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Brentford PCC Wills 1800 to 1858

In the 1800 to 1858 period over 340 Brentford people left wills which were proved by the PCC (Prerogative Court of Canterbury).

Whilst many of these testators were described as 'gentlemen', there were also bricklayers, painters, a sail maker, cordwainer, servant and labourer.

The PCC court may have been used where the person had property in New Brentford as well as Old Brentford, as these were covered by different probate courts, or Surrey as well as Middlesex - Surrey was just across the River Thames. See Wills - Help to find out more about wills and the different probate courts.

As at 2020 the wills proved between 1800 and 1858 of all the testators who recorded their residence as 'Brentford' are listed on this site, and a few who gave their residence as 'Ealing': those who lived in Old Brentford (the eastern part of the town) may have stated their residence as 'Ealing' when they prepared their will, as Old Brentford was within Ealing parish at the time.

I am starting to include the 'Ealing' will references where I am confident the person lived in or had some connection to Brentford. This will take some time and I recommend you search the TNA website too if your ancestor's will is not included here.

It is possible to search for and obtain copies of the PCC wills through The National Archives (TNA) web site for the period 1384 - 1858: :this link worked in 2020. Having found a will of interest you can look at a preview of a will for free; if you are patient you can usually work around the watermarking to get the essential details from the will. Otherwise, as at 2020, the fee to download a PDF copy is 3.50.

There are two other options: Ancestry website offers access to scans of PCC wills to subscribers. Or, if you can get to the National Archives at Kew, the wills can be viewed for free. I have a few copies on paper I can forward, see below.

Surnames beginning: A - C, D - L, M - R, S - W

Copies of wills on paper

I have copies of the following wills and am happy to forward for the cost of postage:

Please contact if you are a descendant and would like a paper copy.

Published 2005; last updated January 2020