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Properties - Introduction

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Numbering: 1 - 411

The High Street was numbered in 1876 and, unusually, each side is numbered sequentially. The southern side has numbers 1 to 158, with 1 at the eastern end (towards Kew Bridge) and 158 at the western end, Brentford Bridge. The northern side is numbered from 159 (Brentford Bridge) through to 411 (the eastern end towards Kew Bridge).
High Street diagram, showing it as a roughly east-west road; text before and after explains numbering and parishes

The 33 sections

I have divided the High Street into 33 sections. The start and end of each section is either a road off the High Street, or another landmark - such as a pub - which can usually be spotted in the censuses taken before the High Street was numbered. Whereas it is not always possible to be sure which building a person lived in, it is almost always possible to fit them into a specific section.

Brentford parishes

In 1841 Brentford High Street lay in two parishes: the western part in St Lawrence, New Brentford, the eastern part, known as Old Brentford, was in St George (until 1828 it was part of St Mary, Ealing). If you find the birthplace of an ancestor recorded as 'Ealing' in some censuses but 'Brentford' in others it may be because they were baptised in Ealing before St George's church opened in 1828.

Old Brentford gained two further parish churches by 1911: 1868, St Paul; 1907 St Faith. St Faith is not shown in the diagram above, it is on Windmill Road, nearly a mile north of the High Street.

Types of information recorded

The notes prepared for each section cover any buildings of interest, long-lived businesses / families (including links where more detail is available) and references to any photographs and ephemera available. I have some information for every property but not all properties made it into the notes on this site. You are welcome to get in touch to request more details for any numbers that do not feature.

Local history sources

There are many excellent local histories of Brentford which I have drawn upon.

Where a local history has been used, a reference to it such as (Q99) will appear. The '99' refers to the page number or photo number within the publication - see complete list of sources.

Index to sections

The sections start at 1 on the south side of High Street, eastern end; work west to Brentford Bridge (section 13), cross over to the northern side and return to the eastern end at no. 411 (section 33), opposite no.1.

The second and third columns show the house numbers.

The last two columns in the table below show N/S to indicate north / south side of High Street, and OB to denote Old Brentford sections, NB for New Brentford.

1 1 6 From the start of the High Street to the Almshouses S OB
2 7 35 From the house after the Almshouses to Smith Hill S OB
3 36 50 From Smith Hill to Goat Wharf S OB
4 51 60 From Goat Wharf to Town Meadow S OB
5 61 69 From Town Meadow to Pump Alley S OB
6 70 78 From Pump Alley to Dock Road S OB
7 79 85 From Dock Road to the western edge of Old Brentford S OB
8 86 97 From eastern edge of New Brentford to Catherine Wheel Yard S NB
9 98 114 From Catherine Wheel Yard to Plough Yard S NB
10 115 126 From Plough Yard to Boars Head Yard S NB
11 127 141 From Boars Head Yard to Church Alley S NB
12 142 151 From Church Alley to The Ham S NB
13 152 158 From The Ham to the western boundary of New Brentford S NB
14 159 170 From Brentford Bridge to Durham Wharf N NB
15 171 180 From Durham Wharf to Brent Wharf N NB
16 181 195 From Brent Wharf to Market Place N NB
17 196 208 From Market Place to Castle Hotel N NB
18 209 224 From Castle Hotel to the Half Acre N NB
19 225 232 From the Half Acre to St Pauls Road N OB
20 233 246 From St Pauls Road to New Spring Gardens N OB
21 247 257 From New Spring Gardens to Hardings Court N OB
22 257-1 266 From Hardings Court to Cannon Alley N OB
23 267 272 From Cannon Alley to Kings Arms Alley N OB
24 273 289 From Kings Arms Alley to Albany Place N OB
25 290 296 From Albany Place to St Georges Court N OB
26 297 318 From St Georges Court to Ealing Rd/Drum Lane N OB
27 319 334 From Ealing Rd/Drum Lane to Eatons Place N OB
28 335 350 From Eatons Place to Pottery Rd/ Bull Lane N OB
29 351 363 From Pottery Rd/Bull Lane to North Rd N OB
30 364 369 From North Rd to Marquis of Granby N OB
31 370 384 From Marquis of Granby to the Fox & Hounds N OB
32 385 401 From the Fox & Hounds to the Salutation N OB
33 402 411 From the Salutation to the eastern end of the High Street N OB


First published 2005, last updated April 2022