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Brentford Entries from Holden’s 1811 Trade Directory

The following list of entries has been compiled from S&N Genealogy Supplies’ CD ’Holden’s Annual Directory, 1811’.

The directory included entries for many UK towns (but no specific section for Brentford). However I found there are some Brentford entries listed in the London directory.

The directory is in PDF format and can be searched for text. Searches rely on the software interpreting the old typescript successfully, so to obtain the list below various searches such as ’Brentford’, ’w Brentf’ and ’d Brentf’ were used. I may still have missed a few entries.

A tip for anyone searching a PDF document for an ancestor: it is worth searching for ’Newman John’ and ’John Newman’ as names may appear in either format. If your ancestor has a long name and you find no matches, try searching for part of the name: eg ’utterw’ instead of ’Butterworth’.

Surnames beginning: A-D , E-L , M-R , S , T-Z

Surname / Business Name Forename Trade N(ew) or O(ld) B(rentford)
Arundell John Tallow chandler N
Banks Moses Maltster; 1s N
Bartholomew John Distiller; 1s Old Brentford
Blake Samuel Linen draper and agent to the Hope Insurance Company; 1s O
Bright Edward Linen draper N
Brown John Bricklayer O
Brownsworth & Morris   Oil & colourmen; 1s N
Caldwell   See Osbornes & Caldwell  
Chitty James Wheelwright; 1s O
Clarke George Solicitor, clerk to the commissioners of Tyburn turnpike; 1s N
Clarke Samuel & John Coal & corn merchants O
Clifden Viscount   Grove House, B
Cooke W Surgeon; 1s N
Crighton William Esquire Brentford Butts
Ellice Edward Esquire 1 New Street Spring Gardens & Wyke House, B
Farrar Benjamin Stonemason N
Hallett William Tissera manufactory Pedlar’s Acre and Brentford
Hammelberg John Member of Society of Apothecaries N
Harrington Thomas Esquire O
Jeffries George Straw hat warehouse N
Judkin H See William Saunders  
Jullion & Skirrow   Solicitors 10 Grays Inn Square & Brentford
Jupp William Mealman & corn chandler B
Long John Boot & shoemaker O
Maithord A Ironmonger & dealer in braziery & hardware N
Morris   See Brownsworth & Morris  
Nachbar John Wholesale seedsman O
Norbury Philip Stationer N
Osbornes & Caldwell   Timber, coal & wine merchants O & Uxbridge
Pearce   Shopkeeper O
Ronalds & son Hugh Nursery & seedsmen N
Rowe Laurence Soap manufacturer O
Saunders D Boot & shoemaker N
Saunders George Pastry cook & confectioner O
Saunders M Boot & shoemaker N
Saunders & H Judkin William Attornies of the Marshalsear & Palace Court 15 Clifford’s Inn & Brentford Butts
Sextons & Sons H Linen drapers N
Simmonds William Hatter N
Skirrow   See Jullion & Skirrow  
Smith Thomas Esquire Boston Lane, O
Smith junior Thomas Esquire O
Snowden Bartholomew Grocers etc N
Spindler William Seedsman O
Stenson Nathaniel Surgeon & apothecary ; member of Society of Apothecaries N
Stephenson George Grocer & tea dealer N
Tessere   Manufactory O
Trimmer Joshua Esquire Britts (Butts?), Brentford
Tucker John Ironmonger Seven mile stone O
Wale Robert Patten & clog maker N
Walkling James   Staffordshire Warehouse, N
Warren Edward Cooper N
Whitlock Cyprean   Castle Inn, N
Williams P Tea dealer & tobacconist O
Wood Alexander Currier N
Woodbridge J Stationer N

Surnames beginning: A-D , E-L , M-R , S , T-Z