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Not Brentford

Will of Moses Banks, 1824

Abstract of will

...Of the township of New Brentford ...

I give ... unto my dear wife Martha Banks all my household goods ...

I also give (my wife)... the rents ... of my freehold Estates situate in the Halfacre and in the street of New Brentford. ..

I give ... my said freehold estates and the feesimple and inheritance thereof unto my friends Mr George OSBORNE of Old Brentford ... and Mr Thomas CALDWALL of the same place timber merchants ... upon ... trust ... that they shall... after the decease of my said wife receive the rents ... during the natural life of my dear son Moses Banks ... (various clauses about actions in the event of the death of his son)

I give Lucy ASHLEY and to Sarah WILLIS (late PARRY) 50 each and to Mary PARRY Sarah PARRY and Ann PARRY 20 each and I give to Charlotte BROWN my present maidservant 50 over and above any wages that may be due to her at my decease and I also give to my late servants ... to Thomas PARKER 50 to William ALLAWAY 30 to George TAYLOR 10 to William WEATHERLY 10 to John CARTER 10 to William MAITLAND 10 to William WEST 10 to Samuel KEEN 5 to Thomas BRANSGRAVE 5 to Daniel BEAUCHAMP 5 to John ANDERSON 5 to Thomas BAWYER? 5 and Martha HARDEN widow of my servant John HARDEN the Elder 10

I direct my Executors... to pay unto my servant Henry WOOD ... one annuity ... of 30...

(clauses covering provision to his son's widow and any children and arrangements if no children, in which case further payments were due to)

500 ... out of the said Capital Stock unto ... Lucy ASHLEY and ... 500 each ... unto the said Sarah WILLIS, Mary PARRY, Sarah PARRY and Ann PARRY and ... 2000 each ... unto Mr George HARRINGTON the elder of Brompton, Mr Thomas HARRINGTON the elder of Brighton Mrs Susannah SMITH wife of Mr Thomas SMITH the elder of Brentford and to Mrs Sarah CALDWALL the wife of the said Thomas CALDWALL and all the rest, residue ... I give .. one clear moiety thereof I give ... unto the said George OSBORNE ... (various other bequests to OSBORNES of Uxbridge)

(more clauses)

... appoint my dear wife Executrix and the said George OSBORNE and Thomas CALDWALL Executors

Dated 24 Jun 1822

Witnesses G CLARK Solr Brentford, John James CLARK Brentford Thos Anty WOODBRIDGE Brentford

Codicil dated 2 Sep 1824

... desirous ... to lighten the burthen (burden) of the executors ... appoint my good friend Thomas SMITH of Drayton green ... Esquire jointly with .. George OSBORN and Thomas CALDWALL Trustees..


witnesses: John SAUNDERS Strand, James UPJOHN Brentford, John James CLARK Brentford

Proved ... 30 Sep 1824 ... by the oaths of Martha BANKS Wo the Relict and George OSBORNE Esqr two of the Exors

The testator

Moses Banks is recorded in the Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce and Manufacture, 1793 directory - a mealman -and also in Holden's 1811 directory of Brentford, a maltster of New Brentford.

His son mentioned in the will must be the Moses Banks living at 101 High Street in the 1841 census.

Search on the Home page for more references to Moses.


The witnesses & executor

To follow

How to see this will in full

A copy of the original will can be downloaded from The National Archives Documents (TNA) Online service (charges usually apply but it is free as at November 2020), or TNA offer a watermarked version that can be viewed for free. Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills can also be viewed and downloaded from Ancestry (). It is also possible to view wills online by visiting TNA at Kew (check opening hours) and they offer a printing facility.


Published January 2021