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Red Lion, Brentford, 1907-1911

Howard Webb has provided a scan of this photo, showing the Red Lion at 197 High Street. It is a Young and Co. card.

The view is eastwards and the first building on the left with the two-tone brickwork, is on the eastern corner of the Market Place, a recent re-build. Other cards of the area show Boots the Chemist at this location - eg a 1913 card by W.H. Applebee. Boots were at no. 196 in a street directory of 1911, but there is no signage visible for them in the view below.

The Red Lion sign shows the landlord 'R. Boxall': Richard Boxall was recorded in a street directory of 1911, he was preceded by Thomas Sangster (1907). Taken with the lack of Boots signage it suggests a timeframe for the photo of 1907 - 1911.

Further along on the left, The Castle Hotel can be picked out from its 3 gable ends: 208 High Street.

The view on the right has numbers around 115/116 closest to the photographer, a sign for 'Lyons Tea' is just visible, this may be no. 118, Harry Andrews, ham and beef stores in 1911.

Note the three small children captured for posterity in the foreground!

High Street view inlcuding Red Lion


More about properties on the left, including the Red Lion.

A postcard showing a similar view, taken when the High Street was quieter.

A better view of the shops from around 1907.


Published July 2012; updated March 2022