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Brentford UDC Mortuary Records, 1899-1909

Janet McNamara prepared the following index, which she believes is for the mortuary at Park Road cemetery, Isleworth; the register turned up in a car boot sale! The records cover bodies admitted between January 25th 1899 and September 14th 1909.

Entries have been recorded under Name of Deceased, Sex, Age, Cause of Death, Place where found, Name and address of person who brought the body to the mortuary, Name and address of the person who found the body, Date when brought to Mortuary, Date removed for Burial, Post Mortem made by, Date of Inquest, Certificate of Death given by, Remarks.

In 2015 Janet provided copies of local newspaper accounts of six drownings; the date of such an account is in brackets in the Remarks column: please email for a copy. The Coroner remarked at the inquest into the death of Herbert J Pearce in 1900 that it was a rather peculiar fact that of people whose occupation was chiefly concerned with the water - fishermen and bargemen - not one in fifty of them could swim.

I have split Janet's index into two tables, the first showing the deceased; also'non-professionals' who became involved; the second shows the professionals.

Table 1 - the deceased; also non-professional parties involved

Deceased are shown below with an address, if known, year of death and page number; and sometimes other details such as the age of the deceased or nature of their demise.

This table also includes the names of those who found the body or took them to the mortuary: these entries just show the page no.

NB some details in the original register have not been included as they may relate to readers' parents or grandparents: there are cases of suicide and neglect of children. If you wish to know more about a case, please contact the Local Studies Section at Chiswick Library. Online newspapers may provide more detail about the circumstances of the death: eg the British Newspaper Archive and findmypast sites.

Name of deceased Address Year Page Other details
Abbott Charlotte Catherine 42, SouthRoad, South Ealing 1904 p147
Aikins Nellie 51 High Street 1906 p194
Alcock George 15, Murray Road 1902 p107
Alexander Mrs p187 Niece of A Gould
Alexander William H 8, Moores Alley 1903 p133
Alford James 41, Glenhurst Road 1904 p150
Allen Dorothy 41, Pottery Road 1906 p192
Allen Henry Keeper of the Thames Lock p47
Arscott John Kensington p5
Ash William Stafford 8, Murray Road 1901 p72
Attwood Henry W 6 Starnage Road 1902 p110
Attwood Jesse 5 Starnage Road 1901 p64
Baker Edwin G 82, Windmill Road 1909 p236
Baker Frederick Charles 32, Hamilton Road 1908 p223
Baker Sarah 35, York Road 1901 p81
Ball George 1899 p8
Band Joseph 1899 p9
Band Percy Goddards Ct, Market Place 1901 p69
Banks Charles Barge Owl, The Ham 1906 p195
Barker Elizabeth Lucy 1899 p7
Barley Walter F 15, Brickfield Yard 1901 p78
Barrett George A 1899 p25
Barrows A 5, Kendall Villas, Isleworth p146
Bee Helen p77
Bee Robert D Albany Arms 1901 p77
Bennett George 11, The Ham p195
Benskin Charles 2, Moores Alley 1900 p34 Starvation
Bexx Elizabeth Ellen 1900 p46
Birch Florence 1900 p38
Bishop Emma 23, Glenhurst Road 1907 p212
Bishop W p212
Black Charles James Valentine 31, Layton Road 1907 p207
Blower Frederick 1909 p231
Boddy James H Catherine Wheel Yard 1908 p226
Bond WS 2, Devonshire Road, Chiswick p83
Borthwick George South Tottenham 1904 p156
Bovingden Leslie J 1906 p193 Knocked down by bus near Ealing Road School
Bradley H Acton Green p250
Bridge Kate 5, Rose Cottages, Albany Road 1909 p239
Bridges Ellen L Brook Road 1909 p237
Brall Rebecca Hammersmith 1908 p217
Brooks Gilbert J Assistant at Mrs Gentry's 131, High Street 1902 p89
Brooks Mary Ann 1900 p52
Brown Francis 1900 p50
Brown Robert 1909 p250
Buck Alfred J 33, The Ham 1907 p204
Buckingham William J 9,Starnage Road 1908 p218
Buckland William 1900 p42
Burksfield Mrs The Ham p31
Burrows Charles 3, Tolson Villas, Isleworth 1904 p151
Buss Mrs Albany Arms 1902 p95
Butcher Elizabeth 28, Grosvenor Road 1905 p164
Carter John p183
Carter William G 1899 p33
Chambers Harry G 1904 p153 Cycle accident
Champion Samuel 1899 p27
Chaplin John 263 High Street 1903 p129 Picture frame maker
Chatten Thomas C 1900 p36 Age 60, captain of barge Empress Queen (7/2/1900)
Cheshire Jesse 1902 p112
Chinnery 20, Brook Road 1906 p191 7 month old son of
Chitty Elizabeth Barge Kate 1900 p47
Churvh Joseph High Street 1908 p228
Chuter 1899 p11 Infant daughter of John Chuter
Clements E p92
Coleman David 1901 p83
Coleman John 1, Back Lane 1904 p149
Collins Cornelius 1904 p161
Collins Elizabeth 18, Carlyle Road 1903 p138
Collins Michael 55, Pottery Road p158
Cooper Alfred 1, Brook Road, North 1903 p115
Cooper James 12, Braemar Road 1901 p59 Real name Cothell
Cothell James See Cooper p59
Cox J Ferry Square 1900 p54 Infant son of
Crabtree George Railway Cottages p22 Shunter
Craig Julia E 57, Boston Road 1909 p238
Cripps William 21, Distilery Road p32
Daubeny Sarah Ann 29, Albany Road 1909 p242
Davitt Thomas 55, Pottery Road 1904 p158 Fall down stairs
Day Dorothy 51, Brook Road 1901 p79
Dean Henry Alfred 21, Layton Road 1906 p184 Knocked down by train
Dorey George p67 Lighterman
Dowden Owen E 5, Cumberland Gate, Kew 1901 p73
Downton James p183
Dunkley Frederick 3, Cromwell Place 1904 p157
Edwards F 3, Cromwell Place p157
Edwards Thomas M 27, The Ham 1907 p203
Ellis Sarah May 4, Running Horse yard 1908 p219
English Charles p106
Evans Thomas 4, Pump Alley 1902 p101
Farmer Charles 1899 p20
Farnden Alfred G 1899 p28
Fiddler Harry 1899 p32
Filkins Eliza 53, Carlyle Road 1901 p74
Flavell Henry Belonging to the Boat Vera, The Ham 1909 p240
Flavell John 1, Clifden Road 1909 p233
Fleetwood Thomas 35 Grosvenor Road 1900 p41 Drowned, Brentford Dock (3/3/1900)
Ford Alfred Wandsworth 1907 p209
Foreman Mrs 41, Eastbourne Road 1906 p189
Fowles Mr 328 High Street p116
Francis Joseph Henry 12, Westbury Road, Hamilton Road 1900 p53
Freeborn Henry William 1908 p225
Freeman Elsie L Northfleet House, Market Place 1901 p76
Frien Albert Edward 1901 p57
Gad Ellen 1900 p51
Gibbons James 3, Ram Alley p221
Gilbert William The Ham p208
Glover John New Bond street p183 Driver of car that knocked down JJ Norton
Goddard Ada E 15, North Road 1909 p235
Gould Alfred 4, Moores Alley 1906 p187
Griffiths Mrs Boars Head Yard p52
Goodwin James 1899
Graham Mr Landlord of the Three Pigeons p156
Grant Annie May 5, Alma Place 1905 p175
Gray p73 Railway porter
Green Frederick Notting Dale 1906 p190
Griffin Leslie 1899 p19
Groves Arthur 1900 p35
Harding Mrs 9, Stanley Terrace p38
Harley Joseph H 61 Glenhurst Road 1907 p199
Harris Mary Jane 66, High street 1905 p178
Hawkins Lilian 11, Kenley Road 1908 p220
Hayward Caroline 44, Eastbourne Road 1908 p216
Headford Garibaldi 49, Brook Road 1902 p100
Hill Henry J 1907 p208
Holford Emma 1899 p16 Drowned near Kew Bridge with her niece Caroline Johnson
Holford Thomas Of the boat Otter 1908 p221
Holland James 1899 p30
Hollaran Thomas Eatons Buildings 1903 p141
Holmes Ella Lateward Road 1909 p243
Hooper Charles Ealing Road 1905 p171
Hooper Thomas 18, Eatons Buildings p44
Horton Henry 1899 p22
Howard Ernest WH 10, Mafeking Ave 1909 p249
Howard Frances E 1900 p37
Hutchings John p161
Insley William 1901 p60
James W T Colonels Drive 1908 p213
Jeffries Charles 1909 p244
Jeffries Thomas 1899 p1
Johnson Caroline 1899 p17 Drowned near Kew Bridge with her aunt Emma Holford
Jones Edward 1902 p88
Joyce Henry 6, Starnage Road p27
Keadell Albert 1901 p66 Age 5yrs accidental drowning
Keadell Ernest 1901 p66 Age 3yrs accidental drowning
Kennerman Cecelia 13, Cressage Road 1906 p196
Kent Alice 3, Troy Town 1907 p198
Kerrison Edward 13, Cressage Road 1903 p125 Knocked down by bus
Kersley May 1903 p122 Registered as Not Known but found to be May Kersley aged about 2 years (found to be 18months)
Ketchell Mrs 40, Hamilton Road p224
Langley William 2, Kenley Road 1905 p182
Larkin Theresa 4, Murray Road 1901 p70
Leary A Town Meadow p155
Lee Annie 30B, Boston Park Road 1906 p197
Lewis William J 3, Ram Alley 1904 p148
Littleboy Alfred 1905 p176 Drowned at Blackwall; Inquest at Canning Town
Lilywhite Anne and Thomas 83, Albany Road 1902 p94
Lloyd Edmund Taylor 1899 p10
Lock Alfred 13, Whitestile Road p12
Lock Frederick 1899 p12
Lovegrove Mr Mercury Road p165
Lunn Frank 1903 p135
Lynch Alfred Workmen''s Home 1903 p127
McCarthy Charles 3, Lamb Alley p122
McCarthy Frances Starnage Road 1903 p113 Run over by Carter Paterson's van (Inquest)
McDonald John Ealing Park Tavern 1901 p68
McLachlan Archibald Octavius Home address Chiswick 1902 p106 Found drowned.
MacNamara W 1900 p56 Accident at the Royal Brewery
Mann Mary Anne Old Spring Gardens 1909 p234
Mapley James 1900 p45
Martin Thomas New Spring Gardens 1909 p246
Martyn Henry 1903 p123
Matthew 29, Catherine Wheel Yard 1903 p117 Newly born child of Henry Matthew; stillborn
Mattocks Alfred p222 Lighterman
May Lawrence 1899 p4
Maydon Walter B 1902 p84
Meades William North Road p48
Middleton George 77, Wellesley Road p35
Miles Mary 8, Chapel Yard, Market Place 1909 p241
Milne Ernest H 49 Brook Road 1904 p145
Moore James 19, The Ham 1904 p162
Moore Patrick A 1903 p137
Moriarty Joseph p140 Butler to Mr Montgomrey
Mortimer Richard T Found at Mr Taylor's Market Garden, Lionel Road 1907 p205
Mygrave John 47 High Street 1902 p114
Neale Charles 3, Mount Pleasant, Albany Road 1905 p179
Neighbour Alice J 2 Walnut Tree Road 1909 p245 Fire on Good Friday
Neighbour James 1899 p18
New Bridget 1899 p31
New James 1, The Ham p14
Newsham 7, Caroline Place 1907 p201 Infant son of
Nicholas Emma M 102, Whitestile Road 1907 p206
Nicholas N 102, Whitestile Road p206
Nicholls Edith 14, Old Spring Gardens 1901 p62
Norman George 57, New Road 1909 p247
No name Found at The Hollows 1901 p71 Want of vitality at birth
No name 1901 p82 Newly born female
North Thomas G 16, Drum Lane 1903 p132
Norton John James 1906 p183 Knocked down by a motor car
Nunn Henry Robert 1899 p15
Nutley Walter Shepherds Bush 1903 p128
O'Connell Francis T 9, Boars Head Yard 1907 p202
Olds Mr p113
Owen 10 Mercury Road 1905 p181 1 day old female child, child of Harry Owen
Pacton Ellen 5, Catherine Wheel Yard 1903 p126
Padbury George Edward 9, North Road 1905 p166
Palmer Thomas 17, Red Lion Yard 1905 p167
Pantling Joseph Layton Road 1903 p140 Gardener to Mr Montgomrey . Syncope caused through accidental suffocation from the fumes of the coke furnace in the stoke hole
Parkins George Strand on the Green p10
Parkinson Thomas 50 Kew Bridge Road 1907 p200
Parlett Frederick Frank Glenthorne Villa, Carlyle Road 1902 p91
Parsons Frederick T 9, Thames Row 1903 p143
Pearce Alice Maud 1904 p159
Pearce George 3, Thames Row, The Hollows p16, p98, p103, p209
Pearce Herbert J 1900 p40 Drowned, slipped loading sugar into bow of boat Watford
Pearce John 23, Windmill Road 1903 p120
Pearce Richard 3, Thames Row, The Hollows p19, p185
Pearce Richard York Road p248
Pearce W The Hollows p217
Pegg Captain 1900 p49
Pelton Eliza 13, Caroline Place 1907 p211 Died in husbands arms
Philkins John 27, Grosvenor Road p9
Plummer Samuel 1900 p44
Poole 35, Starnage Road 1906 p186
Povey E 55, Windmill Road p170
Povey William 55, Windmill Road 1905 p170
Pragnell WG Putney 1909 p248
Prior Miss 50, Kew Bridge Road 1907 p200
Pruzzy Emily 6, Mount Pleasant, Albany Road 1908 p214 3 months
Pruzzey W 6, Mount Pleasant, Albany Road 1908 p229 4 days
Pullen Edmund 43, North Road 1903 p119
Reader Ellen 6, Kenley Road 1902 p109
Redfern Honorah 71, Murray Road 1904 p144
Reynolds Charles Brickfield Yd p36
Reynolds John p150 Bargeman
Richardson p73 Railway porter
Rickarsby George 39, Green Dragon Lane 1905 p173
Rickarsby Thomas 39, Green Dragon Lane p173
Roberts Maria 54, Carlyle Road 1902 p86
Roberts Market Place 1906 p188 Son of
Robinson Alfred G 2, Chapel Yard, Market Place 1904 p152
Robinson John Market Place p151
Robinson Mr York Mineral Water Works p113
Rogers Mr 348, High street p26
Row Matilda 1899 p26
Rowles William Bedford Park 1908 p227
Ruff 1899 p29
Ruff Mrs Walnut Tree Road, 1903 p134 Newly born female child
Rush W Old Spring Gardens p88
Russell R 3, Milton Place, Isleworth p58
Salmon Violet May Pottery Cottage 1901 p65
Sanders Thomas 1902 p108 Cold and exposure
Sanders William 32, Walnut Tree Road 1905 p 180 Parents of 1 day old male child
Searle George 103, Osborne Road, South Acton p18
Servis Julia 54, Carlyle Road p74
Setterfield Thomas Police Constable 1905 p169 Found killed by a passing train
Sharp Rose Lily 1899 p3
Shervall William G 58, Windmill Road 1901 p75
Shortland Frederick George 22, Green Dragon Lane 1900 p55
Shuter Bridget 1, The Barracks, Albany Road 1902 p97 Natural causes/puerperal fever
Simmonds George Workmen's Home, High Street p108
Sizemore FJ 3, Market Square p81
Sizemore Frederick J 8 Market Place 1904 p163 Peritonitis the result of falling across some steps at Gunnersbury park where he worked)
Skinner Albert 1899 p24
Small Archibald G 1900 p39
Smewing Mrs 12, Bangor Road p174
Smith Edward A 16, Lateward Road 1902 p87
Smith George Of Walham Green 1903 p131 Accidental death at Mill Hill Station
Smith Maud 43, North Road 1902 p99
Smith p169 Porter at SW railway
Smith Sidney 41, Ealing Road 1902 p93 Fall from a tram car
Smith W Stanley 10, Brook Road 1903 p121
Speller Elizabeth C 11, Bangor Road 1902 p85
Spencer Benjamin 8, Orchard Road 1905 p165
Square Richard 15, South Street, Isleworth 1902 p90 Drowned Ham wharf, age 34, mate of barge Faith (22/3/1902)
Stambridge Henry 16, Catherine Wheel Yard 1904 p154 Aged 6 weeks
Stanbridge Philip John 1901 p67
Stratford Charles 28, Market Place 1902 p102
Stubbington Edgar H 31, High Street 1903 p136
Stuckey Helena 1899 p21
Sutton Sarah 1899 p2
Swanbrook John 1903 p130
Tate Thomas Captain of the barge Rodney (FMC) 1904 p146
Taylor Grace 72, North Road 1902 p92
Taylor JT p205 See R.T. Mortimer
Taylor Thomas 328, High Street 1903 p116 Deputy of lodging house
Taylor Winifred 42, Kew Bridge Road 1903 p118
Taylor W 51 Half Acre p4, p29
Teale Lilian Eva 1900 p43
Thomas William The Hollows p71
Thomas Winifred 8, The Hollows 1905 p168
Tiller Mary 1899 p14
Tomkins David 12, Bangor Road p174 Grandfather
Tomkins Frederick 12, Bangor Road 1905 p174
Trickett Philiman 1900 p48
Turpin Thomas Grosvenor Road p194
Turner T Albany Road 1905 p167
Unknown female child 1899 p5 Fully developed, found in 2nd class railway carriage at Mill Hill Station (Acton Town) April
Unknown female child 1905 p172 Found in a brown paper parcel on the railway near Clayponds; death due to 'want of attention at birth' but had been dead for 3 weeks
Unknown male 1900 p49 Identified as Capt. Pegg
Unknown male 1902 p103 Drowned; full description + clothing
Unknown male 1906 p185 Drowned; full description and clothes including blue serge morning suit
Unknown male 1908 p222 Drowned
Unknown baby Garden, Brent Road 1908 p228
Vodden Maud 18, Netley Road p230
Waight W 32, Ealing Road p190
Waller Henry 10, High Street 1902 p 104
Wallis Edith M 19 The Ham 1909 p232
Wapshott Thomas 8, Netley Road p17
Watkins Jane C New Road 1908 p215
Webb Charles 75, Albany Road 1907 p210
Webb Charles Henry 18, Cressage Road 1905 p177
Weedon Jane 1901 p61
Weedon Richard 42, North Road p61
Wells John 5, Benns Cottages, Kew Bridge 1903 p139
West George 58, The Ham 1902 p105
Wheeler William 1 Albany Road 1901 p63 Age 8, drowned near the Butts, son of William Wheeler, labourer (1/5/1901)
Wilcox Emma 41, Eastbourne Road 1906 p189
Willcox Winifred E 1901 p58
Williams Edward Arthur 91, Whitestile Road 1902 p96
Williams Gertrude Eva 1899 p13 Wife of Dr Williams
Williams Henrietta L 76, Distillery Road 1901 p80
Willis Anne p101 Housekeeper
Wilshire Harry Running Horse Yard 1904 p160
Winters E 1902 p111 Accidental death, knocked down by motor car, Brentford Bridge
Wise Richard 2, Leamington Tce, Kew Bridge p45
Wood John Lived Notting Hill 1902 p98 Accidental drowning; fell out of boat on Sunday while out with friends for a row
Woodward Frederick W 1904 p155 Nearly 40 years employed by Montgomreys
Woodward W Boat Watford (FMC) p40
Worman William Waldo Street, College Park, Willesden 1903 p142 Age 23, foreman for Mr Edwards, Brentford Dock; accidentally fell between 2 barges (23/12/1903)
Wortley Mrs S 2, York Road p39
Wright Eliza 40, Hamilton Road 1908 p224
Wright Jane J A 20, Netley Road 1909 p230
Young Matilda 1899 p23

Table 2: the professionals

This second table records the names (and sometimes addresses) of the coroner, doctors, undertakers and policemen.

Name Address Notes
Ambrose PC
Anderson PC 374 T Police Station
Barnes High Street Undertaker
Barratt High St, Chiswick Undertaker
Berry Dr Market Place
Blumenthal Dr
Bott Dr High Street
Bourke Dr Mc W Brentford Bridge and High street
Bowling Dr Brook Road
Buchanan PC
Bye PC
Canning PC 734T
Chamberlain PC Police Station
Claridge Dr High Street
Clayden PC 711 T Brentford Police Station Same as Clayton?
Clayton PC Police Station Same as Clayden?
Cottage PC Police Station
Deane Dr High Street
Dickey Dr Ealing Road
Dixon Dr High Street
Drury Police Sargeant
Duck PC
Fielding Dr Market Place
Fincham Dr Kew Bridge Road
Gardener PC 310 T
Gubbins Dr Market Place
Harris PC 118 Chiswick
Heath W High Street Undertaker
Henshaw Dr Kew Bridge Road
Hickmore PC High St
Hidden High Street, New Brentford Undertaker
Hogg Doctor Gordon Coroner
Jones Dr A The Butts
Joy Dr Market Place
Kemp Dr R Deputy Coroner
Lawry Dr Kew Bridge Road
Legg PC Chiswick
Lowery Dr Kew Bridge Road
Metcalf Sergeant River Police
Morton Undertaker, Hounslow
Neil Dr High Street and The Butts
Nock PC
Page PC Brentford
Phillips Dr Market Place
Pollock Dr Avenue Crescent, Acton
Ratcliffe Sergeant
Ruck Dr Ealing
Sargeant High Street Undertaker
Sharp CJ 51, Half Acre Undertaker
Smith PC
Walters Dr Windmill Road
Wickenden 1,Whitestile Road, Undertaker
Williams Dr High Street, New Brentford
Willie PC Police Station

Published October 2013; last updated February 2023