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Brentford Families - Smith, Peek, Emmett, Hooper and Mumford

June P. Newman (nee Smith) writes in 2009:

'My parents were Albert Edward Smith and Lily Florence Mumford. They lived at No. 2 Harnage Road (formerly Stanage Road).'

'I was born in 1940 and my brother in 1937. My father worked at Sperry Gyroscope, Great West Road as did his father.'

'My grandfather William John Smith and Martha Priscilla lived at 18 Clayponds Lane (1911 census) also 41 Pottery Road (1891 census).'

'William John Smith was married to Martha Priscilla Peek in Dec 1899' (Brentford Registration District).

Smith family

'I have managed to trace the father of William John Smith who was a Charles Smith married to Emily Eagle.' William John Smith's birth certificate names his Charles Smith, a Lunatic Attendant. 'Charles Smith's wife was Emily Eagle, she was born in Harrow, her mother was Charlotte Eagle (nee Martin) who later became Charlotte Bath.' June adds 'haven't managed to find a marriage between Emily Eagle and Charles Smith'.

'Emily Eagle's father was born in Standlake, Oxfordshire. As I now live in Oxfordshire we seem to have come full circle.'

'In 1881 the Smith family lived at 2 Paradise Place, Charlotte Bath also lived with them. In the 1891 census William John Smith was living with his Mother Emily and his sister Emily at 41 Pottery Road.'

William John Smith was 24 in the 1901 census, when he lived at 18 Clayponds Road with his new wife (Martha Priscilla Peek) and daughter. He was born in 1876.

William John Smith had an elder sister Emily Charlotte Smith who was baptised at St George, Old Brentford on September 1st 1872. She married George Emmett (1870) of Cookham Dean at St Paul, Old Brentford in 1894 (their address was 2 Paradise Place, Brentford). They lived at 76 North Road. Brentford and had 3 children Emily (1895), Albert, Caroline.

Emily Emmett (1895) married Charles Hooper (1891) of Brentford. They had 4 children Edna, Doris, Eileen and Leslie (1926) who married Nellie Johnson (1927) who lived at 78 North Road. Brentford.


Peek family

The central registration index of marriages includes two entries of a marriage to William John Smith which took place in Brentford Registration District in the last quarter of 1899 in Brentford: Martha PECK and Martha PEEK. Presumably her surname in the original entry was not easy to read.

Martha's birth was registered in the April - June quarter of 1877, Brentford Registration District, as 'PRISCILLA Peek'. Presumably her parents, Henry & Mary Peek, registered their daughter's birth in the name 'Priscilla' but later baptised her 'Martha Priscilla'. June writes 'I know that I was named after her, my second name is Priscilla.'

In the 1881 census the Peek family was living at 34 Pottery Road: Henry was a lighterman, Mary his wife a laundress and their daughter Martha was 4. Baby Henry, 11 months old, completed the family. No. 34 was shared with George Dorey, a stone mason, and his wife Emily, an older couple.)

June notes 'I have managed to trace the Peek family right back to 1767.'

June continues 'Along with my brother we went to Brentford High School, he went on to Technical college I went to Brentford Girls School. We moved from Harnage Road to Mercury House. On my marriage in 1966 at St Lawrence Church I moved to Didcot Berkshire (now Oxfordshire).'


I remember the name Mumford from an early contact, Arthur Fanning - I wonder if you could be related? In case you have not already come across it, there is a piece about the family on the web site.

Nigel Messett has been in touch about his grandfather George William Smith who ran a bakery at 59 Pottery Road - he died around 1918. I wonder if he could be related?

Eddie Menday was an employee of Sperry Gyroscope.


Source: Patricia Johnson Parma, Oct 2011


Published April 2009; last updated October 2011