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Brentford Families - Quinion

D.Q. wrote in April 2021:

My grandmother was Beatrice Quinion, a great-granddaughter of Joseph Quinion, who left a will in 1837. Joseph's son Samuel's son Jesse William Quinion was her father, and her branch of the family lived in Hounslow, which is where she grew up.

We know the Quinions owned quite a lot of land in and around Brentford, Hounslow and Isleworth throughout the 19th century, and we have a number of legal documents from that era related to one or two of those possessions that I thought might be of interest.

I attach scanned copies of two of the earliest documents we have, from 1823 and 1829. They relate to the leasing by Joseph Quinion in 1823 of a recently-bought plot of land on Hounslow Heath to a market gardener called Joseph Benham, and Benham's subsequent giving notice to quit it later the same year. (I note that there are references to both a William Benham and an Ann Benham elsewhere on your BHS site, so I'll guess they're probably from the same family.)

11th May 1823

Memorandum it is this eleventh day of May 1823 agreed between Joseph Quinion of New Brentford Middlesex Collar Maker of the one part, and Joseph Benham of Hounslow in the parish of Isleworth in the same County Market Gardener of the other part. The said Joseph Quinion agrees to let and the said Joseph Benham agrees to take all that field piece or parcel of land containing admeasurement three acres three roods and four perches be the same more or less situate on Hounslow Heath lately purchased by the said Joseph Quinion of Mrs Ann Peisley with all the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging for the term of two years from the twenty fifth of March last at the yearly rent of eleven pounds payable half yearly at Michaelmas and Lady Day clear of taxes except land tax.

The tenant to use the land in a husbandlike manner and keep the fences and gates in tenantable repair.

The tenant not to dig up any part of the premises for gravel brick or tile earth, under the penalty of fifty pounds.

As the tenant will have to expend a considerable sum for manure to bring and continue the premises in a proper and productive state it is agreed that two years notice shall be given on either side.

A sufficient ditch and quickset hedge of one (tabh?) to be made against the lands of William Kendall by the tenant Joseph Quinion allowing one pound towards the expense.

Witness the hands of the parties
Benj Witherson
Joseph Quinion
The mark X of Joseph Benham

29th September 1823

Mr Joseph Quinion

Take notice that I intend to quit and deliver up possession to you on the twenty ninth day of September which will be in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty five the land I now hold of you, with the appurtenances situate on Hounslow Heath in the County of Middlesex. Dated this 29th day of September 1823.

William Weblin
The Mark X of Joseph Benham


Page published May 2021