Farrington Thomas Beehive High Street 227 Public House
Figg John Surveyor & Vestry Clerk
Finall Charles High Street 247 Beer retailer
Fitch Thomas Red Lion High Street 197 Public House
Foden George James High Street 285 oilman
Folly Ann (Mrs) High Street 328 Stationer
Foord William High Street Plumber, gasfitter, painter & paperhanger
Foss Brothers High Street 287 grocer
Francis Joseph High Street 373 baker
Fraser William Grove Road Coal Agent
Fricker William High Street 276 egg merchant
Fuller George Windmill Lane Baker
Gainsford Robert Brook Road Market Gardener
Gale William Brook Road Florist
Gamble Thomas Boston Park Road Commercial Traveller
Gammage William J High Street 311 Boot Maker
Gandy George Harley High Street 143 Scale Makers
Gardiner William High Street 91 Greengrocer
Gardiner William Back Lane Beer Retailer
Gaydon Henry & Edwin High Street 102 Watch Makers
Geisler Samuel The Butts Market Gardener
Gibbon & Croxford Royal Brewery High Street Brewery
Giles John High Street 216? Ironmonger
Goddard Charles Evan High Street 136 Birmingham & Sheffield Goods warehouse
Goddard John George Market Place China, glass & earthenware dealer
Goddard Joseph High Street 174 China Warehouse
Goddard Samuel (Mrs) High Street 191 & 192 Furniture Broker
Goldney James High Street 250 Dyer
Goodman Robert High Street 147 Furniture Dealer
Gomm James William Drum High Street 319 Public House
Gomm Stephen New Road beer retailer
Gomm Thomas High Street Grocery & Provision Merchant
Gomm William Beehive Brewery High Street Catherine Wheel yard Brewer & Maltster
Goodall Robert Brewery Tap High Street 22 Public House
Goodman Richard, Resident Engineer Grand JunctionWater Works Kew Bridge Road Waterworks
Gornall Robert High Street 233 Tailor
Grand JunctionWater Works Rd Goodman Resident Engineer Kew Bridge Road Waterworks
Great Western Railway Goods Depot Geo. S Wright Supt Brentford Dock Railway company
Green Alfred Ealing Lane Punnet Maker
Green Thomas High Street Catherine Wheel Yard Beer Retailer
Greenrod John Bull Lane Pottery Bull Lane Red Pottery
Gregg James High Street Inspector of Weights & Measures
Gregge Cath (Mrs) High Street 315 Stationers
Grew William Ealing Lane Inspector to the Brentford Gas Co.
Gumm James Bull Lane Punnet Maker
Gumm Stephen Bull Lane Punnet Maker
Guy Robert Boston Park Road Commercial Traveller
Hall John High Street 408 Greengrocer
Hall Robert High Street 330 Chemist
Hamblen William Thomas Prince of Wales High Street 346 Public House
Hancock John High Street 398 Grocer
Harris Mary Ann (Miss) High Street 150 Grocer
Harris Sarah (Mrs), Matron Brentford Dispensary Chemist
Harris Timothy High Street 268 Boot & Shoe Maker
Harris William Jas Orchard Road 1 Grocer
Harrison William Thomas High Street 121 & 122 Pawnbroker
Hayden Henry Griffith MA (Rev) High Street 141 Middle class school
Haylett Thomas Joseph The Butts Grainer
Haynes Jacob (Mrs) High Street 112 Cheesemonger
Head Edward Brook Shot Road Bricklayer
Hern Sarah (Miss) The Butts Dressmaker
Heath Thomas & Sons Drum Lane Undertakers
Heath Rose A (Miss) High Street 221 Milliner
Henderson Alfred Thomas High Street 68 Beer Retailer
Hewitt Thomas Windmill Lane Tailor
Hibble James Ambrose High Street 206 draper
Hinton Daniel Windmill Lane Beer Retailer
Hinton William Ealing Lane beer retailer
Hodges Rd. Edward High Street 314 Hairdresser
Hodgman Alexander George Grove Road Sailmaker
Hodgson Julia (Miss) High Street 363 Stationers
Holmes Samuel High Street 283 Hairdressers
Holmes William The Butts Stone mason
Holton Frederick High Street 153 Butcher
Hood James High Street 353 Bootmaker
Hope Lighterage Co Ltd Richard Rapkin Manager Thames Bank Wharf Lighterage co
Hopkins George High Street 309 tailor
Howard Daniel & Son High Street 298 ironmonger
Hubbard Charles Windmill Lane Market Gardener
Hughes Rd. William High Street 189 Pork Butcher
Hughes Thomas High Street 67 China Riveter
Hunt Sl. Burlington Lane Builder And Undertaker
Hutchings Hy High Street 113 Hairdresser
Hutchinson Elizabeth (miss) The Butts Semnry
Hutton william The Ham Smith
Ings Francis Windmill Lane Shopkeeper
Inland Revenue Office Thomas Miller Supervisor Kew Bridge Road Tax collector
Ireland Thomas Kew Bridge Road 3 Station Terrace Builder
Jackson Walter Henri High Street 352 Printer
Jarvis Adam High Street 34 Corn Chandler
Jennings George High Street 166 Beer retailer
Johnson Evelina (Mrs) High Street 248 Grocer
Jones Charles (Mrs) Ealing Lane Rose Cottage Market Gardener
Jones John High Street 9 Boot & Shoe Maker
Jones William High Street 260 Toy Dealer
Jupp & Sons Also at Strand on the Green High Street 84 & 85 Maltsters, wharfingers,corn, oil cake, salt, seed & corn merchants
Kates George Feathers High Street 232 Public House
Kates William Bull High Street 350 Public House
Kemish Henry High Street 29 Tinman
King & son High Street 240 Auctioneers
King Harriett (Mrs) Castle Hotel & Posting house High Street Hotel
King Thomas Orchard Road Cowkeeper
Knight George High Street 370 Oil & Colour man
Lamb Eliza (Mrs) Back Lane Grocer
Langdon William High Street 235 Currier & Leather seller
Langley John High Street 216 Draper
Lawrence & Co Boston Brewery Boston Road Brewers
Lay George William Also Richmond Market Place Solicitor
Layton Thomas Kew Bridge Road 22 Coal Merchant
Lewis Richard New Road Beer Retailer
Lewis William Half Acre Chimney Sweeper
Lightfoot Frederick High Street 105 Baker
Littleboy Henry High Street 179 Beer Retailer
London & County Bank Robert Cuff Tate Manager High Street 101 Bank
Hughes Hugh, Manager London & Staffordshire Carrying Co High Street Staffordshire Wharf, Catherine Wheel Yard Carrying company
Longinnotto John High Street 245 Umbrella Maker
Low Charles P High Street 212 & 213 Linen Draper
McNae John High Street 403 Draper
Manser George Thomas High Street 308 Grocer
Marsh William High Street 361 Beer Retailer
May James Ealing Lane Baker
Maynard Matthew Priness Royal Ealing Lane Public House
Meades Rd High Street 258 Greengrocer
Meller Rd High Street 170 Boot & Shoe Maker
Merriman W see Rowe S.B. & Co Ferry Lane Soap Manufacturer
Metcalfe Alfred High Street 294 Linen draper & Milliner
Mew Thomas Half Acre Farriers
Meyers John Boston Road Market Gardener
Miles William Isaac High Street 230 Ironmonger
Millard James L (Mrs) High Street 8 Lighterman
Miller Thomas, Supervisor Inland Revenue Office Kew Bridge Road Tax collector
Mills John High Street 362 Builder
Mitton Thomas Town Hall Market Place Solicitor
Moles James Ferry Road Boat Builder & beer retailer
Morgan Joseph Back Lane Basket Maker
Montgomery, Sons & Co James High Street 76 Timber merchants, sawing, planing & moulding mills
Moore Philip High Street 332 Tobacconist
Morris John High Street 100 Family & dispensing Chemist
Morris Sarah (Mrs) High Street 89 Pork Butcher
Morris Sarah Ann (Miss) High Street 99 Bookseller & Stationers
Morris Thomas Kings Arms High Street 273 Public House
Morris William Henry Boston Road Clifden House Academy
Mortlock James High Street 225 Butcher
Mountstephen John High Street 400 Butcher
Nash Frederick High Street 329 Rag Merchant
Neville Joseph Onion High Street 165 & 264 Copper & basket maker
New Thomas Half Acre Carrier
Newens Edward High Street 327 Baker & Post Office
Norbury William Philip High Street 110 Printer Stationer
Noy Isaac Ealing Lane Market Gardener
Nuthall Thomas High Street 385 Butcher
Nutt James High Street 88 Plumber & house decorator, zinc worker & gas fitter
Odell David Walter High Street 379 Hair Dresser
O'Hara Matilda(Mrs) High Street 316 Butcher
Oldham Henry High Street 201 Butcher
Olliver John Ealing Lane Plumber
Overton Arthur High Street 215 Pork Butcher
Padbury Edward Drum Lane Beer Retailer
Pallett John Boston Road farmer
Palmer Joseph High Street 118 Grocer
Panrucker George High Street 354 Provision dealer
Parker William Philip (Mrs) White Hart Windmill Lane Public House
Paxton Ralph High Street 39 Barge Builder
Payne George High Street 90 Tobacconist
Payne James High Street 90 Tobacconist
Payne John Kew Bridge Road Dining Rooms
Payne John Abraham High Street 152 Beer Retailer
Peacock James Ealing Lane Market Gardener
Pearce George High Street 307 Beer Retailer
Pearce Thomas High Street 231 Watch Makers
Peek John Kew Bridge Road 56 Beer & Wine Retailer
Pennington Henry Wakeford High Street 161 & 162 Clothier
Pestridge Thomas Boston Park Road Gardener
Peters Hy High Street 383 Provision Dealer
Phipps William High Street 338 Baker
Pierce & Lewis High Street 129 &130 Linen & woollen drapers
Piper Thomas Boston Road Collector to Brentford gas co
Piper Thomas Six Bells High Street 149 Public House
Plastine John High Street 98 Beer retailer
Police Station James Tarling Chief Inspector High Street Police station
Powell James King's Arms Boston Road Public House
Precious Richard & Ellen Eliza Kew Bridge Road 33 Drapers
Prior George Half Acre Wood Turner
Proud Samuel High Street 336 insurance Agent
Purnell Samuel Orchard Road Baker
Ralfs Hy. Charles High Street 31 Surgeon
Ramsay Thomas Ealing Lane Shopkeeper
Randall Robert High Street 399 tobacconist
Raper Ann(Mrs) High Street 288 & 289 Silversmith & Pawnbroker
Rapkin Benoni High Street Clerk of works to Brentford Gas co
Rapkin Richard, Manager Hope Lighterage Co Ltd Thames Bank Wharf Lighterage co
Rea Benjamin High Street 198 oilman
Recknell William High Street 41 Barge Builder
Reeves George William High Street 300 Carpenter
Rich Arthur & at Hanwell High Street 151 Pewterer
Richmond Rebecca Eliza (Mrs) Park Road 3 Seagrave place Dressmaker
Robinson Henry High Street 111 Tailor
Robinson Hy John High Street 155 Plumber
Rogers Thomas Fox & Hound High Street 384 Public House
Ronalds Robert High Street 137/138 Seedsman
Rowe & Co Thomas B. Ferry Lane Thames Soap Works Soap Maufacturers
Ruston, Clark & Ruston High Street 194 Solicitors & Joint Clerks to deputy Lieutenants & magistrates of the division of Brentford
Ruston William, Registrar Brentford County Court Market Place Town Hall
Ruston William High Street 194 Solicitor, clerk to guardians of the union, to the trustees of Ealing highways,Industrial schools, Feltham, Registrar of county Court, secretary to Brentford Town Hall & Market House co & clerk to Twickenham Local Board & to the Commission of taxes
Sanders John Christopher New Road Carrier
Sanders Oliff George High Street 397 Solicitor
Saraker Lucy (Mrs) High Street 275 China Dealer
Savings Bank Alfred James Brown Sec & actuary Market Place Town Hall Savings Bank
Sealey William Windmill Lane Shopkeeper
Seares John High Street 251 Shopkeeper
Searle George Baker High Street 331 Dining Rooms
Sellwood Thomas George High Street 322 Tobacconist
Shackle Charles Orchard Road Painter
Shackle George Boston Road Painter
Sharp Fraser Kew Bridge Road 16 Bookbinder
Sharp William High Street 274 Greengrocer
Shaw John Brook Lane Marine Stores dealer
Sheppard Alfred Henry Windmill Lane bootmaker
Shotter William High Street 125 Pork Butcher
Shute William High Street 103 Boot & Shoe Maker
Silver Thomas Marquis of Granby High Street 369 Public House
Simmons William Magpie & Stump High Street 124 Public House
Sims Celia Ann (Miss) The Butts Rutland House Ladies School
Skinner John High Street 51 Florist
Smith Henry High Street 95 Cheesemonger
Smith James High Street 123 Hairdresser
Smith John Francis, Sec. Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Lim. Brentford Dock Tug & Lighterage co
Smith William Ealing Lane Beer Retailer
Smith William High Street 411 Corn Chandler
Spiers Harriett (Mrs) Orchard Road Beer Retailer
Stanbury John Headon Star & Garter Kew Bridge Public House, wine & spirit Merchant & livery stables
Stannett William High Street 146 Tobacconist
Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Lim. John Francis Smith Sec. Brentford Dock Tug & Lighterage co
Steel & son Charles Boston Road Market Gardener
Stephens Henry High Street 161 Tailor
Stephens Robert Cannon High Street 267 Public house
Stock John High Street 107 Saddler
Stone & Portsmouth High Street 65 Saddlers
Stone George High Street 173 Clothier & Outfitters
Stout & Co James High Street Wines & Spirit Merchant
Stratton & Co Gentry Kew Bridge Coal Merchants
Studley John Hy High Street 292 Builder
Sullivan william High Street 372 Greengrocer
Tarling James, Chief Inspector Police Station High Street Police station
Tate Robert Cuff, Manager London & County Bank High Street 101 bank
Taverner Thomas Hy High Street 131, 132 & 134 Pawnbroker & Clothier
Taylor George High Street 237 Baker
Taylor John High Street 224 Beer Retailer
Taylor Joseph David High Street 220 Boot Maker
Taylor William Hand in Flower High Street 378 Public house
Teale Charles High Street 220 Fishmonger
Thames Steam Tug & Lighterage Co Ltd Also at Brentford Dock, office 148 Fenchurch st London Road Northumberland Wharf Tug & Lighterage co
Thick Frederick & John High Street 279 Wheelwrights
Thick John One Tun High Street 254 Public House
Tidy Edward High Street Catherine Wheel Yard Beer retailer
Tipper Timothy High Street 293 Oil Man
Tobitt Charles High Street 127 Postmaster & stamp distributor, post office
Tonkin & Rider High Street 395 Wheelwrights
Topping,Bricker & co Ealing Lane Stone Masons
Treadwell Ann (Mrs) High Street 3 Beer retailer
Turner John James Salutation High Street 401 Public House
Turner John Stephen High Street 234 Draper
Underwood Caleb Hamilton Road Cheesemonger
Underwood Edwin Brentfprd Dock Hay straw & coal Merchant
Vassila William Waterman's Arms Ferry Lane Public house
Victoria Wine Co High Street 186 Wine Retailer
Waddell Thomas Kew Bridge Road 24 Beer retailer
Walker John High Street 187 Butcher
Walton James Thomas Ealing Lane Chandler's shop
Walton Joseph High Street 321 Greengrocer
Warden William High Street 277 Butcher
Warne John High Street 61 Corn Chandler
Watkins Simeon Hirst Bridge Wharf Also at Ham Wharf & Brentford & Kew Bridge Wharf, Cowley Mill wharf & Eagle wharf High Street Uxbridge Timber, slate, stone, lime, brick & tile Merchant, lath, render, contractor for masonry & slating, slate, stone, marble & Cemetery mason
Watts John High Street 286 Chemist & druggist
Weatherhead John Fraser Kew Bridge Road 50 Surgeon
Webb Thomas High Street 323 Butcher
Weedon Sarah (Miss) New Inn New Road Public House
Welch Edward High Street 400 Beer retailer
Wheatley George High Street 183 Basket Maker
Whenman Robert High Street 126 Carrier
White Frederick High Street 37 Barge builder
White Horace High Street 241 Cheesemonger
White John Henry Hamilton Road 4 Teacher of Music
White Richard High Street Chimney Sweeper
White Sl. John Ealing Lane insurance Agent
Wickens James Kew Bridge Road 54 Cabinet Maker
Wiggins Henry High Street 200 Fruiterer
Wild Emma (Mrs) High Street 259 Baker
Williams Thomas & Dower Star Chemical works The Ham Also Wandsworth Bridge road Fulham Aniline Dye Manufactuers
Williams Joseph High Street 181 Surgeon
Williams Richard Snr High Street 92 Shoe Maker
Williams Richard Jnr High Street 96 Boot & Shoe Maker
Wilson Sarah (Mrs) High Street 64 Stay Maker
Winter &Son Thomas London Road Grand Junction Canal wharf Lighterman & Wharfingers
Wise Joseph George Oxford & Cambridge Kew Bridge Public House
Wood Henry High Street 116 Chemist
Woodridge &Son Stephen & Thomas Anthony High Street Also at 8 Clifford's Inn London Solicitors
Wray & Co James High Street 143 Grocers
Wright George S, Supt Great Western Railway Goods Depot Brentford Dock Railway company
Wright Alfred High Street 117 Draper
Yeates James Kew Bridge Road 35 Stationer
Yellop Charles Kew Bridge Road 34 Draper


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Published June 2023