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Not Brentford

1907 (or earlier) postcard of New Brentford including the Red Lion

A view of the congested roadway with a tram, tradesmen's carts and some carriages. In the foreground a note 'our baker' has been added to a 'Nevill's Bread' cart

Wendy Tag provided a scan of this postcard, postmarked 1907. The tram indicates the photo is no earlier than around 1901.

Wendy has also provided the text on the back:
Our house is near here. It is much worse near the gas works. The town is called the cyclists' "death-trap" It is the day of the Duke of Northumberland's or the Earl of Jersey's garden party, hence the grand carriages which pass every Sat: It is sweet of you to remember my "natal" day. I had such a delightful budget from Kitty - y.I.W.

Wendy adds the Duke of Northumberland lived at Syon House and the Earl of Jersey lived at Osterley Park.

The Red Lion in New Brentford was at no. 197, on the north side of the High Street and near the corner of the Market Place. In 1911 and 1913 the landlord was Richard Boxall; the sign showns an earlier landlord, T Sangster. The 3-gabled building further along on the left is The Castle Hotel at no. 208.

NB there was also a Red Lion in Old Brentford, which was at no. 318 in C20.

On the right E Jones, butcher was at no. 114.

As to Nevill, the baker, see link below for a painting of their bread cart with signage showing they made Welsh digestive farmhouse bread. The original painting is at Gunnersbury Park Museum. Another Google search suggests H W Nevill was London's largest bakery.


See details of the properties on the left, including the Red Lion and properties on the right including E Jones.

The Art UK website has a painting of Nevill's bread cart dating from around 1875.

Published November 2008; last updated March 2022