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1826 Trade Directory Index

Carole kindly sent me the scanned images from Pigot’s directory of Middlesex and the Towns and Villages within 12 miles of London 1826.

The trade directory listed the Nobility, Gentry & Clergy first then the traders, under headings such as Academies (ie schools), Boot & Shoe Makers etc. At the end are listed all the tradespeople who did not fit under one of the other headings.

I have taken all the entries and put them into surname order. The information provided is

  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Title
  • Address: OB = Old Brentford, the eastern part; NB = New Brentford, the western part; I think an address of OB or NB indicates the High Street
  • Trade: NGC = Nobility, Gentry & Clergy
  • Other Information: includes the name of public houses & inns and any other snippets from the original entry

Surnames beginning: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R , S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

In 2013 Janet McNamara provided copies from the same directory but for 1823-4. At some point I will prepare a similar index for this earlier directory, in the meantime please get in touch if you would like a look-up.

Surname Forename Title Address Trade Other Information
  Herbert     Water Conveyance to London to London (daily)
Adderley William   OB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Allaway Henry   NB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Allen Charles L   OB Market Gardeners  
Andrews George William   OB Corn Merchants  
Andrews James   OB Paper Hanger  
Ansell     Butts Academies day
Astlett   Mrs Butts Academies ladies’ boarding
Austin   Esq Windmill Lane NGC  
Baily Joseph   OB Blacksmiths  
Ball James   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Balls Robert   NB Fire Office Agents British
Balls Robert   NB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Banks   Mrs NB NGC  
Banyon Louisa   OB Straw Hat Makers  
Banyon M   OB Straw Hat Makers  
Barnes Christopher Joel   NB Cutler  
Barnes Sarah   OB Hatters  
Barnes William   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Barns Joseph   NB Taverns & Public Houses Black Boys
Barnsby William   OB Basket Makers  
Basley Peter   OB Bricklayers & Plasterers  
Basley Peter   OB Taverns & Public Houses Running Horses
Beal Daniel   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Bennett George   OB Tailors etc  
Best Thomas   NB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Blackburn John Rev OB Academies gentlemen’s boarding
Blackman John   NB Taverns & Public Houses Black Boy & Still
Bond George   OB Tailors etc  
Bond James   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Bond Jno & Son   OB Tailors etc  
Booth William & Co   OB Distillers  
Botton Charlotte   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Bowden Matthew   OB Basket Makers  
Boxall William   NB Corn Merchants  
Bradshaw Thomas   NB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Brayne Joseph   NB Carrier to London to London (daily)
Briggs John   NB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Briggs Susanna   NB Stay Makers  
Brown John   NB Corn Merchants  
Bruce   Mrs Butts NGC  
Brunsden John   NB Taverns & Public Houses Magpie & Crown (Booking House for Stage Coaches)
Burbridge Thomas   OB Butchers  
Burford John   OB Pawnbrokers  
Burness Joseph   OB Curriers & Leather Cutters  
Burnham Mary   OB Perfumers & Hairdressers  
Bursill Richard   OB Market Gardeners  
Butler William   OB Taverns & Public Houses Waterman’s Arms
Butlin William   OB Taverns & Public Houses Marquis of Granby
Butt Charles   Market Place Basket Makers  
Callis Charles   OB Furniture Brokers  
Callis Richard   NB Auctioneers & Appraisers  
Callis Richard   NB Fire Office Agents Beacon
Callis Richard   NB Furniture Brokers  
Carpenter Mary   OB Clothes Dealers  
Carrington   Mrs Butts NGC  
Carver John   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Chitty James   OB Wheelwrights  
Clapper Joseph   OB Coal Merchants  
Clark Mary   OB Taverns & Public Houses Salutation
Clark Samuel   OB NGC gent
Clarke George   NB Attorneys  
Clarke John   OB Coal Merchants  
Claughton George   OB Block Maker  
Clithero James Esq Boston House NGC  
Coe John   OB Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Cogswell Thomas   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Conaway James   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Cook William   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Cooke John   OB Basket Makers  
Cooper George   NB Surgeons  
Cooper Robert   NB Poulterers  
Corson   Mrs Butts NGC  
Cox Joseph   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Coxen   Miss OB Milliners & Dressmakers  
Cozens John   NB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Cridland Henry Esq NB NGC  
Crighton William Esq Brent Cottage NGC  
Crooke James   NB Brewers  
Crooke James   NB Coal Merchants  
Crump Charles   NB Tobacconists  
Dale Joseph   OB Taverns & Public Houses Cannon
Dale       Water Conveyance to London to London (daily)
Devereux William   NB Agent, Grand Junction Canal Office  
Dewell Thomas   NB Tallow Chandlers  
Dewilde Samuel   OB Rag Dealers  
Dickins John   OB Timber Merchants  
Dickins John   OB Ship Breaker  
Dickinson Joseph   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Dodsworth George Rev NB NGC  
Dorrington     Boston Farm Farmer  
Douglas Edmund   OB Fire Office Agents Hope
Douglas Edmund   OB Linen, etc Drapers  
Drewe James   OB Taverns & Public Houses King’s Arms
Durban John   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Eaton Joseph   OB Taverns & Public Houses Bull
Evens Benjamin   OB China, Glass Etc Dealers  
Evens Benjamin   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Eyles Henry   NB Fire Office Agents Eagle
Eyles Henry   NB Hatters  
Ezard Henry   OB Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Farrar Benjamin   NB Stone Masons  
Farrington James   OB China, Glass Etc Dealers  
Farrow Thomas   OB Basket Makers  
Firber   Esq Boston Lane NGC  
Fletcher James   OB Butchers  
Fletcher Robert Thomas   Brentford End Attorneys & 31 Dean St Soho
Flower & Fletcher     NB Butchers  
Folkard Jno Cope   OB Pawnbrokers  
Folkard John Cope   OB Fire Office Agents Albion
Forbes Henry   NB Taverns & Public Houses Castle (Booking House for Stage Coaches)
Fowler James   OB Butchers  
Franklin William   Half Acre Academies drawing
Franklin William     Water Conveyance to London to London (daily)
Gaylor James   Brentford Bridge Wheelwrights  
Geary   Rev Windmill Lane NGC  
Gibson Matthew   OB Fire Office Agents Phoenix
Glover Christopher & Son   NB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Glover Christopher & Son   NB Tallow Chandlers  
Gold William   Brentford Bridge Corn Merchants  
Goldwin John   OB Market Gardeners  
Goring Robert   NB Butchers pork
Grainger William   OB Coal Merchants  
Grainger William   OB Corn Merchants  
Gray George   NB Braziers & Tinplate Workers  
Green Harriet   NB Hatters  
Gregory John   NB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Griffin Thomas   OB Poulterers  
Grimault John   Brentford End Auctioneers & Appraisers  
Hague Robert   OB Taverns & Public Houses Feathers
Harriman William   NB Chemists & Druggists  
Harris Lydia   OB Taverns & Public Houses Drum
Haynes John   NB Cheesemongers  
Hazard John   OB Brewers  
Hazell Robert   NB Chemists & Druggists  
Hazell Robert   NB Oil & Colourmen  
Henderson David   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Higgins John   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Hill George   OB Toy Dealers  
Hill Jno   OB Salesman  
Hill Joseph   Butts Academies gentlemen’s boarding
Hill     NB Secretary, Savings Bank(open every Monday from twelve to two)  
Hindman Henry   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Hinge Jasper   NB Blacksmiths  
Holdsworth William   OB Academies gentlemen’s boarding
Holmes Sarah   NB Stone Masons  
Honeybone Thomas   OB Watch etc Makers  
Hopkins Thomas   NB Clothes Dealers  
Horwood Mary   OB Milliners & Dressmakers  
Hughes Elizabeth   OB Furniture Brokers  
Hughes James senior OB Butchers  
Hughes James junior OB Butchers pork
Hughes James   OB Rag Dealers  
Hunt John   NB Linen, etc Drapers  
James   Esq Grove House NGC  
Janes   Mrs Windmill Lane NGC  
Jeans Jane   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Jefferies Sarah   OB Straw Hat Makers  
Jones James   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Jones Martha   NB Clothes Dealers  
Jones Samuel   OB Market Gardeners  
Jones Thomas   NB Cheesemongers  
Jullion Thomas   Windmill Lane Attorneys  
Jupp William & Son   OB Coal Merchants  
Jupp William & Son   OB Corn Merchants  
Jupp William & Son   Kew Bridge Maltsters  
Kane Thomas   OB Tailors etc  
Keasley Thomas   NB Confectioners  
Kilsby William junior OB Furniture Brokers  
King John   OB Auctioneers & Appraisers  
King John   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
King John   OB Furniture Brokers  
King Joseph   OB Linen, etc Drapers  
King Margaret   NB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
King William   NB Saddlers  
Knight William   OB Taverns & Public Houses Fox & Hounds
Knox Peter   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Lambert William   NB Curriers & Leather Cutters  
Lane   Miss OB Milliners & Dressmakers  
Layton Thomas   Kew Bridge Corn Merchants  
Leader Philip Holman   NB Pawnbrokers  
Leake John Esq Claypond House NGC  
Lee George   Butts NGC gent
Lees Ann   OB Milliners & Dressmakers  
Lindley John   NB Fruiterers  
Love Archibald   OB Tea Dealer  
Lowe John   NB Tailors etc  
Lowe Thomas   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Malcolm James   OB Market Gardeners  
Marnham George   OB Taverns & Public Houses Barge Aground
Marsden Thomas   NB Saddlers  
Martin   Captain (RN) Butts NGC  
Matthews John   NB Coopers  
Matthews Thomas   Kew Bridge Taverns & Public Houses Star & Garter (& excise office)
Mayo Harry   OB Butchers  
Merrill Thomas   NB Watch etc Makers  
Meyer Barbara   OB Market Gardeners  
Meyer George   NB Hatters  
Minton Samuel   OB Butchers  
Montgomery James   OB Coal Merchants  
Montgomery James   OB Timber Merchants  
Moore John   OB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Morris Charles   OB Market Gardeners  
Morris John Rev DD Eaglesfield House Academies gentlemen’s boarding
Morris   Mrs Boston Lane NGC  
Munn Jonathan   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Myhall Charles   NB Butchers  
Nairne   Mrs Butts NGC  
Napper Elizabeth   NB Fruiterers  
Neill James   OB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Neill John   OB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Nevell James   OB Coopers  
Newell Thomas   OB Market Gardeners  
Newens Henry   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Nichols William   OB NGC gent
Norbury P   NB Fire Office Agents Royal Exchange
Norbury P   NB Bookseller & Post Office Post Master
Norbury Philip   NB Booksellers & Stationers  
Norminton John   OB Dyer & Scourer  
Nottingham Joseph   OB Bricklayers & Plasterers  
Oliver George Esq Boston Lane NGC  
Oliver Lewis Bentley   NB Surgeons  
Osborne Thomas & Co   OB Coal Merchants  
Osborne Thomas & Co   OB Timber Merchants  
Ott Richard   OB Pump Maker etc  
Over James   OB Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Over James   OB Furniture Brokers  
Parsons James   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Pearce Hannah   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Pearce Isaac   NB Taverns & Public Houses Red Lion (Booking House for Stage Coaches)
Pearse Sally   OB Milliners & Dressmakers  
Pearson Thomas   NB Taverns & Public Houses Magpie & Stump
Peet Robert Rev Sir NB NGC  
Penrose James & Charles   OB Whip Makers  
Percival   Mrs NB NGC  
Perrott Thomas   OB Windsor Chair Maker  
Pickering James   NB Cabinet Maker etc  
Piper Thomas   NB Taverns & Public Houses Six Bells
Platt Thomas   OB Coal Merchants  
Plim Martin   NB Butchers  
Pope James   OB Taverns & Public Houses Waggon & Horses
Powell   Esq Boston Lane NGC  
Powell   Miss Butts Academies ladies’ boarding
Pready   Esq Butts NGC  
Price James   Butts Market Gardeners  
Priest Margaret   NB Tallow Chandlers  
Priest Wright   NB Butchers  
Prior Charles   NB Wood Turner  
Quinion Joseph   NB Saddlers  
Ralfs William   OB Surgeons  
Rapkin John   NB Perfumers & Hairdressers  
Rapkin Richard   NB Tailors etc  
Ratcliffe Mary   NB Furniture Brokers  
Reynolds   Mrs Butts NGC  
Richardson Edward   OB Butchers  
Robinson Charles   NB Wharfinger  
Robinson George   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Robinson James   NB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Robinson William   OB Tobacconists  
Robinson   Mrs OB Academies ladies’ boarding
Rodwell Robert   NB Coal Merchants  
Rogers George   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Rogers John   OB Taverns & Public Houses Half Moon & Seven Stars
Ronalds Hugh & Sons   NB Nurserymen etc  
Rooke   Mrs Butts NGC  
Round Elizabeth   OB Fruiterers  
Round John   OB Fire Office Agents Sun
Round John   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Round Thomas   OB Tallow Chandlers  
Rowe Thomas Berry & Lawrence   OB Soap Boilers  
Rudland William   OB Taverns & Public Houses Seven Stars
Rutherford James William   OB Surgeons  
Samuel Joseph Cumming   NB Linen, etc Drapers  
Sanders George   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Sanders James   NB Coopers  
Sanders James   NB Toy Dealers  
Sanders William   NB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Saunders George   OB Taverns & Public Houses Red Lion (Booking House for Stage Coaches)
Saunders John   OB Veterinary Surgeon  
Saxelby Phoebe   Market Place Milliners & Dressmakers  
Saxton William   NB Coal Merchants  
Saxton William   NB Corn Merchants  
Scammell Walter   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Searle George Fulham   NB Braziers & Tinplate Workers  
Searle George Fulham   NB Ironmongers  
Seaton Sarah   OB Taverns & Public Houses One Tun (Booking House for Stage Coaches)
Senol T B   OB Grocers & Receiving House (for Post Office)  
Senols Thomas Ball   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Sexton Henry & Sons   NB Fire Office Agents Atlas
Sexton Henry & Sons   NB Linen, etc Drapers  
Sexton John   NB Taverns & Public Houses Three Pigeons (Booking House for Stage Coaches)
Shackell Thomas   OB Butchers pork
Shambler John   NB Fishmonger  
Shields E Mrs Butts NGC  
Simpole John   NB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Simpson   Rev Boston Lane NGC  
Sims John   Butts Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Sims Michael   NB Taverns & Public Houses Catherine Wheel
Sleap Ann   OB Confectioners  
Sleap Jonathan Thomas   OB Attorneys  
Smith Frances   NB Rope Maker  
Smith John   NB Fellmonger  
Smith Thomas Esq OB NGC  
Smith Thomas   OB Painters, Glaziers etc  
Smith William   OB Butchers  
Smith   Mrs Boston Lane NGC  
Smitherman Isaac   NB Tanner  
Spindler William   OB Market Gardeners  
Spooner Thomas   NB Child Bed Linen Warehoue  
Stacey Ann   OB Tailors etc  
Stacey John   OB Taverns & Public Houses George the Fourth
Stephenson G & Son   NB Ironmongers  
Story Joseph   OB Market Gardeners  
Street Samuel   OB Watch etc Makers  
Sturgess   Esq Boston Lane NGC  
Swapp John   NB Perfumers & Hairdressers  
Taunton Joseph   NB Fruiterers  
Tayler William   OB Taverns & Public Houses Hand & Flowers
Taylor James   OB Butchers  
Thick Thomas   OB Wheelwrights  
Thompson Elizabeth   NB Curriers & Leather Cutters leather cutter only
Thornton John   Market Place Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Tiddeman John   NB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Tillyer Joseph Henry   NB Oil & Colourmen  
Tillyer Joseph Henry   NB Wine etc Dealer  
Tomson   Captain Butts NGC  
Tredaway Edmund   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Trimmer Joshua, Kirby & James   Kew Bridge Brick & Tile Makers  
Trimmer   Mrs Market Place NGC  
Tucker John   OB Ironmongers  
Tunstall Parthenis   OB Coopers  
Upjohn James   OB Watch etc Makers  
Vennell Samuel Jonas   Market Place Taverns & Public Houses White Horse
Volckman John   NB Confectioners  
Walbran George   NB Linen, etc Drapers  
Wale Robert   NB Patten & Last Maker  
Walker Robert   NB Coal Merchants  
Walker William   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Walkling J   NB Fire Office Agents Guardian
Walkling James   NB China, Glass Etc Dealers  
Wall John Esq Butts NGC  
Wallace Henry   OB Market Gardeners  
Walters   Miss OB Milliners & Dressmakers  
Warren Thomas   NB Butchers pork
Waters David   NB Braziers & Tinplate Workers  
Waters David   NB Ironmongers  
Waters James   OB Boot & Shoe Makers  
Watson David   OB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Watson William   OB Stay Makers  
Webb Thomas   OB Fire Office Agents County
Webb Thomas   OB Haberdasher  
Welch William   NB Bakers & Flour Dealers  
Welford   Mrs OB Market Gardeners  
Wetton John Esq OB NGC  
Wheatley George   OB Poulterer  
Wheatley William   OB Poulterers  
Whelch Joseph   OB Blacksmiths  
White Henry   NB Poulterers  
White Jacob Thomas   OB Booksellers & Stationers  
White Nathaniel & Charles   OB Cheesemongers  
Widmer Richard   NB Basket Makers  
Wilkins Mary   OB Coal Merchants  
Wilkins   Mrs NB NGC  
Wilkinson Thomas   NB Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Wilkinson Thomas   NB Tobacconists  
Williams James   OB Grocers & Cheesemongers  
Williams Roger   NB Linen, etc Drapers  
Williamson, Laurie & Lockerby     OB Linen, etc Drapers  
Winkworth John   NB Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Winter Joseph   OB Corn Merchants  
Wise   Misses Butts Academies ladies’ boarding
Wood Alexander   NB Curriers & Leather Cutters  
Wood Henrietta   NB Clothes Dealers  
Woodbridge Stephen   NB Booksellers & Stationers  
Wright James   OB Tailors etc  
Young John   OB Carpenters, Builders & Undertakers  
Zinzan   Mrs Butts NGC  

Surnames beginning: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R , S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


Published October 2007; updated August 2015.