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Surnames beginning: A - C, D - L, M - R

Brentford PCC Wills: Surnames S - W:

It is possible to obtain copies of the wills through The National Archives (TNA) DocumentsOnLine web site. I have prepared details for just 1800 - 1858 but it is possible to search the TNA web site for PCC wills in earlier centuries too.

Where other records suggest the testator lived or owned property on the High Street this is indicated with a ’*’. I have abstracts for items marked ’Abs’ which will appear on the site eventually - please get in touch if you would like me to forward details.

Surnames beginning: S , T , V , W

Surname Forename Occupation, where living Proved * = High St; Abs = Abstract available
Sadgrove John Laborer of Old Brentford 17 August 1852 *
Sanders George Cordwainer of Ealing 30 Jan 1851  
Saunby Elizebeth or Elizabeth Spinster Servant of Brentford 30 May 1849  
Saunders William of Brentford Butts 18 December 1810  
Saxton William Gentleman of New Brentford 30 April 1850  
Seddon John of Brentford 13 July 1844  
Senols Thomas Ball Grocer of Old Brentford 15 November 1836 *
Serle Samuel Commander in the Honorable East India Company’s Maritime Service of Brentford 15 May 1847  
Seward Mary of New Brentford 25 February 1808  
Sexton Henry Draper of New Brentford 18 June 1836 *
Sexton Henry Bedfont 28 November 1846 *
Sexton Julia Spinster of Brentford 15 July 1852  
Shackell Thomas Gentleman of Brentford Butts 12 June 1855  
Shaw Sarah Spinster of New Brentford 11 July 1829  
Sherwill Mary Widow of Brentford 03 February 1812  
Shields Elizabeth Widow of New Brentford 22 November 1828  
Shiraf(f)s Susannah Sarah Widow of Old Brentford 04 May 1827  
Shower Ann Spinster of Brentford Butts 29 January 1808  
Simmonds William Bing Hat Manufacturer of New Brentford 30 July 1825  
Simmons Ann of Brentford 27 August 1835  
Simpson Samuel Clerk to the Grand Junction Canal Company of Brentford 03 February 1814  
Sims Charles Salesman of Old Brentford 25 May 1809  
Sims John Carpenter and Builder of Old Brentford 02 January 1836 *
Sims Michael Gentleman of New Brentford 16 January 1849  
Sims Sarah Widow of Old Brentford 02 March 1837  
Sleptoe William Gentleman of New Brentford 26 August 1819  
Smallwood Samuel Grocer of New Brentford 13 January 1848 *
Smith Fanny Spinster of Brentford 16 October 1852  
Smith Samuel Feltmonger of Brentford 21 October 1819  
Smith Thomas Gentleman of Old Brentford 26 March 1849  
Snipe John Adam Sail Maker of Old Brentford 20 March 1807  
Somerset Thomas Grocer of Brentford 30 March 1822  
Stacey John Gentleman of Old Brentford 23 December 1854 *
Stimpson John Gentleman of New Brentford 22 June 1816  
Strutt Joseph Keeper of the Records to His Grace The Duke of Northumberland at Syon House Isleworth of New Brentford 29 January 1834  
Stump Thomas Brewer of Old Brentford 26 March 1803  
Tabois Martha Mary Ann Spinster of Old Brentford 29 January 1808  
Taggart John Cordwainer Drum Major in the Royal Westminster Regiment of Middlesex Militia of New Brentford 12 February 1846  
Tayler William otherwise Taylor, late Victualler of Ealing 28 June 1808 *
Tayler William Victualler of Ealing 25 August 1828 *
Taylo(o)r Thomas Victualler of New Brentford 31 August 1809  
Taylor Edward of Old Brentford 21 May 1836  
Taylor John Donville Baker of Old Brentford 24 March 1857 *
Taylor William Collins Carpenter of Brentford 15 July 1809  
Thomas Elizabeth Widow of New Brentford 06 February 1811  
Thorn Joseph Plumber of New Brentford 07 April 1851 *
Tongue George Gentleman of Half Acre Old Brentford 23 October 1837  
Toombs Sarah Ann Widow of Old Brentford 27 May 1842  
Treagle George Cowkeeper of New Brentford 23 August 1822  
Trimmer Ann Widow of Brentford Butts 13 February 1837  
Trimmer Maria Theresa Spinster of Brentford 06 April 1842  
Trimmer William Kirby Brick and Tile Maker of Brentford 22 June 1812  
Tubb Joseph Stroud Druggist of New Brentford 14 November 1844 *
Tucker John Stable Keeper of Brentford 06 June 1838  
Vennell Samuel Jonas of New Brentford 24 August 1833  
Waight David of Old Brentford 29 June 1839  
Wait(e) James of Old Brentford 15 August 1834  
Walker Robert Coal Merchant of New Brentford 30 April 1847  
Wall John of Brentford 30 July 1833  
Ward John Carpenter of New Brentford 27 February 1829  
Waters David Brazier of New Brentford 27 November 1843 *
Webb Thomas Agent to the County Fire Office of Brentford 05 May 1841  
Webley John Shop Keeper of New Brentford 24 January 1804  
Welch Alfred Yeoman of New Brentford 24 November 1857 *
Welch William of New Brentford 24 February 1857 *
West Henrietta / Henerietta Widow of Old Brentford 09 December 1843  
White Elizabeth Widow of Old Brentford 21 December 1835  
White Jacob Thomas of Old Brentford 09 January 1832  
White Martha Widow of New Brentford 12 May 1803  
Whitman Henry James of New Brentford 22 June 1839 *
Wilkins Joseph Painter of New Brentford 31 March 1819  
Wilkinson Thomas of New Brentford 12 January 1833  
Willden Mary of New Brentford 27 February 1801  
Williams Alfred Draper of New Brentford 12 October 1855 *
Williams Ann of Brentford 16 August 1808  
Woodbridge Mary Spinster of New Brentford 12 January 1829  
Woodhouse Sarah Widow of Brentford 03 March 1836  
Woodroofe Nathan Collector of Excise of Old Brentford 15 May 1840  
Wright Mary Widow of Brentford Butts 26 November 1812  

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Surnames beginning: A - C, D - L, M - R

Published October 2011; last updated December 2022