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Not Brentford

Bricklayers Arms, Brentford around 1960

Stephen Reed, November 2017:'The photo taken outside the Bricklayers Arms ("the Brick!") was taken around 1960 (before 1964).'

'My dad (Charlie) and his elder brother (Dan) are kneeling far right of the front row. I guess the photo was taken just before they all left on a coach for a day out at Southend or some such venue. I doubt that there was any other connection between those in the photo - ??drinking buddies.'

'I grew up in New Brentford but now live in Devon and am trying to trace some family history.
My dad’s family lived in Netley Road until it was demolished to make way for the new (Haverfield??) housing estate which now stands along Ealing Road. Dad’s mother’s family were Collins, of Irish extraction.
My mother’s family (Stevens; her mother [my grandmother] was Hogg) all lived in The Ham until about the time of the war.
If any of your network of historians can help fill-in any background details I’d be grateful - please get in touch if you can help!'

Peter Thames wrote the day after the photo was added: Standing 2nd on the left bow tie white shirt long sleeves is Ben Morley the landlord of the Bricklayers Arms.

Justine Sullivan wrote March 2018: Standing 3rd from the right in the dark suit is Bill Stacey, my dad’s uncle. Bill lived in Pottery Road with his wife Stella, who cleaned at the pub. They lived next door to Stella’s sister Mary and her husband Alf Collett. Both families moved to Brent Lea when their homes in Pottery Road were demolished. My Dad is Anthony (Tony) Johnson who lived in Brooke Road as a child and then Mafeking Ave before moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire in 1968, where he still lives..

Bricklayers Arms

Notes and Links

The pub was originally two properties, built around 1840, numbers 67 & 69 Ealing Road.

There was a beerhouse on this site by 1851, when Richard Collins, beer seller & soap factors labourer, lived here. He remained in 1861, victualler at the Bricklayers Arms public house. Next door lived Lucy Kenton, bricklayers wife; it was her father-in-law, Edward Kenton, who purchased the land in 1840; the tithe from a few weeks later shows three cottages on the site. Read more about the Kenton family.

For later landlords, search this index for 'brick'.

A hundred years on, Peter Thames remembers the landlord Ben Morley. Middlesex County Times, 5 November 1965, has
NOTICE IS GIVEN that I, BENJAMIN WILLIAM MORLEY, have applied to the Greater London Council for Licenses for Weekday Music and Sunday Musical Entertainment at

Good use was made of the music licence. From the mid-1970s there are several advertisements for events here; Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette, 15 August 1974: 'Brentford jazz fans will undoubtedly know about the Bricklayers Arms on the Ealing Road'. The same paper, 16 December 1976: "Jazz three nights a week. Tues: Riverside Five; Thursday: John Keene Band; Saturday: Brix Six. Admission free". Similar adverts were carried throughout 1976 to 1978.

The photo above shows 33 men: please get in touch if you can add any names.

Published January 2018; last updated January 2023