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Brentford Surveyors

Peter King has provided details of Brentford's first four surveyors post the 1875 Public Health Act changes.

The Surveyors were in paid posts and had a base at the Town Hall, Market Place or Clifden House, Boston Road. Peter has also found reference to the Surveyor having an office at 62 High Street in the 1880s.

From a researcher's point of view you are fortunate if your family includes a Surveyor: there may be included in group photos with Councillors or Local Board Members (Chiswick Library holds several) and local newspapers will often include an obituary, which may provide details of their family and forebears, and details of their funeral, including lists of mourners.

Councillor page includes a brief history of local government in Brentford.


First five Surveyors and their period of office

Janet McNamara has prepared some notes about Nowell Parr, who succeeded John Henry Strachan in 1894. Nowell Parr remained the Surveyor until at least 1907, but had set up his own surveying business by 1911.

Later Surveyors

Surveyors recorded in trade directories 1911+ include:
  • 1911 & 1914: James William Croxford, for Brentford UDC at Clifden House, Boston Road; 1914 directory includes qualifications: M.Inst. and M.C.E. (part of the local Croxford family)
  • 1926: W.J.W. Westlake, M.Inst.M. & C.E., F.S.I., M.R.S.I.
  • 1933 & 1937: L.A. Cooper, Borough Engineer, Surveyor & Architect to the Council & Education Committee (A.M.Inst. M. & Cy.E., L.R.I.B.A, M.R.San.I.); he had a deputy:
  • 1933 & 1937: R. Humphreys, Deputy Borough Engineer & Surveyor, P.A.S.I., M.Inst.M. & Cy.E, M.R.San.I.

Published September 2011