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Postcard showing the Red Lion eastwards, around 1909?

View of both sides of High Street, Red Lion to left foreground

Howard Webb provided a scan of this postcard from his collection. The publisher is unknown, the postal date is August 1 1909.

The Red Lion on the left at no. 197 was run by Thomas Sangster in 1907 and the name 'T Sangster' is visible. The window includes an advert for Dunville's Whisky.

Next door at no. 198 the sign '(Gl?)ass Colour & Varnish Warehouse' is for Henry Knight's shop. He appears as Henry Knight, oilman in the 1907 trade directory. George Knight was an oilman, at no. 370 in the late 19th century - a relative?

No. 199 has baths and buckets outside, with adverts for Pratts Motor Spirit and Veritas. This was Pearks Ltd, provision merchants by 1907.

The signs 'Cigars' and 'Shaving' announce Leonard Martin's shop: he was a hairdresser and tobacconist in 1901 and 1907 at 200 High Street.

On the right side, the nearest shop is no. 118, with sign 'Dining & Tea Rooms'. The 'Bill of Fare' is posted in the window, along with adverts for Lyons Cocoa & Tea and T. Wall & Son. In 1898 and 1901 John Offer ran a coffee rooms here, by 1907 118 was a used by a solicitors (William Jenner), then in 1911 Harry Andrews' ham & beef stores.

Next door to 118, at 117 was Nathaniel Moncrieff's drapery shop. His business is recorded in trade directories between 1890 and 1928.

See details of the properties on the left and properties on the right.