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James Clements’ Funeral 1934 - Index to Names

James Clements was appointed Charter (ie first) Mayor of Brentford & Chiswick in 1932. He was a loved and respected man and this shines through in the account of his funeral in ’The County of Middlesex Independent’ dated Saturday December 29th 1934.

The article has headings:

  • Charter Mayor’s Funeral
  • Impressive Scenes at Church and Graveside
  • Many Magnificent Floral Tributes
  • Brentford Mourns a Well-Loved Friend
and starts ’Christmas Eve was a time of mourning for the town of Brentford, for on that day beloved "Jim" Clements was laid to rest.’

The article continues to describe the service, the procession via the High Street to Ealing and Old Brentford Cemetery, then lists

  • the chief mourners
  • others present at the church and at the graveside
  • floral tributes

Tributes followed by Alderman Harry Davis, Sir William Barber (Magistrate, Brentford Police Court) then a summary of his life and achievements by "Onlooker".

Thank you to Janet McNamara & Carolyn Hammond who provided copies from ’The Middlesex Independent’.

I have noted all names mentioned in the account and put them into surname order. The information provided is

  • Title
  • Forename/Initials
  • Surname (where this is followed by ’?’ the surname is inferred from other information)
  • Capacity
    • cm: chief mourner
    • ft: floral tribute
    • oc: officiating clergy
    • org: organist
    • pcg: present at the church and at the graveside
  • Other info

Surnames beginning: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R , S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Title Forename/Initials Surname Capacity Other Info
Nurse     ft  
  Basil, Joy & Bill   ft Thurslay, Surrey
  Beattie   ft niece
  Bertram & Leslie   ft  
  Dave & Clara   ft  
  Emma, Harry & Stanley   ft Winslow
  Florrie & family   ft niece
  Fonce & Kathleen   ft  
  Herbert & Lottie   ft  
  Louie & Annie   ft Australia
  May   ft  
  Queenie   ft  
Mr Fred Allen pcg  
Mr   Ashfield pcg British Lion Lodge of Oddfellows
Mr Bertram Austin cm  
Mr Herbert Austin cm  
Mr Leslie Austin cm  
Nurse   Ayres cm Tended JC during his last twelve months
Mr T A Baker pcg hon secretary Brentford Hospital
Sir William Barber pcg JP, CA
  Alec Barker ft and next
Mr H E Barrett pcg deputy town clerk
Mr S Barrington pcg  
Mr & Mrs T G Beare ft  
Mr A Beckenham pcg  
Mr T A Beckett ft  
Mr & Mrs W H Bellamy ft  
Misses   Benn ft The Plough
Brother Jack Bennett ft and wife
  A A Bergin ft  
Alderman A A Bergin pcg JP
Dr P C Bhandari pcg  
Dr P C Bhandari ft  
Mr & Mrs W J Bolton ft  
Mr & Mrs C E Bray ft  
Mr T Bridgman pcg  
Mrs L Brookes ft  
Brothers   Brown ft  
Mr J B Brown pcg Watermen’s Company
Mr & Mrs A V Buck ft  
Mr & Mrs Bill Buck ft  
Mr & Mrs Charles Buck ft  
Mr & Mrs Harry Buck ft  
Mrs M C Buck ft  
  Frank & Winnie Bull ft Ilford
Councillor Mrs   Burden pcg  
Mr & Mrs   Carey ft  
Mr & Mrs W H Carter ft  
Mrs   Chard pcg JP
Mr A J Chard pcg JP
Mr A H Charlton pcg JP
  Arthur Charlton ft and family
  Ted Cheeseman ft and wife
Mr & Mrs   Cheyne ft  
County Alderman Forrester Clayton ft High Sheriff of Middlesex
County Alderman Forrester Clayton pcg JP, M Inst T; High Sheriff of Middlesex
Mr J H Clayton pcg  
Mr & Mrs J H Clayton ft  
Councillor K A Cleland pcg  
Mrs   Clements cm Wife
Master F M Clements cm Grandchild
Mr James H Clements cm eldest and only surviving son
  Jim Clements ft eldest and only surviving son
young Jim Clements ft grandson
  Joan Clements ft Grandchild
  Ken Clements ft Grandchild
  Raymond Clements ft Grandchild
  Roy Clements ft Grandchild
  Sarah Clements ft widow
  Sid Clements ft Grandchild
Master Sidney C Clements cm Grandchild
  Crews of Brentford Tugs Clements, Knowling & Co Ltd ft  
  Kingston Tug Crews Clements, Knowling & Co Ltd ft  
  Office staff Clements, Knowling & Co Ltd ft  
  Bloke & family Clements? ft brother
  Mary, Rob Clements? ft and family
Mr & Mrs   Cockerell ft and Ethel
Mr & Mrs G H Collier ft  
Mr L A Cooper pcg borough engineer
Mr W Coulton pcg master of the Watermen’s Company
Mr & Mrs J J Cowley ft  
Mr J J Cowley pcg  
Dr R Craske Leaning pcg medical officer of health
Mr F S Cross pcg hon treasurer Brentford Hospital
Captain & Mrs   Crowe pcg  
Capt & Mrs Hume Crowe ft  
Mr J Culley pcg JP
Councillor C H Curtis pcg FLS, VMH, JP; Deputy Mayor
Mrs C H Curtis pcg Deputy Mayoress
Mr H B Dadd pcg  
Mr & Mrs A Darlison cm  
Mr & Mrs A Darlison ft and family
Superintendent   Davis ec Fire Brigade
Mr & Mrs F Davis ft  
Mr F A Davis pcg vice-chairman, Brentford Football Club
Mr & Mrs Frank Davis ft junior
Mr George Davis ec West London Branch of the Old Contemptibles
Alderman & Mrs H F Davis pcg  
Mr & Mrs Harry Davis ft  
Mr Harry Dear ft  
  Frank des Vignes & Sons ft  
Mr & Mrs E Digby ft  
Mr & Mrs Will Dodge ft  
Mr & Mrs T Doran ft  
Mr T Doran pcg  
Mr & Mrs J H Dorey ft  
Mr J H Dorey pcg  
Alderman C Edwards pcg  
Mr C A Elkins pcg secretary of the Brentford Chamber of Commerce
Mr & Mrs F Elms ft  
Mr & Mrs W J Elms ft and Harry
  Leslie & Dudley J Farnfield ft  
Councillor & Mrs   Faulkner pcg  
  Employees Ferry Wharf ft  
Mr & Mrs   Firth ft and family
Alderman & Mrs W Flewitt ft  
Alderman W Flewitt pcg JP
Mrs W Flewitt pcg  
Mr J Foster pcg treasurer of the Brentford Chamber of Commerce
  Reg & Horace Francis ft  
Mr S Garratt pcg  
Mr & Mrs A E German ft  
Miss M Gilbert pcg borough librarian
  Employees Goat Wharf ft  
  R Goodwin ft  
  Tom Grant ft and family
  Tyser Greenwood & Co ft  
Mr E J Griffen pcg representing Messr Tyser Greenwood and Co
Superintendent   Grubb ec Fire Brigade
Mr S G Hadlow cm  
Mr & Mrs S G Hadlow ft  
Mr & Mrs W F Hamilton ft  
Mr H J Hands pcg MA; director of education
  Alfred J Hanson ft  
Alderman & Mrs   Hart pcg  
Mr & Mrs   Hawkes ft  
Mr W G Hawkes cm  
Alderman & Mrs F S Hayburn pcg  
Mrs E Healey ft and family, Kingston
  George Heath ft  
Mr & Mrs   Hewitt ft  
Councillor Mrs   Hill pcg  
Dr Brereton Hill pcg  
Bro   Hitchens pcg Cornhill Lodge of Freemasons
Mr & Mrs H Hogg ft and family
  Charlie, Bernard & Frank Howard ft  
Alderman R S Howard pcg  
Mr & Mrs J R Hughes ft  
County Councillor J R Hughes pcg  
Mr R Humphreys pcg deputy borough engineer
  T W Jacobs ft  
Alderman G Jenkin pcg  
Major H W Jenks pcg MBE
Mr & Mrs Ted Jennings ft  
Alderman H Johnson pcg JP, MCC
Mr A A Johnstone pcg JP
Mr E C Jones pcg  
  E C Jones ft and family
Mr Charles Jupp pcg  
Mr G H Jupp pcg  
Inspector   Kenzie pcg RSPCA
Mr   King pcg  
Mr & Mrs Bert Lambert ft  
Councillor W J Lane pcg JP; Mayor of Brentford & Chiswick
Mrs WJ Lane pcg Mayoress
  R H Lauderdale ft  
Rev A G le Mesuirer oc Conducted the Masonic parts of the service; Vicar of East Molesey & prominent Mason
Mrs M Leahy pcg  
Mr A P Ledsham pcg  
Mr & Mrs A P Ledsham ft  
Councillor C L Lewis pcg JP; Mayor of Heston & Isleworth
  Tony & Bert Loveday ft  
Mr & Mrs W H Mangan ft  
  J T Matthews ft and family, Hounslow
  F J Mayor ft  
Mr & Mrs W McKee ft  
Mr & Mrs   Menniss ft  
  Walter Meyers ft senior & junior
Mr   Micklewright pcg chief sanitary officer
County Councillor W H Mills pcg  
Mr & Mrs W H Mills ft  
  Harold Mitchell ft MP
Mr & Mrs   Moore ft  
Mrs Doris Morden ft  
Mrs Grant Morden pcg  
Mr G Morris pcg Brentford Swimming Club
Councillor   Mustoe pcg Town Clerk
Mr & Mrs H E Myatt cm  
Mrs W G Myatt ft and family
  Harry, Beat Myatt? ft and grandson Tony
Mrs C Nation ft  
Dr & Mrs Reg Neal ft  
Mr & Mrs H C Nias ft  
Alderman H J Nias pcg JP, MBE
Alderman H J Nias ft  
Mr & Mrs   Nock ft and Doug, Walton-on-Naze
Mr & Mrs C W Norris cm  
Master J C Norris cm Grandchild
Miss Mary Norris cm Grandchild
  W J Noy ft  
  R G Odell ft  
Master A J Parr-Head cm Grandchild
Councillor & Mrs A S Parr-Head cm  
Mr Arthur Parr-Head cm  
  Arthur Parr-Head ft Grandchild
  Arthur & Bertha Parr-Head ft  
  Charlie & Marion Parr-Head ft  
  George & Beatrice Parr-Head ft  
  Pat Parr-Head ft Grandchild
  Directors & Employees Parr-Head & Clements, Knowling Ltd ft  
  Sid & Lydia Parr-Head? ft  
Mr & Mrs   Parsons ft and family
Mr H Payne cm Half brother
  J Payne ft  
Bro Albert Pearce ft five brothers, Sons of Freedom Lodge
Bro Alfred Pearce ft five brothers, Sons of Freedom Lodge
Bro George Pearce ft five brothers, Sons of Freedom Lodge
Bro Henry Pearce ft five brothers, Sons of Freedom Lodge
Bro Richard Pearce ft five brothers, Sons of Freedom Lodge
Mr & Mrs G Parker Pearson ft Chippenham
Mr Charles Pendlebury pcg MA
  Amy & Frank Pennington ft Chiswick
  Emily Pennington ft Herne Bay
Mr Frank Pennington cm Grandchild
  Frank Pennington ft Grandchild
Miss Jessie Pennington cm Grandchild
  Jessie Pennington ft Grandchild
Miss Molly Pennington cm Grandchild
  Molly Pennington ft Grandchild
  Sam & Henry Pennington ft Herne Bay
Mr & Mrs T W Pennington cm  
  Tom & Lillie Pennington ft Herne Bay
  May & Tom Pennington? ft  
    Penningtons ft Brentford Bridge
  Percival P Pepper ft Wm Ashby & Sons Ltd
Mr & Mrs H C Perry ft  
Mr & Mrs R T Phillips ft  
Mr W J Pimm pcg navigation branch of the Thames Conservancy
Lt-Col Sir Charles Pinkham pcg JP, CA
Mr & Mrs F F Poole ft and family
Mr & Mrs Stanley Poole ft  
Mr E A Reed pcg deputy borough treasurer
  F G Remnant ft  
Captain L Revell pcg  
Mr E R Robinson pcg hon secretary Chiswick Chamber of Commerce
  S S Rogers ft  
Rev Hamilton Rose ft  
Rev Hamilton Rose oc MA, vicar
Mrs Fred Rough ft  
Mr & Mrs J Ruff ft and Lena
  George Rugg ft  
Mrs James Rugg ft  
Mrs James H Rugg cm  
Mr A Stanley Ruston pcg Under Sheriff of Middlesex & clerk to the Brentford Justices
Dr & Mrs   Ruxton pcg  
Dr & Mrs H W Ruxton ft  
Mr H Sanders pcg JP
Mr & Mrs F Sargeant ft and Gwen
Mr & Mrs Harwin Sawyer ft  
Mr Harwin Sawyer pcg  
W Bro   Seymour pcg Ember Lodge of Freemasons
Mr & Mrs H Seymour ft  
  Walter Sherren ft and family
Mr Walter Sherren pcg of Wembley, and his son
Mr & Mrs Louis P Simon ft  
Mrs   Skinner pcg  
Mr & Mrs John Skinner ft Mayor and Corporation of Brentford & Chiswick
Mr & Mrs E G Sladden ft  
Mr A Smith pcg JP
Mr H Smith ft  
Bro H W Smith ft  
Mr & Mrs P J Smith ft  
  R J & E Sparkes ft  
  T Stallabrass ft  
Mr T Stallabrass pcg JP; president, Brentford Hospital)
Mr S Stapley pcg  
Mr & Mrs T P Steel ft  
  W H Stevenson ft  
Mr   Stratford pcg Watermen’s Court Almshouses
Alderman & Mrs T W Stroud pcg  
Mr & Mrs James Styles ft  
  M E Trott ft  
Mr & Mrs Charles Turner ft  
Mr Charles Turner pcg  
Mr Fred Turner pcg FRGS
Mr W E Tyler pcg churchwarden of St Paul’s
Mr & Mrs   Underwood ft and Alec
Mr & Mrs E W Wallis cm  
Mrs J Wallis ft senior
  Cis, Edgar Wallis? ft and family
Bro G Watts pcg Westfield Lodge of Freemasons
  FW & Arthur Weeks ft  
Mr   Welsh pcg schools attendance officer
Mr & Mrs   Westlake ft  
  R & A Whithair ft  
  S G Whithair ft  
Mr & Mrs V Whithair ft  
Mr V Whithair pcg  
Councillor Lt-Col R G Whitman pcg  
Mrs S Williams ft  
Mr & Mrs   Wills ft  
Mr & Mrs T Winter ft and family
Mr A E Wiseman pcg president of the Brentford Chamber of Commerce
Mr W T Wood org LRAM; played the organ before and during the service
Mr & Mrs E G Woods ft  
Mr P G Woods ft  

Surnames beginning: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R , S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z