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Unclaimed Bank Dividends for Brentford People, 1752-1820

Sally Douglas provided the basis for this page, having found lists of unclaimed bank dividends online in 19th century books. The following list includes all the references found to Brentford people from two such volumes, published in 1800 and 1823. In some cases the same individual appears in both volumes.

The volume from 1823 has the following details on its title page:
The Names and Descriptions of the Proprietors of Unclaimed Dividends on Bank Stock, and on all Government Funds and Securities Transferable at the Bank of England
Which became due on and before the 5th January, 1820, and remained unpaid the 31st December 1822: including all Stock upon which Dividends have been unclaimed for ten years, together with the Dividends thereon, which have been transferred and paid to the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt, in pursuance of the Act of 56th Geo, III. Cap. 60.
with the dates when the first dividends respectively became payable, and the number of dividends due thereon.

The table below lists people in surname order. The columns include the following information:

  • Published: the date of publication of the books researched, 1800 or 1823; other years are available online
  • Group: there are three instances where people shared bonds, these are numbered 1, 2 and 3
  • Month and Year: when dividend first became due
  • Other Details: sometimes occupation, marital status, residence is given; OB/NB = Old/New Brentford; (1800) - same details appeared in the 1800 volume as in 1823

The original volumes include information which has not been transcribed:

  • the type of bond purchased (for example £3 Per Cent Annuities 1759; £4 Per Cent Navy 1763)
  • the number of dividends due - a number from 1 upwards, sometimes not visible due to a combination of tight binding and scanning.
Search Google Books, limiting to works published in the 19th century, to locate the originals.

Published Group Month Year Surname Forenames Other details
1800 2 April 1797 Andrews John junior Mealman, OB
1823   April 1758 Bean Sarah Wife of Peter Bean, OB
1800   September 1761 Bethune James Surgeon deceased
1823   September 1767 Bethune James Surgeon
1800   October 1786 Blackall Elizabeth Spinster
1800   January 1796 Blackall John Schoolmaster, OB (with three others)
1823   April 1770 Blackburn Jane Wife of Samuel Stretch, OB (1800)
1823   January 1811 Bowness William Brentford Butts, gent, dec
1823   October 1807 Brix Dorothy Widow
1800   January 1797 Brochie Janett Spinster
1823   January 1797 Brockie Janett Spinster
1823   January 1806 Chandler Sarah Spinster
1823   July 1798 Chilcott Charlotte Amey Spinster, NB
1800   January 1792 Clement Richard Painter
1823   July 1815 Cross Sarah Sion hill, Widow
1800   January 1791 Crump Charles Cheesemonger
1823   January 1819 Draper William OB, brickmaker and Ann his wife
1800   January 1797 Drinkwater Mercey NB, widow; and Thomas Miles, St Peter's, Isle of Thanet, gent
1823 1 April 1814 Fletcher James Butcher
1823   July 1817 Frost Elizabeth and Christiana Frost, Spinsters
1800   July 1796 Gould Blissett William Brentford Butts, gent; and John Janes, Inner Temple, Esq.
1823   April 1815 Goby Mary Servant to Mr Cook, NB, spinster
1823 3 January 1796 Green William Watch-maker
1823   April 1814 Greenlaw Mary Spinster
1823   April 1818 Grist Elizabeth Castle Inn Yard, spinster
1800   October 1794 Hackshaw Jane Spinster
1800   October 1794 Harrington Thomas Gent
1823   July 1802 Hazelton William Baker
1823   April 1788 Henlock Marthay Spinster (1800)
1823   October 1759 Hideman John Dec
1800   October 1759 Hindeman John Dec
1823   July 1813 Jacobs William Servant to Dr Greenland
1823   October 1792 James Michael Brentford Butts, Esq. (1800)
1800   January 1794 James Michael Brentford Butts, Esq.
1823 3 January 1796 Jullion John Watch-maker
1800   October 1781 Kirkman Mary Of B, spinster, now wife of Revd Peter Miller, Gadsden
1800   January 1797 Lane Ann Brentford Butts, widow
1800   January 1796 Lee Richard Taylor
1823   April 1803 Mead Susanna Spinster
1823   July 1813 Newton Frances OB, spinster
1823   January 1816 Nicholles Margaret Spinster
1823   July 1817 Pitt Elizabeth Late of Brentford Widow (dec)
1800   October 1784 Pratt Mary B, spinster, now wife of Matthew Heather, B
1800   October 1796 Randall John NB, gent
1823 1 April 1814 Rowe Laurence Soap Boiler
1823   January 1820 Rutherford James William Surgeon
1823   January 181* Sinclair Robert Gent
1823 1 April 1814 Spindler William Seedsman
1823   January 1814 Tillier Susanna Sophia Spinster
1823   July 1803 Tindal Mary Spinster
1823   July 1817 Tinston Sarah Widow
1823   July 1814 Tompkins Samuel Victualler, OB
1823   January 1802 Tomson William Gent
1800   October 1796 Tucker John Gent
1823   April 1771 Tucker Richard Waterman (dec) (1800)
1823   March 1752 Tunstall Mary Widow
1823 1 April 1814 Turner Thomas Watson Potter
1800   October 1772 Warden William Farrier
1823   October 1804 Warden William Printer
1823   January 1814 Warner John Gent
1823   April 1815 Watts Martha Spinster, servant to Mr Newton,
1823   January 1766 Whittick Elizabeth NB, spinster (1800)
1823   January 1792 Wilkins Catherine Spinster (1800)
1800 2 April 1797 Wilkins Joseph Painter, OB
1800   October 1787 Woodbridge Stephen Hosier
1823   October 1804 Woodward Thomas Printer

Published October 2016