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Brentford Families - Snelling

Trevor Mitchell and Joanne Tansley are descended from the Snelling family through the marriage of Sarah Jane Snelling and George William Mitchell in 1902.

Trevor Mitchell notes how the surname varied between Snellings and Snelling in census and central registration records, but eventually settled as Snelling. 'Snelling' is used throughout below.

The family was in Isleworth in the early C19 but Joanne and Trevor's branch settled in Brentford. They are descended from Robert Snelling (born ca 1783/4) and Hannah. There were other Snelling couples baptising children in Isleworth in the 1813 - 1840 period and it is possible these are relatives of Robert, possibly his brothers, cousins or sons.


Descendants of Robert Snelling (ca 1783/4 - 1841+)

Robert Snelling (ca 1783/4 - 1841+): named as father of Joseph Snelling at Joseph's baptism in Isleworth in 1823 (FamilySearch); married Hannah; Robert Snelling aged 57 was living in Red Lion Yard in 1841 with his son Thomas (20) and 'J' (18), all labourers born Middlesex; children included (all from FamilySearch, all born & baptised in Isleworth):

  • Sarah Snelling (1813- ): presumably died as an infant as a second Sarah was baptised in 1816
  • Esther Snelling (1815- ): presumably died as an infant as a second Esther was baptised in 1818
  • Sarah Snelling (1816- )
  • Esther Snelling (1818- ):
  • Thomas Snelling (1821- ): labourer in 1841
  • Joseph Snelling (1823 ): labourer in 1841; married a Sarah Froome (born Isleworth ca 1828/9 died 1889) in Brentford 1847; 'labourer in general' living in (Red) Lion Yard New Brentford in 1851; agricultural labourer living in Red Lion Yard, New Brentford in 1861; labourer of Chapel Yard, Market Place in 1881; children included
    • Robert Snelling (1848/9 - ): born in St Luke Middx, married Sarah (ca 1848/9) from Pembrokeshire in 1871; living in Red Lion Yard in 1881, a labourer; general labourer living in the Market Place, New Brentford in 1891; carman (or carrier?) living at 3 Chapel Yard, New Brentford in 1901, a granddaughter, Martha aged 4 completed the household; children included:
      • Mary Ann Snelling (ca 1870/1):
      • Annie Snelling (ca 1876/7): laundry girl in 1891; general servant in 1901
      • William T Snelling (ca 1878/9): sack mender in 1891
      • Elizabeth Snelling (ca 1880/1): market gardener in 1901; married John Clifford Mitchell in Brentford in Apr-Jun 1901; settled in Notting Hill
      • Sarah Jane Snelling (ca 1882/3): married George William Mitchell in September 1902, she was living at 4 Market Place at the time (George was at 28 Market Place); great grandmother to Joanne Tansley & ancestor of Trevor Mitchell; (so two Snelling sisters married two Mitchell brothers: see details of the Mitchell family
      • Ada Snelling (ca 1886/7)
    • Joseph Snelling (ca 1856/7)
    • Hannah Snelling (1859)
    • George Snelling (ca 1863/4): born in New Brentford, labourer in 1881
    • David Snelling (ca 1866/7): born in Isleworth, scholar in 1881
  • Mary Ann Snelling (1826- )


Other Snellings in Isleworth 1813-1850

Once you have found a relevant baptism in FamilySearch it is often possible to locate other children to the same couple and also to see all entries for the surname, by searching the batch from which the first entry came (for Isleworth baptisms 1813 - 1852 the batch is C042261). The following Snelling couples were found through this technique:

  • Henry Snelling & Elizabeth baptised two children in 1816 & 1818 (Henry was a 'musician' residence Kew in 1816)1816
  • Thomas Snelling (ca 1786/91 - 1841+) & Alice baptised nine children between 1815 & 1834; he was living in the Butts, New Brentford with five of his children, aged 11 to 24, in 1841; he and his sons were labourers
  • John Snelling & Esther or Hester baptised children between 1820 & 1836; there is a marriage between John Snelling & Esther Garland at New Brentford in 1821, which although a little late for their first child may be the same couple
  • George Snelling & Sarah Hellen baptised one child in 1843
  • Thomas Snelling & Emma baptised one child in 1849

The 1851 census includes a John Snelling, aged 66, bricklayers labourer, born Brentford and living at Hanover Cottage, Kew Green (next door to the Duchess of Cambridge, Augusta W Cambridge born Germany) with his wife Frances aged 63, who was a housemaid. At first it seemed possible that this was John Snelling who lived in Isleworth - see above - but in fact he is part of Maggie Luscombe's Snelling family.