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Not Brentford

Poor rate records for Brentford, 1836, with occupations added

During lockdown 2020 Vic Rosewarne transcribed the 1836 poor rate records for New Brenford and Old Brentford (which was a part of Ealing parish). There is an introduction to these records, with notes about the sources and the process of recording the data.

Vic's transcription occupies the first four columns:

  • RV in £
  • Forename (often blank, or an initial, or Mrs etc); this column is also used to include road names from the original records
  • Surname
  • Description of property

Vic's original transcription can be viewed here: this is a good option to scroll through all the records.

A few changes have been made where evidence from other sources suggests a surname was either recorded or transcribed incorrectly and will improve search success. In such cases, the name is followed by the original in brackets: for example John Bond (Bend).

The version that follows includes an 'Additions' column c/o the webmaster. This has occupation information from trade directories where there is a good match on name and location. The 'occupation' may be rather wordy; the directory was like an early yellow pages and grouped similar occupations together under one heading.

Pigot's 1839 directory provides most of the occupations and undated items are from this. If the individual does not feature in the 1839 directory, then an 1837 directory has been tried, then one from 1826: these additions are dated '1837' or '1826'.

Any additions in brackets are possible matches, eg where more than one individual has the same name, or if the surname spelling in 1836 is different to that in the directory.


1836 Summaries

The returns for Old and New Brentford (OB and NB) have been split into 16 chunks. A map follows which shows areas 1-13 and another map shows areas 11-16.
  1. Boston Lane OB
  2. Gunnersbury OB
  3. Brentford Road OB
  4. Bridge Place OB
  5. Brentford Road (Old Brentford High Street south side) OB
  6. Ferry Lane OB
  7. Brentford Town (Old Brentford High Street south side) OB
  8. New Brentford High Street NB
  9. Old Brentford High Street north side OB
  10. Albany Passage and Back Lanes OB
  11. Drum Lane OB
  12. Half Acre OB
  13. Windmill Lane OB
  14. New Brentford (roads and yards off the High Street including Market Place) NB
  15. The Butts NB
  16. Remainder of New Brentford

Map showing the first units covered

A map showing New Brentford in more detail follows later, after section 10.

Map key to the tables that follow

1 Boston Lane

The first section is Boston Lane. Entries from the 1839 directory show this was known as Boston Road, as it is today, although the OS map published in 1869 still records the road as Boston Lane. In 1869 there was no housing on the western side of the road until Boston House.

Boston Lane leads northwards from Half Acre and forms the boundary between New Brentford (formerly in Hanwell parish) and Old Brentford to the east (in Ealing parish).

The names of the first entries correspond to those in the tithe enumeration and the tithe map offers a precise location for George Powell's house and garden and Judy Meyer's garden ground at the southern end of Boston Lane. The last entry is for Boston House, where Colonel James Clitherow held 50 acres of land. It seems the entries were recorded from the town end of Boston Lane northwards.

The highest valued property in Boston Lane was Boston House and its land, RV £178; it was followed by RV of £88 for '22 small houses' held by Judy Meyers. She also had around 13 acres of land, described as 'garden ground' and 'walled ground'; the total RV of her property was £166, on a similar scale to the Clitherow holding. The site has more about the Clitherow family and Boston House.

The residents were a blend of gentry, clergy, market gardeners and some in 'clean' trades.

Total RV £893 covers 17 houses on Boston Lane and a further 31 elsewhere in Old Brentford.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
16 George Powell House Geo Powell esq, Boston Rd, gentry & clergy
38 Revd. Mr. Stoddart House, Stables & Garden Rev John Stoddart DD, NB, gentry & clergy
50 Judy Meyers Garden Ground 4 1/4 ac. Boston Rd OB, market gardener
28 do. do. Walled Ground 4 ac.
88 do. do. 22 Small Houses
do. do. x(Land late Morris 4 1/2 ac. partly walled)x
45 George Oliver House and Garden Boston Rd, gentry & clergy
15 Seymour House John Seymour, fruiterer & greengrocer
30 Saml. Grocock House and Garden NB, auctioneer & appraiser and estate agent
15 The Revd. Mr. Davis House
15 Mr. Shires
or Occpr. House
15 J. T. Bontems John Francis Bontems, NB, bookseller & stationer and registrar, toy dealer
or Occpr. House
20 Deeks House
8 Richd. Bursill House & Garden Ground Richard Bursell, market gardener
4 do. do. Land Back Lane 1 a.
50 do. do. Land late Spindler 10a.
12 do. do. Land near the Haunted Ho. Fields 3a.
35 George Stephenson House and Garden
18 do. do. 3 Small Houses, Half Acre
12 do. do. 6 do. Ealing Grove
9 Serjt. Major Jas. Hall
or Occr. House
12 John Clark House
(written over above) late Robinson Occup. late Knupp ??
30 Henry Eva Argall House and Garden
35 James Furber House and Garden (Charles Furber esq, Boston Lane, gentry & clergy)
40 James Hall
or Occup. Late G. Hall House and Garden Grod. 6 1/2 a. George Hall, market gardener
7 Occr. land late Trimmer
5 The Parish Land
21 Henry Meyers Poors Land
42 do. do. Land late Norris 4 1/2 Acres partly walled
140 Colonel James Clitherow Land 50 ac. (30m., 20 a.) Boston House, gentry & clergy
38 Thomas Newell House and Garden Grd. Boston Rd, market gardener


2 Gunnersbury

The next entries cover Gunnersbury, on the eastern edge of Ealing parish near its borders with Acton and Chiswick. Here the 'house, park, ground and land' held by Nathan Mayer Rothschild had a RV of £470. He is described on the Historic England website as 'City financier and Frankfurt-born founder of the British branch of this famous international Jewish banking dynasty'. Rothschild had purchased the estate the year before the 1836 Poor Rate was levied.

W A H Johnson, recorded in one of the Gunnersbury houses in 1836, could be Alfred Henry Johnson (or his relative) who, in the 1840 tithe enumeration, was tenant of nearly 200 acres on either side of Pope's Lane, on the north and western sides of the Rothschild estate.

Total RV: £1,657 covers 3 houses at Gunnersbury and over 250 acres of land.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
470 Natan Maher de Rothschild Esq. House, Park, Ground & land
63 Mr. Cook House
32 Collis )
45 Stevens )_ Late Booth, Gunnersbury
32 Mrs. Sumner ) for 228 Acres (Thomas Sumner, tailor)
32 Elliott )
430 W. A. H. Johnson
60 do. do. land late Fisher 25a.
183 Thomas Farmer
60 Barnabas Blake
250 John Thatcher House & Land
1657 TOTAL


3 Brentford Road

The next six entries are for Brentford Road; the Star and Garter public house, reveals the location as being near Kew Bridge. In 1836 the Star and Garter was owned by John and Daniel Grenaway Porter, tenant William Meredith, RV £80.

Another substantial property is London Style (or Stile) Farm, tenant Thomas Vaughan in 1836, RV £340. The acreage in 1836 – 95 – is a good match to that recorded in the tithe four years later – 97 acres. His land included a field running alongside Green Dragon Lane, possibly the same land referred to in A History of the County of Middlesex: At Old Brentford an orchard was planted in 1665 beside the Green Dragon to supply the choicest fruits to London.

Total RV: £519 for two houses, the Star and Garter PH and over 110 acres.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
56 Henry Cridland 15ac. Garden Ground
6 John Jeffreys Land
340 Thomas Vaughan House and Garden Grd. 95ac.
35 Wotton House and Garden
2 Wotton Land
80 Willm. Meredith Public House - Star & Garter 1837 (John & Daniel Grenaway Porter)
519 TOTAL Stables & Outhouses


4 Bridge Place

Bridge Place follows, a name suggesting a location near Kew Bridge. This is verified by the properties recorded in 1836: the Waggon & Horses, Grand Junction Water Works and George Robinson's Pottery and Brickfield.

George Robinson was an owner/occupier and the tithe map shows his 'Tile Kilns Premises & Cottage' and 'Pond' (named as Cole's Hole in 1836) on land some way north of Kew Bridge. By 1872, when the OS map (6" to mile) map was published, this was the 'Old Pottery' and the area was later taken into the Gunnersbury estate and Cole's Hole renamed Potomac Pond. The list of George Robinson's propertiesy includes ten small houses, two 'on the road' and eight in Thames Place. For a view inside George Robinson's pottery see Val Bott's informative website.

The total RV: £483 for 14 houses, the Waggon & Horses, pottery, brickfield, Grand Junction Water Works and 13 small houses, of which two were 'on the road', 8 at Thames Place and 3 behind Albany Chapel.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
10 Hornybrook House
8 Robinson House
8 Chas. Head House
6 do. Head 3 Small Houses behind Albany Chapel
8 Smith House
8 Crabbe House
8 Mrs. Matthews House (Stephen Matthews, perfumer & hair dresser)
8 Nigren House
8 Miss Turner House
10 Brown House (Richard Brown, fruiterer & greengrocer)
30 Geo. Robinson Land Cole's Hole G. Robinson, Kew Bridge, brick kilns 1837
40 do. do. 10 Sm. Hs., 2 on the road, 8 Thames Place
70 do. do. Pottery
10 do. do. Brickfield
63 do. do. land Mount Pleasant 40 ac.
10 City of London
30 Mary Benson House and Garden
35 Thos. Layton House & Out Houses barge master & lighterman; coal and corn merchant & dealer
15 Occup. House
8 Occup. late Norminton House
20 Ham Sibley
or Occup. late
Mrs. Sarah Homan Public House - Waggon & Horses Ann Sibley, Waggon & Horses (H. Sibley 1837)
50 Occ. late Nichols House and Garden
20 Grand Junction Water Works


5 Old Brentford High Street (south side)

Next the south side Old Brentford High Street was recorded, under the name 'Brentford Road'. The presence of James Armitage and Joseph Napper in the first ten records, who were also recorded in the tithe at the eastern end of High Street in 1840, suggests the Poor Rate records were recorded from the east working westwards. Some people noted here also held property in other parts of Brentford, for example Mr Clarke at Half Acre and Spring Gardens.

The Gas Company's properties carried a RV of £173.

Familiar names and places occur. Matthew Bowden, the basket maker, had a house, aytes, a meadow and warehouses, total RV £56. He was buried at St George 7 July 1838 at the age of 72 and it is Thomas Bowden recorded in the tithe enumeration. He owned (probably the same) osier ground of just over one and a half acres in 1840, up-river from the Royal Brewery. It is marked as an island on the tithe and OS map of 1871, west of two other aytes which are in Surrey. Bowden's workshop and house were on the High Street, sandwiched between the Royal Brewery and Gas Company. In 1840 Thomas occupied another Ayte, Swan's Neck and Part of Dock, all owned by John Clarke, lying further west.

Messrs Booth's storehouses and still, dwelling house, distillery and stables had a total RV of £740 and John Hazard's brewery, vaults and malthouses, stables and houses came to £570.

Moving west, the Half Moon and Seven Stars, Royal Hotel, Feathers and George IV public houses are recorded in a sequence that confirm the collector continued working westwards.

(-) Long, William Bradley, Thomas Winter and Thomas Wright are recorded just prior to the George IV and the tithe notes James Wright, Thomas Winter, William Bradley and Mary Long as occupiers of four houses and gardens owned by Mrs Anne Beck at this location. The sequence in 1840 is the exact reverse of that in 1836 and suggests it is possible to 'plant' each of them into a specific property.

The last entry in 1836 is for John Figg's house. In 1840 John Figg was the occupier of one of four houses on the opposite corner of Goat Wharf to the George IV. One of the houses is rather larger and I suspect this was his; he later was a Brentford Surveyor - read more about his career and what is thought to have been his home - no. 51.

Total R.V.: £2,551 for 45 houses on the High Street, three public houses and a beerhouse, plus the Gas works, distillery and brewery; also 55 small houses, some on or near the High Street.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
(OB HIGH STREET South side)
20 Mrs. Rutherford House
20 Willm. Nichols or Occup., House
6 Mr. Clark 2 Small Houses, Half Acre
9 do. do. 3 Small House, Spring Gardens
15 Occup. House
15 Occup. Hall House
14 Jas. Tappen House
14 Mrs. Heap House (Robert Heap, upholsterer 1837)
10 Jas. Armitage Beer House
14 Joseph Napper House J Naper, OB, barge master & lighterman 1837; John Napper, barge master & lighterman
18 Richard Callis House Richard Callis, NB, auctioneer 1837
16 John Baker House barge master & lighterman
4 do. do. Small House, Drum Lane
10 Mary Burford House (John Burford, pawnbroker 1837)
5 Yean House
5 Occup. House
10 John Baker barge master & lighterman
or Occ., late Barnsby House
13 John Neill House painter, plumber & glazier
15 William Higgins House (Higgins, tobacco pipe manufacturer 1837)
170 Gas Company & for addit. Buildings
3 Gas Company late Burbridge
6 John Bye House (Joseph Bye, turner 1837)
4 Edward Richardson House E Richardson, butcher 1837
30 Matthew Bowden House T Bowden, basket maker; Matthew Bowden, basket maker 1837
10 do. do. Aytes
5 do. do. Meadow
6 do. do. Warehouses
5 do. do. Warehouses
100 Messrs. Booth Storehouses & Still Sir Felix Booth & Co Ltd, distillers
70 do. do. Dwelling House
550 do. do. Distillery
20 do. do. Stables
15 John Hazard House Jno Hazard & Co, Royal Brewery OB
25 do. do. Stables &c., Bull Hill
50 do. do. do. & House Adj.
250 do. do. Brewery
10 do. do. Vaults
170 do. do. Malthouses
50 do. do. Land Se…. pieces - 19.1.22
8 Hart House
20 Gibson House Matthew Gibson, fire etc office agent Phoenix 1826
8 John Beck House
4 do. do. One Small House
4 do. do. One Small House
4 Occup. late Lee Small House
20 Robert Pearce Public House - Half Moon & Seven Stars Half Moon & Seven Stars
100 Jas. Stout Public House - Royal Hotel James Stout, Royal Hotel, wine & spirit merchant
do. do. Coach House & Stables
40 Geo. Osborne House and Garden
10 Sadgrove House
11 Richard Rogers House bricklayer & plasterer
15 do. do. 3 Small Houses near the Bull
17 do. do. 7 Small Houses Half Acre
8 do. do. 4 do. Hollows
20 William Ralfs House surgeon
5 do. do. Stables in Drum Lane
20 James Alderson House bricklayer & plasterer
3 do. do. Sheds, Drum Lane
3 do. do. Cottage
35 John Round House tallow chandler
5 do. do. Warehouse &c.
10 Mrs. Elizabeth Round 4 Small Houses, Smiths Hill
12 Widow Stapleton House Sarah Stapleton, coal and corn D
15 Joseph Harris House barge master & lighterman
3 do. do. One Small house
10 Carpenter House
15 Mrs. Callis House
15 Widow Palmer House (Catherine Palmer, shopkeeper)
36 do. 8 Small Houses, Drum Lane
16 do. 4 Small Houses back of Folkards ?
30 Thos. Kane 2 Houses & Garden Thomas Kane, tailor 1837
24 do. 7 Small Houses
14 William Smart House
55 Mr. Hague x(or Occr., late Coldwell,)x House (Robert Hague, Feathers 1826)
20 Thomas & John Baily Thomas & John Bailey, blacksmith & farrier
15 Miss Walters House Elizabeth Walters, milliner & dress maker
16 Long House
12 William Bradley House
12 Thos. Winter House T Winter, bargemaster & lighterman 1837
12 James Wright House shopkeeper
20 John Stacey Public House - George IV George IV
20 do. do. 5 Small houses
10 do. do. Bottens House
5 Webb House Thomas Webb, haberdasher 1837
5 Jackson House
7 John Figg House carpenter, builder & undertaker; Lydia Figg milliner & dress maker
2551 TOTAL


6 Ferry Lane

The block recorded as Ferry Lane in 1836 comprises the Waterman's Arms, the Ferry House and Rowe's soap and soda works. The Rowe brothers also owned 18 small houses, some of which were around Ferry Square (according to the tithe map and enumeration). Some of the houses on the eastern side of Ferry Lane were owned by Sir Felix Booth and Henry Sich in 1840.

Total RV: £403 covering three houses, the Waterman's Arms and Rowe's soapworks and 18 small houses: nearly £350 was due from the Rowe brothers.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
25 William Butler Public House - Waterman's Arms Waterman's Arms
20 Mrs. Thomas House Sarah Thomas, Ferry House
300 Messrs. J. B. & L. Rowe House, Soap H., Sheds & Warehouses Thomas B & Laurence Rowe, soap & soda manufacturers
12 do. do. Frickers House
36 do. do. 18 Small Houses
10 Grand Junction Canal Co.


7 Old Brentford High Street (south side)

The next section continues along the south side of Old Brentford High Street, the main landmark properties being the New Police Station and the Alton Arms beer house. The Police Station is known to have been at no. 60 High Street, not far west of the Figg home at number 51. It would seem the Poor Rate records picked up from Ferry Square and continued westwards along the High Street. The Alton Arms beerhouse is a different one to that in New Brentford, and the occupier in 1836, William Westbrook, is recorded as a beer house keeper in the 1841 census, with a neighbour named Joseph Bradley. Both are recorded in the tithe as two of the occupiers of three houses near to Pump Alley. It seems the Alton Arms was later known as the Rising Sun, based on its location in the tithe.

The section ends with John Clarke's house, wharf and land (RV £171), Messrs Jupp's premises, including malthouses at Kew Bridge and in the Hollows (£178), and finally the house of James Bull.

Total RV: £1,094 comprising 21 High Street houses and at least another 21 small houses at various locations (High Street, Poppets Place – presumably Poppet's Parlour - Pump Alley), 25 acres of land and the Clarke and Jupp premises.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
(OB HIGH STREET South side)
10 Miss Adderley House (James Adderley, painter, plumber & glazier)
9 John Newton 3 Small Houses
8 do. 2 Small Houses
10 x(Sarah)x Rd. Cole House
40 James Chitty House & Workshops coach builder and wheelwright
10 do. do. Yard
15 do. do. 5 Small Houses
30 Wm. Kilsby House & Yard furniture broker and appraiser
40 New Police Station
5 John Warne House (John Warne, coal and corn merchant & dealer, maltster)
20 do. do. House
13 Mrs. Williams House (Roger Williams, NB, linen draper 1837)
30 James Neill House James & John Neill, painters 1837
6 do. do. 2 Small Houses at the back
10 John Newman House William Newman, fruiterer & greengrocer
16 George Layton House grocer & tea dealer
4 Occupier House
4 Occupier House
17 Willm. Westbrook Beer House - Alton Arms
17 Deitton Bakers Shop
6 Willm. Vaughan 3 Small Houses, Pump Alley William Vaughan, market gardener 1837
19 John Bond (Bend) House x(Garden & Shed)x
6 do. Garden & sheds
8 do. Sm: houses Poppets Place
10 Thomas Perrott House chairmaker
18 John Garforth Beer House retailer of beer 1837
141 James Montgomery House, Offices, & Timber Yd. & Son, coal merchant & dealer
115 do. do. late Osborne
10 William Powell or Mr. Clarke - House (-) Powell esq, Boston Lane, nobility, gentry & clergy 1826
18 Cunnington House
20 Miss James House (Eliza James, day &boarding school, academy & school)
94 John Clarke House & Wharf coal merchant & dealer (& lime)
16 do. do. Land Borough Mead 8a.
14 do. do. Brook Shot 3 a.
40 do. do. Windmill Lane 13 a.
7 do. do. Late Caldwell 1 1/2 a.
10 Willm Jacobs House William Jacobs, shopkeeper
30 Henry Jupp House
100 Messrs. do. House & Wharf William & Henry Jupp, coal, corn and salt merchant & dealer, maltster
35 do. do. Malthouse Hollows
25 do. do. Malthouse, Kew Bridge
10 Messrs. Jupp & Sanders House
16x - 8 Messrs. Jupp & Kilner 4 Small Houses
20 James Bull House
1086 TOTAL


8 New Brentford High Street

At this point we move into New Brentford and the Churchwardens' Accounts for 23 Jun 1836. Vic has transcribed these from the originals and then reversed the sequence so that it takes us around the route from the Half Acre along the south side of High Street to Brentford Bridge, then back along the northern side, following the later numbering system and direction of travel for the website's Property Notes.

There are plenty of landmark properties to help establish the route taken by the collector. The Black Boys, Catherine Wheel, Magpie and Stump, Magpie and Crown, Black Boys and Six Bells are in the same order as they would be met, walking towards Brentford Bridge. In practice there were not two pubs called the Black Boys but two pubs with similar names; the first 'Black Boys' was occupied by John Blackman and the 1839 Pigot directory places him at the 'Black Boy and Still'. Vic Rosewarne has researched the histories of several of these establishments - see more details.

The rateable values in this section fluctuate less than in the areas looked at so far: many are in the £10-£20 range. There are exceptions: the Ronalds family of nursery and seedsmen held a barn, land in several parts, a house, shop and garden, total RV £177.

Other higher value individual properties include William Granger's house and warehouse (£60), Joseph Henry Tillyer's house and shop (£60) and three valued at £50: M. Banks's house and garden; William Flower's house, shop, sheds and fields; Henry and John Sexton's stable etc.

The churchwarden (or helper) reached Brentford Bridge and crossed over to the other side of the High Street without comment about his change of direction. The properties nearest to Brentford Bridge were Bridge Terrace, later numbered 159-170 High Street, which ran from Brentford Bridge to Durham Wharf. These are the ten 'house & shop' properties, each with a rateable value of £16, recorded in 1836.

The Three Pigeons is the first public house encountered, on the corner of Market Place, and it has the highest RV in this part of the High Street: £80. The Market Place is not covered at this point; the Red Lion PH near the eastern corrner of Market Place is recorded next but two to the Three Pigeons.

Turning to the 1841 census, Susanna Briggs, a grocer, was recorded at the start of an enumeration district, followed by Sarah Pearce at the Red Lion, the same configuration as recorded in the Churchwardens' Accounts. This suggests Susanna occupied the property on the eastern corner of Market Place/High Street in 1836 and 1841.

Looking at the western corner of Market Place, in 1836 Jno Ratclifffe occupied a house and shop recorded between Briggs and the Pigeons; in 1841 Harriet Ratcliff, upholsterer headed a household that was the last in Market Place: it was in the same general area. The next property in 1841 was in Waterloo Yard, not found in any maps, followed by the Butts.

Moving on, The Castle Inn can be identified with certainty, occupier William Cullen, RV £75; Vic Rosewarne has researched the history of The Castle. There are other familiar names: Henry John Robinson had a house, shop and workshop here although later he had property on the south side of High Street. 'Christmas' – house and shop, RV £23 – is the china shop run by William Christmas at 219 High Street. This family has been researched in the run up to Christmas each year . This block completes the High Street in New Brentford.

Total RV: £3,374; 123 houses (majority described 'house & shop'), 9 public houses, two granaries, dispensary and savings bank; another two houses were noted here, in Catherine Wheel Yard and The Ham.


RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
10 Gas Company
60 Wm. Granger House, Whs. &c. William Grainger, coal and corn merchant & dealer, maltster
19 Jno. Blackman Black Boys John Blackman, Black Bloy & Still
30 Wm. Lambert House & Shop currier & leather cutter
15 Lack do George, pork butcher
15 Wid. Dale do (James Dale, boot & shoe maker)
15 Crump do
18 Wood do (Jonah Wood, clothes dealer, tailor)
16 Wid. Vennell Shed in Cath. Wh. Yd. (Samuel Jonas Vennell, White Horse Market Place 1826)
6 Cornish House Cat. Wh. Yd.
4 do. Stable
19 Wm. Mantle Catherine Wheel Public House William Mantle, Catherine Wheel
18 Parker House & Shop J & E Parker, drapers 1837
16 Chandler House & Shop George Chandler, cheesemonger and porkman, grocer & tea dealer
20 Salt House & Shop
20 Machell House & Shop James Machell, OB & NB, butcher
18 Jas. Sanders House & Shop James Sanders, cooper and brush dealer, toy dealer
4 do. Stable in Cath. Wh. Yd.
30 Robt. Hazell House & Shop
3 do. Shed in Cath. Wh. Yd. chemist & druggist, oil & colourman
50 M. Banks Do. & Garden Mrs Banks, nobility, gentry & clergy 1826
5 do. Field in Half Acre
16 Upjohn or Occ. House & Shop James Upjohn & Son,, watch & clock maker and jewellers
25 Barringer House & Shop Samuel Wright Barringer, cheesemonger and grocer & tea dealer
12 Evans House & Shop
25 Jno. Dexter House & Shop John Dexter, baker & flour dealer
14 Howard House & Shop Sophia Howard, fruiterer & greengrocer
14 Simpson House & Shop George Simpson, cutler
50 Wm. Flower House, Shop, Sheds & Fields William Flower, butcher
30 John Smith House & Shop John Smith, fellmonger and rope maker
30 Norbury & c. House & Shop Philip & Mary Ann Norbury, bookseller & stationer and printers; fire etc office agent for Royal Exchange
30 G. Stephenson & Son House & Shop brazier & tin-plate worker, ironmonger, smith & bellhanger
25 J. Haynes House & Shop Jacob Haynes, cheesemonger 1837
18 Dowell House & Shop John Dowell, grocer 1837
25 Akerman House & Shop George Ackerman, eating house
18 Robt. Goring House & Shop butcher
30 Hammond House & Shop William Hammond, chemist & druggist, grocer & tea dealer, oil & colourman
7 do. Shed in Plough Yd.
45 R. Williams House & Shop Roger Williams, linen draper
30 Smallwood House & Shop Samuel Smallwood, grocer & tea dealer
8 Wid. Chalk House
21 Wm. Welch House & Shop coal merchant & dealer
2 do. Shed in Yard
60 J. Hy. Tyllier House & Shop Jos H Tillyer, wine & spirits, oil & colourman 1837
8 do. Granary
30 Hy. Hindman House & Shop Henry Hindman, boot and shoe maker 1837
30 Jas. Walkling House & Shop china, glass dealer and fire etc office agent for Guardian, bottle merchant
15 do. Shed, Market Place
10 J. Shambler House & Shop John Shambler, fishmonger
26 J. Palmer Magpie & Stump James Palmer, Magpie & Stump
20 Thos. Bradshaw House & Shop baker & flour dealer
20 Whenman House, Shop & sheds
do. Stable
20 J. Thornton House & Shop John Thornton, carpenter, builder & undertaker, undertaker-furnishing
19 Geo. Boxall Magpie & Crown Magpie & Crown
12 Jno. Swapp House & Shop John Swapp, perfumer & hairdresser 1826
2 Shotter Stable
4 Mansell Stable J C Mansells, grocer 1837
50 Hy. & J. Sexton do. &c. Henry & John Sexton, fire etc office agent for Atlas, linen draper
10 Jno. Cozens House & Shop John Cozens, painter & glazier 1826
18 Wid. Edward House & Shop Eliz. Edwards, Butts ladies boot & shoe maker, milliner & dress maker
8 Warren House & Shop Thomas Warren, pork butcher 1826
12 Barnes House & Shop (Ann & Diana, NB, pork butcher; or Wm James, butcher and cutler)
42 C. P. Glover or Occupier House & c. Christopher Glover & Son, cheesemonger, grocer & tea dealer, tallow chandler
60 Jno. Ronalds House, Shop & Garden (Hugh Ronalds, nursery & seedsmen)
18 do. Land next Nursey
11 do. in Ham
62 do. Crighton Do. Walled
20 do. Clitherow's Land Butts
6 do. Barn late Glover
19 S. Trimmer Black Boys James Swithin Trimmer, Black Boys
45 A. Wood House, Shop & Warehouses
8 Ths. Brooksby House & Shop Thomas Brooksby, perfumer & hair dresser
16 D. Waters House & Shop David Waters, brazier & tin-plate worker, ironmonger, smith & bellhanger
16 Eustance House & Shop William Eustance, pork butcher
16 Yaxley House & Shop George Yeaxley, grocer & tea dealer painter, plumber & glazier and paper hanger
16 Briant House & Shop
20 Wm. Boxall House & Shop baker & flour dealer and corn dealer and conf
20 Jno. Lindley House & Shop
2 do. Warehouse Church Alley John Lindley, orange merchant & foreign fruiterer
14 J. Lowe House & Shop (John Lowe, Boston Rd boot & shoe maker, tailor)
10 Hearne House (Sarah Hearn, milliner & dress maker)
25 Thos. Piper (Six) Bells Thomas Piper, Six Bells
6 do. Stables
10 Wid. Harris House & Shop (Henry Harris, shopkeeper)
10 Watkins House & Shop (Joseph Watkins, coal merchant 1837)
5 Occ. House Ch. Alley
25 M. Plimm House & Shop Martin Plim, butcher
15 Geo. Gray House & Shop brazier & tin-plate worker
15 Manly House & Shop Richard Manley, coffee & dining rooms
24 Wm. Curtis House & Shop coal and corn merchant & dealer
4 do. Stables
20 do. Granary, Wharf, Gd.
14 Wm. Cook House baker & flour dealer
14 Hy. Whitman House Henry Whitman & Co, tailor
25 Wm. Bourne House & c. barge master & lighterman, coal & corn merchant & dealer
18 do. in Ham
16 Kemp House & Shop
16 Occ. House & Shop
16 Coombs House & Shop Charles Coombs, auctioneer & appraiser and furniture broker
16 F. Cooke House & Shop F Cooke, 4 High St shoemaker 1837
16 S. Woodbridge House & Shop Stephen Woodbridge, bookseller & stationer
16 Harris House & Shop (Alexander Harris, fruiterer 1837; James Harris, grocer 1837)
16 Occupier House & Shop
16 Simmons House & Shop Chas Wm Simmonds, baker & flour dealer
16 Wid. Squires House & Shop
16 Brown House & Shop (Henry Brown, fruiterer & greengrocer)
10 Wid. Neighbour House & Shop
27 Wid. Holmes House & Yard Sarah Holmes, mason etc 1837
25 Thos. Hopkins House & Shop clothes dealer
20 A. Best House & Shop Abraham Best, cheesemonger fire etc office agent for County (fire) and Provident (life), grocer & tea dealer
18 Farrar House & Shop John Farrar, mason etc 1837
16 Dowden House & Shop James Dowden, coachbuilder
2 do. Shed
14 Dispensary & Savings Bank Cooper & Farrell, Dispensary, surgeons
16 Occupier House & Shop
16 Read House & Shop
5 do. Stables
40 T. Smitherman House & Gard.
35 Farrell House John Farrell, surgeon
20 Cave House
20 Jno. Matthews House & Shop John Matthews, cooper
20 Wid. Percival House & Shop Mrs Percival, nobility, gentry & clergy 1826
21 Jno. Winkworth House John Winkworth, carpenter, builder & undertaker, fire etc office agent for Alliance, undertaker-furnishing
4 do. Timber Yd. or Garden
17 Thos. Marsden House & Shop Thoams Marsden, saddler
14 Baynton House & Shop Edmund Baynton, hatter
18 J. Thorn House & Shop Joseph Thorn, painter, plumber & glazier
20 Wid. Jones House & Shop (John William Jones, pawnbroker)
16 J. Hinge House & Shop John Hinge, blacksmith & farrier
30 A. Marsh House & Shop Absolom Marsh, wholesale confectioner 1837
12 Geo. Clark Officer Esq, gentry & clergy
15 Haswell House & Shop Elizabeth Haswell, milliner & dress maker
80 H. Mayo 3 Pigeons Inn (William Tinson)
20 Jno. Ratcliff House & Shop (M Ratcliff, upholsterer & furniture broker 1837)
15 Dan. Briggs House & Shop (Susannah Briggs, stay maker)
35 Pearce Red Lion Pub. Ho. Sarah Pearce, Red Lion
26 Dean House & Shop (Hannah Dean, pawnbroker)
20 Occupier House & Shop
4 Barns Stables Plough Yd.
20 Occupier House & Shop
17 Kayes House & Shop
20 Jas. Pearce House & Shop fruiterer & greengrocer
4 do. Shed in Plough Yd.
17 Camp
or Occupier House & Shop
17 J. A. Mansell
20 Jno. Brown House & Shop John Brown, carpenter, builder & undertaker and coal and corn merchant & dealer
10 do. Shed Cat. Wl. Yd.
7 do. Warehouses
20 Wid. Wale House & Shop Dinah Wale, straw hat & clog maker
20 Wm. Sanders House & Shop William Sanders, shoe maker 1837
22 Wm. Hill House & Shop
75 Wm. Cullen Castle Inn Castle Inn and posting house
40 G. Cooper House & Garden
10 do. Shop George Cooper, surgeon
30 G. F. Searle House & Shop George Fulham Searle, brazier & tin-plate worker, ironmonger, smith & bellhanger
26 Bunting House & Shop William Bunting, linen draper
35 Geo. Walbran House & Shop George Walbran, linen draper
22 E. Beasley House & Shop Edmund Beasley, bookseller, printer etc 1837
30 Wid. Priest House (Wright Priest, butcher 1826)
18 Hy. Robinson House & Shop Henry John Robinson, fire etc office agent for British, painter, plumber & glazier
6 do. Workshop
14 King House & Shop (John King, auctioneer & appraiser,fire etc office agent for Licensed Victuallers and furniture broker, undertaker-furnishing)
18 Thomas House & Shop (William Thomas, NB, hatter 1837)
23 Christmas House & Shop Elizabeth Christmas, china, glass dealer
22 J. D. Ruff House & Shop John Dearle Ruff, tallow chandler
12 Hy. Ezard House & Shop Henry Ezard, clothes dealer
15 Jacques House & Shop
26 Ed. Robinson or Occ. House & Garden
3358 TOTAL


9 Old Brentford High Street (north side)

The next set of records continues In Old Brentford. The collector called at properties along the north side of High Street, starting with the butcher's shop on the Half Acre corner, later no 224. In 1836 this house and slaughter house were occupied by Edmund Shackell, a butcher; it is not known if the slaughterhouse was on the same site but it is possible - no need to transport bulky, heavy carcasses. All four of Brentford's slaughter houses recorded in 1836 were in this area of Old Brentford.

The house that later was the Beehive follows shortly, then the Feathers at 232. Thereafter there are many matches with the tithe and 1841 census that confirm the collector worked along the High Street eastwards, without deviation on to side roads.

John King, an auctioneer with other interests, had a house and warehouse, also 2 small houses in Ealing, 13 in King's Place and 2 in the Hollows: total RV £72. His will of 1847 lists these properties, and his home at 240 High Street stayed in the King family for another 80 years.

His neighbour, Nathaniel Charles White, egg and butter merchant, held 19 small houses in Spring Gardens, RV £60, and lived in a larger property at 241 High Street, RV £30. Number 241 remained a butter/cheesemonger/provisions business in various names into the 20th century.

Another instance where a business continued in different hands is a saddlery a little further to the east. In 1836 Joseph Quinnion, a saddler according to Pigot's 1839 directory, was recorded after James Neville. Quinion died in 1837 leaving a will (which incidentally reveals his daughter Caroline married a neighbouring Neville). In 1841 Robert Fox, also a saddler, was recorded next to Neville; he took over both Quinion's home and business .

The Cannon and King's Arms follow, neither with a particularly high RV: £20 and £30 respectively. Shorty after, J C Folkard occupied the property recorded before Albany Passage; John Cope Folkard was a pawnbroker, noted in the 1837 trade directory but not that of 1839; read more about the Folkard family. The 1836 entry places him in 289 High Street, later Rattenbury's. There are several photos on the website showing 288 and 289 - an example from the 1960s - it probably looked very similar when Folkard was here in 1836.

The collector did not venture down Albany Passage at this point but continued eastwards. Five properties valued at £27 (suggesting relatively substantial premises) signal Albany Terrace, numbers 290 to 294 High Street. The last of these was the Excise Office, in the name Killik in 1836; over 70 years later the 1909/10 Valuation records the same block of five properties owned by Arthur Killik.

The Thick's property is a few doors along, with Mrs Thick recorded here in 1836, presumably related to Thomas Thick, wheelwright and smith, or John Thick, wheelwright, recorded in Pigot's 1839 directory. Numbers 298 and 299 were late Howards ironmongers.

Also in the High Ground area of High Street, George Sanders owned around 32 properties including '10 small houses, 13 small houses Caroline Place': each was valued at £2 a house. George's will written in 1850 mentions these and other properties; the ten properties referred to in 1836 could be Paradise Place, noted in his will. The site has some photos of this area. A little further along a property described as 'Vety. Surgeon House' is also mentioned in George Sander's will, as is the occupier, John Saunders, who was recorded as a veterinary surgeon in 1839 (Pigot).

The Red Lion PH and stables at 318 High Street on the corner of Drum Lane (later Ealing Road) were valued at £40 and occupied by Mrs Saunders in 1836, specifically Elizabeth Saunders in 1839.

'Here is Drum Lane' – later Ealing Road – and the collector crossed over to the Drum at 319. This was a smaller property than the Red Lion, RV £25.

An unusually low-valued property, described as 'small house', RV £3, could be the cottage behind number 326 High Street that is mentioned in a sale of 1888.

Henry Newens the baker at 327 and Mrs Pearce's lodging house at 328 are two long-standing businesses, both operating at the same locations 75 years later in 1911.

George William Andrews had a house, RV £55, at (what was later numbered) 334 High Street and 'Wharf approach", which must be elsewhere in Brentford, £30. Next door a house and slaughterhouse, John Laing Tuffnell.

Two public houses – the Running Horses and Bull – take the collector to Pottery Road. The land east of the Bull was not built up in 1836 and the next landmark is the Barge Aground at 361, occupier Thomas Perress in 1836, William Perress in 1839. It was a modest-sized property, valued at £20, as was the nearby Marquis of Granby at no. 369. Richard Smith of the latter also had a 'Pipe Manufactory'. Smith's home was just after St George's church. Next to Smith were the house and warehouses of J.B. Senold, grocer and tea dealer, £36; this will be Thomas Balls Senols, who left a will in 1836 which shows he had connections with a merchant in Southwark and a cheesemonger in London.

Two more public houses follow: the Hand and Flower (John Fisher) and Fox and Hounds (Sexton in 1836, James Gascoine in 1839), £20 and £25 respectively.

The Salutation at £30 is another firm sighting and a few doors along David McNae is thought to have occupied no. 405 High Street or thereabouts – he was a linen draper and probably a relative of William Crosby McNae at the Salutation. John Young's house was a few doors east and he was recorded as an auctioneer and appraiser as well as a carpenter, builder and undertaker in 1839; in the 1841 census he was 45, a carpenter; the enumerator scrawled 'Brentford High Street Water Works' on the census page.

Total RV: £3,985 comprising 162 High Street houses, 13 public houses and two beerhouses, four slaughter houses; and another 135 small houses, a minority on the High Street, most in the area between High Street and Back Lane.


RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
35 Edmund Shuckel House & Slaughter House Edmund Shackell, butcher
15 Miss Wheatley House (William Wheatley, poulterer 1826)
25 Mrs. Sleap House Ann Sleap, conf
18 Mrs. Sally Pearce House (Sarah Pearse, dressmaker 1837)
12 Mrs. Mary Burnham House perfumer & hair dresser
25 Edward Softly House grocer 1837
45 Willm. Tucker House & Warehouse brazier & tin-plate worker, ironmonger, smith & bellhanger
45 Occup. late C. S. Masterman
30 John Millar Public House - Feathers John Millar, Feathers
5 do. do. Stables
12 Mrs. Hesther Hubbard House
10 Occp. late Crocket House
10 Charles Prior House Boston Rd mattress maker; Harriet Prior, milliner & dress maker
4 do. do. Workshop - Half Acre
30 Benjm. Evens House Benjamin Evens, grocer & tea dealer
40 Henry Chappell House linen draper
30 Joseph Burness House & Warehouse currier & leather cutter
15 do. do. 4 Small Houses, Back Lane
20 Ann Beck House
20 James Andrews House paper hanger, painter 1837
20 Thomas Cox House Thomas George Cox, boot & shoe maker
35 John King House & Warehouse (John King, auctioneer & appraiser,fire etc office agent for Licensed Victuallers and furniture broker, undertaker-furnishing)
3 do. do. Garden
4 do. do. 2 Small Houses, Ealing
26 do. do. 13 Small Houses, King's Place
4 do. do. 2 Small Houses, Hollows
30 N. C. White House & Warehouse Nathaniel Charles White, egg & butter merchant
60 do. do. 19 Small Houses Spring Gardens
12 Thomas Brown House fishmonger
10 George Bennett House tailor
10 John Lowe House (NB, tailor 1837)
8 Jas. Kirk House John Kirk, upholsterer
10 Henry Dale House shopkeeper & tallow chandler
10 James King House
20 William Temple House
20 Henry Gilham House boot & shoe maker
22 Mrs. Sarah Briggs House baker & flour dealer
12 William Knight House fruiterer & greengrocer, tailor
12 Jas. Kier ? House
10 Joseph Sanders House boot & shoe maker
4 do. do. 2 Small houses
20 Mrs. Moulden House
6 John Hinge 2 Small houses, Spring Gardens John Hinge, blacksmith & farrier 1837
30 Richd. Castle Public House - One Tun John Thick, One Tun
10 Miss Ann White House bookseller & stationer, toy dealer
12 do. do. 4 Small House opposite
10 David Waight House bricklayer & plasterer
10 Thomas Vere House
25 Occr. late Layton House
30 John Taylor House and Shop
20 Joseph Winter or
Occ. late Peacock House
18 William Thomas House hatter
10 John Shaw House
10 Widow Perkins House
10 Thomas Moulds House
14 Saml. Gastor House (Sam. Geisler, water carrier 1837)
14 James Neville House cooper
12 Joseph Quinnion House Joseph George Quinion, saddler
12 do. do. House
6 James Ayres House
20 Mary Ann Dale Public House - Cannon Cannon
10 Henry Marsh House
17 James Studley House Richard James Studley, ON, grocer & tea dealer
10 Timothy Bryan House
45 William Hughes House
15 John Coe ? House John Coe, undertaker-furnishing
30 Thomas Hoare Public House - King's Arms King's Arms
25 Mrs. Phillis Hughes House oil & colourman
20 Robert Baynton House (Edmund Baynton, hatter 1837)
25 Jonathan Munn House grocer & tea dealer
40 John Fletcher House, Slaughter House & c. butcher
9 do. do. Land Borough Mead
20 Thos. Honeybone House watch & clock maker and jeweller
18 Thos. Parsons House boot and shoemaker 1837
6 do. do. 2 Small Houses, Drum Lane
15 Thomas Sweet House (John Sweet, NB, stone mason)
24 Willm. Watson House William Watson, stay maker
24 Jas. Goldney House Joseph Goldney, boot & shoe maker
27 William Eaton House baker & flour dealer
72 Joseph Eaton 24 Small Houses
19 x(Joseph)x Simon Slark House (James Slark, chemist & druggist)
22 Alexr. Hunter House brazier & tin-plate worker
30 Thomas Webb House haberdasher 1837
32 J. C. Folkard House pawnbroker 1837
(Here is Albany Passage)
27 Joseph Price (late Hilman) House Price & Co, glass merchants 1837
27 Willm. Jones House
27 Occ. (late Witherington) House
27 Jas. McGowran House James McGowran, grocer & tea dealer
27 Killik Excise Office
35 Henry Richards House surgeon
25 Woodroff House
16 Joel Holey House
20 Mrs. Thick House Thomas Thick, coach builder, wheelwright and smith; or John Thick, wheelwright
10 William Layton House
12 James Over House bookseller & stationer and furniture broker
10 Mrs. Sarah Lane House (Miss Lane, milliner & dressmaker 1826)
10 Geo. Sanders Junr. "or Occr." late Wright House (boot & shoe maker)
15 John Carver House John Carver, baker & flour dealer and fire etc office agent for Mutual
19 George Sanders House & Garden (boot & shoe maker)
20 do. do. 10 Small Houses
26 do. do. 13 Small Houses, Caroline Place
4 do. do. 1 house behind the Tun
4 do. do. 1 House Frost & Morris
20 do. do. 5 Houses back of the Feathers
22 William Gutteridge House coal and corn merchant & dealer, estate agent and appraiser
8 do. do. Stables & Granary, Back Lane
14 Mrs. Garton House
14 Miss Lees House
30 x(occr. late Mrs. Newton)x James Fletcher (written over)
30 George Saunders Vety. Surgeon House John Saunders, veterinary surgeon
10 William Allen Stables coach and chaise proprietor
5 do. do. Rooms over
15 Gabriel Horwood House bookseller 1837
18 Melvin ? House James Melvin, perfumer & hair dresser
18 George Hadden House
4 do. do. Sheds
30 Occ. Late Slade House T Slade, Travellers Rest 1837
14 Occupier House
40 Mrs. Saunders Public House & Stables - Red Lion Eliz. Saunders, Red Lion
(Here is Drum Lane)
25 Thomas Begley Public House - Drum Drum
20 James Conaway House grocer & tea dealer
12 John Seppings House academy & school and bookseller & stationer
8 James Stannett House
12 Walter Scammell House boot and shoemaker 1837
24 Alexander Hannay House
25 Wm. Smith House butcher
10 Willm. Knight House fruiterer & greengrocer, tailor
3 Leader Small House (Philip Holman Leader, NB, pawnbroker 1826)
30 Henry Newens House Henry Newins, baker 1837
20 Mrs. Pearce Lodging House
16 Henry Stacey House tailor 1837
16 Henry Hughes House oil & colourman
20 Robt. Banyon House barge master & lighterman
5 do. do. Stables, Smith Hill
10 James Wise House
10 Joseph Ruffett House
55 G. W. Andrews House George William Andrews, coal and corn merchant & dealer
30 do. do. Wharf approach
40 Jn. Laing Tuffnell House & Slaughter H. John Tuffnell, butcher
15 Occ. (late Parsons) House
14 Mr. Nuthall House
25 Wm. Dicken House grocer & tea dealer
12 x(Joseph Rogers)x
late Spearman House (Thomas Pearman, fruiterer & greengrocer)
12 John Moore House painter & glazier 1826
12 Occ. late McKinnel House
12 John Carter House
12 Jacob Long House
20 Sarah Sims Public House - Running Horses Francis Morum, Running Horses; Sarah Sims 1837
10 do. do. Two houses over the way
14 George Rogers House shopkeeper
30 Joseph Sanders Public House - Bull (NB, boot & shoe maker)
Jas. Starbuck late (written over) (James Starbuck, Bull PH)
(Here is Pottery Road)
70 Thomas Smith House & Garden
12 John Meacock House
6 do. do. Weekly House
15 do. do. House late Lehay
10 Hallisbrass House STALLYBRASS?
10 Richd. Wise House
10 Richd. Taylor House
20 Thomas Perress Public House - Barge Aground William Perress, Barge Aground
50 Charles Lutwyche Allen House Garden Gd. Charles Allen, market gardener
10 do. or Occup Out House
12 Wm. Woodbridge House
12 Wm. Burrows House
20 Richard Smith Public House - Marquis of Granby Marquis of Granby
10 do. do. Pipe Manufactury
36 J. B. Senols & Co, House & Warehouses Senols & Barton, grocer & tea dealer, oil & colourman
10 Willm. Gardiner House bricklayer & plasterer
12 Willm. Draper House
18 Nunn House
12 Williams
x(or Burbridge )x House
18 John Vaughan House & Slaughter H. butcher
20 Pentecost William Penticost, bricklayer & plasterer
or Burbidge House
20 John Fisher Public House - Hand & Flower Hand & Flower
10 Mathews House
10 John Munday Beer House - Eight Bells
12 James Hughes House butcher 1837
25 Sexton Public House - Fox & Hounds James Gascoine, Fox & Hounds
12 Mrs. Knight 3 Small Houses
20 Mrs. Knight 4 Small Houses
10 Charles Allen Brickfield Charles Allen, market gardener
15 do. do. 3 Small Houses
25 John Burford House Pawnbroker
5 do. do. Small House
10 Jannaway House Jonathan Janaway, boot & shoe maker
14 Thomas Harding House
18 Louisa Dancer Garden
22 John Burford Pawnbroker
(late Chas. Callis House
30 John Bond House (James Bond, baker & flour dealer; William Dodd Bond, tailor)
16 do. do. Orchard Field
16 do. do. Mrs. Chandler's House
12 Thomas Harman House
12 Thomas Drowe ?
or Occr. House
10 Joseph Nottingham House bricklayer & plasterer
12 Mrs. Dealey
(late Jeans) House
25 Henry Ezard House & Workshop carpenter, builder & undertaker
14 Merridew House
25 Brown House (Richard Brown, fruiterer & greengrocer)
20 Mrs. Hesther House
15 Kelvic House (John Kelvie, tea dealer)
16 Charles Dear House Chas. Dear & Son, cabinet & chair maker and furniture broker
3 do. do. 1 Small House
30 Willm. McNae Public House - Salutation William Crosby McNea, Salutation
15 Mrs. Lewis House
15 Willm. Clarke House baker & flour dealer
15 Williamson House
15 David McNae House linen draper
12 Willm. Vaughan 2 Small Houses market gardener
Bacon & Wornam ? Thomas Bacon, watch & clock maker
10 Joseph Welch House smith 1837
8 Willm. Ellis House
5 A. Arnott House
36 John Henson House & Garden
10 John Young House auctioneer & appraiser and carpenter, builder & undertaker
5 do. do. House
12 do. do. 3 Small Houses
4 late Wade Shop
12 Joseph Hall Beer House
40 James 10 Small Houses
10 James Williams 2 Small Houses shopkeeper
10 R. S. Heap House Robert Heap, NB, cabinet & chair maker and carpenter, builder & undertaker, upholsterer
or Norminton House Francis Norminton, dyer etc
3985 TOTAL


10 Albany Passage and Back Lanes

The next block comprises the roads, lanes and alleys off the north side of Old Brentford. Some of the properties have been covered previously, but perhaps without a specific address, just as 'x small houses', where the owner lived elsewhere.

Albany Passage includes John Barnes, occupier of a house, shop and sheds; a smith and bellhanger of this name is recorded in the 1837 directory and in the tithe of Ealing occupied a cottage and yard owned by Mrs Catherine Palmer near the Albany Chapel.

v'Back Lanes' which follows covers many smaller properties and sometimes their location was recorded. Thomas Shackell had 18 small houses 'behind the Running Horses', RV £35. In Pigot's 1839 directory includes Thomas 'Shackle' of Boston Road, a window-blind maker and painter. Allowing for the difference in spelling it seems likely to be the same man.

The tithe enumeration for Ealing, 1840, has an entry for Thomas Shackell as proprietor of 17 houses and yards, also a house, yard and stabling occupied by Elizabeth Beasley. The 17 houses and yards were on the western side of Running Horses Yard according to the tithe map and all 17 tenants' names were recorded.

In the 1841 census, Running Horses Yard includes Robert Pearman, William Crouch and Charles Dorman - a good match to Robert Pierman, William Crouch and Charles Dollman from the tithe a year earlier. In both tithe and census people were noted in a sequence that reflected the location of their homes.

Returning to 1836, John Thomas Hope is recorded in this section as having 12 properties and a pottery and must be the same JTH who held 155 acres in 1840 'mainly at Brentford but some north of Haven Green' (History of the County of Middlesex: Ealing and other estates, British History online website).

Total RV: £501 – 7 houses and 55 small houses, addresses include 'behind the Running Horse', 'behind the pottery', 'behind Methodist Chapel', Drum Lane, Green Gate.


RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
7 John Barnes House, Shop & Sheds smith and bellhanger 1837
20 Trustees of Albany Chapel or Occr.House
45 Alexr. Henderson House, Garden, Stables
30 do. do. Land 12 a.
8 do. do. Combrunes
45 Mr. Price Montague Price & Co, glass cutters
(late Steel) House & Garden Grd., 7a.
15 Thomas Peacock House & Garden Grd., 1 1/2 a.
35 W. W. Lapsetter House & Garden Grd., 5 1/2 a., 1 walled
3 Mrs. Sarah Taylor 1 Small H. Smith Hill
32 Willm. Welch 10 small Houses behind Bull ? (William Welch, NB, baker 1837)
35 Thomas Shackell 18 small houses behind the Running Horse Thomas Shackle, Boston Rd window-blind maker & painter
40 James Malcolm House & Garden Gd., 8 a. market gardner 1837
40 do. do. Garden Grd. 8 a.
30 do. do. St. Sepulchers Land 3a. & 2 Cotts.
40 do. do. Land 7a. & Cottage (late Allen
late Allen Land 7a. & Cottage (late Allen
25 John Thos. Hope 3 sm. Houses, Green Gate
do. do. 5 sm. Houses, Pottery
5 do. do. 2 Castle Cottages
6 Wrigley 2 cott.
6 John Sawyer House
10 Robert Walker 3 sm houses, 2 sm. houses, 1 behind the Pottery NB, coal merchant 1837
12 do. do.
or Hiscutt 4 Sm Houses behind Method. Chapel
8 Thos. Piper 2 Small Houses Drum Lane (Six Bells, NB, 1837)
4 Treagles Exors. 1 small House Drum Lane


Map showing sections 11 to 16

Map key to the tables that follow

11 Drum Lane

The collector then tackled Drum Lane (later known as Ealing Lane or Ealing Road). The first property recorded was a beer house, occupier James Greenway, the second a house and garden occupied by Richard Costar.

Vic suggests the beer house could be the Jolly Gardeners. In the tithe records of 1840 Richard Coster was the occupier of a house and garden at the south end of Drum Lane on the east side: his garden bordered the road – there were still green spaces near the centre of Brentford. Over 110 acres of land were recorded in this block, mostly as 'garden ground', ranging from an acre and a half to 12 acres.

Following after Costar, Allen Malcolm held a house and garden ground, around 12.5 acres, RV £68. In the 1841 census he was recorded on Ealing Lane as a market gardener heading a household of 16, including 12 women ag labs, seven aged 15 (ie 15-19); four aged 20 (ie 20-24) and one aged 30 (30-34). None were born in Middlesex, suggesting an influx to work in the gardens, accommodated by Malcolm. The census was taken in early June – the start of the soft fruit season. Apart from three women named Rowe the other nine labourers had different surnames.

Two of the more substantial holdings in 1836 were Samuel Jones, market gardener in 1839, who held around 25 acres in six pieces in 1836, total RV £120. The tithe enumeration shows he was a tenant and that his garden grounds were owned by several different landlords. Jones's home was on the eastern side of Ealing Lane. Another market gardener, John Godwin, held 35 acres of garden ground in five pieces, total RV £148.

This section includes records of over 70 'small houses' at the following locations: Baileys Row, The Cage, Spring Gardens, Back Lane and Albany Place. Some individuals owned a couple of small houses, others held ten or 12. These were investment properties, the owner lived elsewhere. For example, Samuel Smallwood is recorded in a house and shop in New Brentford High Street, RV £30; he was a grocer and tea dealer in 1841, living at 118 High Street. He also held 3 small houses in Back Lane Old Brentford in 1836, RV £7 in total. When he died in 1847 his will was proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury; he may have used this higher court as he held properties in two parishes (or as a matter of status).

Sampson Nunn, another individual with a distinctive name, had a house RV £6 in 1836 and in 1841 was living on Albany Place west. He was a brew house labourer.

Total RV: £1,095 - 23 houses on Drum Lane plus 72 small houses, as noted above; also around 110 acres of land, mostly 'garden ground'.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
15 James Greenway Beer House - (Jolly Gardeners ?)
6 Richard Costar House and Garden (carpenter Brook Lane 1841)
60 Allen Malcolm House and Garden Ground 11a. market gardener
8 do. do. late Morris 1 & 1/2 a.
20 John Thornton 10 sm houses, Bailey's Row NB, carpenter, builder & undertaker, undertaker-furnishing
60 John Storey House & Garden Ground 5 1/2a. (James Story, market gardener)
35 William Holsworth House & Garden (Joshua Holsworth, boarding school, academy & school)
24 Harry Mayo Meadow land 6a. butcher 1826
30 Mrs. Sarah Bursill House & Gn. Ground 6 a. (Thomas Bursell, market gardener)
15 do. do. land late Storey 3a.
35 do. do. House & land (late Wells)
30 Occup. House & Garden
20 Miss Chittenden House & Garden
25 Robert Parker House & Garden
66 Samuel Jones House & Garden Ground 12 a. market gardener
8 do. do. Garden Ground near White Hart 2a.
8 do. do. Garden Ground late Miller 2a.
15 do. do. Garden Ground Combrunes 4 a.
15 do. do. Garden Ground Hopes 3a.
8 do. do. Garden Ground late Morris 1 1/2 a. 120
20 Miss Jeans House & Garden Jane Jeans, gentry & clergy 1826
10 Mrs. Elizabeth Dawes House & Garden Mary Dawes, basket maker
10 Willm. Buckland House
25 do. do. 9 small houses, 4 near the Cage
do. do. 4 Back Lane, 1 Drum Lane
12 Kennedy 6 Small Houses
42 James Warner Garden Ground 6a. walled
30 Saml. Hickson House & Garden
12 Willm. Sweet House
25 Charles Morris House & Garden 4 1/2 a.
25 do. do. Garden Ground Hope's 4 a.
24 James Fidler Garden Ground 4a.
20 Mr. Martin 6 Small Houses, Spring Gardens James Martin, clothes dealer and furniture broker; Maria Martin, milliner & dress maker
50 do. do. 10 small houses Back Lane& Albany Place
7 John Dickinson
late Joseph Winter House
7 George Davis House
7 Bee House
7 Serena Hazell House
6 Sampson Nunn House
40 John Godwin House and Garden
35 do. do. Garden Ground, late Sandall 7a.
15 do. do. " late Jacobs 2 1/2 a.
30 do. do. " Long Shot 10a.
8 do. do. " Kings 10a.
20 do. do. " late Trimmers 5 1/2a. 148
6 Bunce 2 small houses Spring Gardens
5 Richd. Millard 2 small houses, Spring Gardens
6 Jas. Sanders 2 small houses, Back Lane
6 Benjamin Gelding 2 small houses, Spring Gardens
15 James Spiller 3 Houses, Beer Shop
6 Saml. Brooman House & Shop
3 Capt. Tomson Small House, Back Lane Captain Tomson, Butts, gentry & clergy
20 Henry Hindeman 5 Small Houses, Back Lane Henry Hindman, NB, boot & shoemaker 1837
7 Saml. Smallwood 3 Small houses, Back Lane S. Smallwood, NB, grocer & wine dealer 1837
30 Jacob Haynes 11 Small Houses NB, cheesemonger
1 do. do. Land
1095 TOTAL


12 Half Acre

Next the Half Acre. This formed the boundary between New and Old Brentford and the records that follow are for the eastern side, in Old Brentford. Early on Charles Callis and George Bass are recorded and in the 1841 census Charlotte Callis, ind(ependant) and George Bass are recorded next-but-one to each other on Half Acre. The tithe map shows Charles 'Calais' and George Bass occupied two of four properties owned by W Priest at the southern end of Half Acre.

Arthur Winkley is recorded further long at the Seven Stars PH with house adjoining. In the tithe this was noted as two houses, stabling and yard, occupiers Arthur Winkley and Thomas Harvey, owner Edward Collins.

The final two properties recorded here are both substantial: a house, stables, gardens and land, the first in the name of Mrs Smith, RV £150, the second in the name Mrs Morris, RV £90. The tithe enumeration records Susanna Smith at Newgrove Mansion and Elizabeth Morris at Inverness Lodge: contributors to the website have provided much information about both of these properties and their occupants. (LINK)

Total TV: £419 – 12 houses and one public house; also 15 small houses

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
8 Mrs. Martha Knight House shopkeeper
9 George Tongue 3 Small Houses
2 William West Shed
8 Chas. Callis
late Wodd House )
8 George Bass House ) __ late Priest
8 Occ. late x(Crook Junr, )x )
Freeson or c…. ? House )
8 William Radshaw House ) (ropemaker, Boars Head Yd 1841)
24 Michael Sims 12 Small Houses Catherine Wheel NB, 1826
10 Rapkin House Richard Rapkin, Boston Rd NB, tailor
3 do. Garden (late Miller)
3 Mrs. Middleton
x(or Skirron)x House
16 Arthur Winkley Public House - Seven Stars Arthur Winkley, Boston Rd, Seven Stars
4 do. House adjoining
40 Richd. Rice House and Garden
28 James Fletcher House and Garden butcher 1826
150 Mrs. Smith House, Stables, Gardens & Land
90 Mrs. Morris House, Stables, Gardens & Land (Mrs Morris, Boston Rd gentry & clergy)


13 Windmill Lane

Continuing northwards the collector moved on to Windmill Lane. The first property noted was a house and garden occupied by Mrs Crane, RV £50. The tithe enumeration shows Mrs Anne Crane owned around ten acres of market garden ground, let to James Fidler and Henry Meyers, as well as her own residence (house, outbuildings and garden) on a site of nearly half an acre, on the eastern side of Windmill Lane. This is close to the site of the Methodist Chapel that was built in 1890 (Victoria County History, viewed on the British History Online website).

Further along Messrs Trimmer held 'Mercury House & Garden' RV £32; the tithe enumeration refers to James Rustat Trimmer owning and occupying Mercury House and garden and garden ground, in all around an acre. This was on the western side of Windmill Lane and Mercury Road may be named after the Trimmer's house. Read more about the Trimmer family.

There are several more sizeable properties on what were the outskirts of Brentford at the time, several with RV between £30 and £40. Miss Platt, house and garden, £35 must be the Miss Elizabeth Platt recorded in the tithe enumeration on the western side of Windmill Lane, closer to town than Trimmer: it is possible the collector covered the eastern side of the lane first then worked his way back along the western side. In 1841 Elizabeth Platt was recorded as age 65 (ie 65-69) and ind(ependant), Windmill Lane. She was recorded next-but-one to Anne Crane who was 74 and also independent. Perhaps the census enumerator covered both sides in one swoop, a different approach to the poor rate collection.

Total RV: £889 – 15 houses, most of which had a garden or land; also a baker's shop and 12 small houses, location not specified.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
50 Mrs. Crane House and Garden
40 Stephen Prentice House and Garden
35 Lambert 7 small house (William Lambert, NB, currier & leather cutter, 1826)
15 Henry Elgood Baker's Shop Henry Elgood, NB, baker & flour dealer
4 John Dale House
4 Wheeler House
4 Brown (Henry Brown, NB, fruiterer & greengrocer)
or Occp. House
4 Stephenson
or Occp. House
6 Thomas Rapley House & land
2 James Turner House
12 John Matthews 5 Small Houses NB, cooper 1837
10 Occp. late Geo. Sims Land
7 Willm. Fricker A Field William Fricker, poulterer
32 Messrs. Trimmer Mercury House & Garden
35 do. House & Garden
16 do.
or Geo. Hubbard House & Land
18 Richard Weston Public House - Windmill (White Hart, OB, 1837)
40 Willm. Strongitharm House & Garden Ground John Strongitharm, NB, market gardener 1837
40 George Willm. Shurry House and Garden Mr Geo. Shury, Windmill House, gentry & clergy
35 Miss Platt House and Garden Miss Elizabeth Platt, gentry & clergy
30 Occ. late Jullion ? House and Garden
450 Rev. J. J. Bramly ? Lessees of the Great Tithes
Mrs. Smith do.
Mr. Harrington do.


14 New Brentford (roads and yards off the High Street including Market Place)

The next section continues in New Brentford and covers first Castle Yard and Red Lion Yard. Funge, an unlikely-sounding name, is one of three names recorded in Castle Yard in 1836, and the 1841 census shows Jeremiah and Rachael Funge here, followed by Richard Funge and two other Funge: both men were shoemakers.

The first entry for Market Place is Alexander Harris, who was a fruiterer recorded at Market Place in the 1841 census. There is surprisingly little correlation between the surnames recorded in 1836 and in the 1841 census of Market Place: in the census the first four heads of household recorded in Market Place, following the Ham, were Brown, Fort, Bridgewater and Barnes. Of these only Barnes was recorded in Market Place in 1836, the publican at the White Horse.

The Collector of Excise was based near to the White Horse: Thomas Ralfe, 'Inspector of Weights etc', in 1839 is probably 'Ralfe', next-but-one to the pub in 1836. Bridgewater, Collector of Excise, was recorded next to the White Horse in 1841.

On the other side of the pub, Elizabeth Hugall, 58, laundress, may be related to William Hugall of 1836. Nearby Richardson of 1836 may be Harriet Richardson, ind., of 1841.

The last name recorded in 1836 is Ginger, a distinctive surname, and in 1841 Ann Ginger was in Market Place, age 81 and independent. Those following her in 1841 - Trinder, Barnes, Thompson, Robins and Denyer - do not feature in 1836; several were labourers in 1841 and may have lived in alleys off Market Place.

Total RV: £166 – 6 houses and a public house.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
NEW BRENTFORD (Roads and Yards off the High Street)
Wm. Sanders for Bishops House boot & shoe maker
do. Dawes
do. Funge
Leader for Westbrook
do. Gardner
do. Woodington
do. Merritt
do. Harris
do. Bigley
do. Plummer
18 Denyer
Alexr. Harris House & Shop Alexander Harris, fruiterer & greengrocer
37 do. Stable
do. Stable in Butts
do. House
22 Mrs. Trimmer House & Garden
6 Crighton or Occr.
25 Ralfe do. Thomas Ralfe, inspector of weights etc
6 Crighton or occ.
25 Wid. Barnes White Horse - Public House Eliz. Barnes, White Horse
8 Richardson House
11 R. Thornton do.
8 Wm. Hugall do. William Hugall, fruiterer & greengrocer
Crighton for Lowe
do. Gray
do. Baynes
do. Blake
do. Prowse
do. Fuller
do. Deadman
do. Fishlock
Thornton for Beach
do. Ginger


15 The Butts

The Butts offers an opportunity to look at modern maps and StreetView and see properties recorded in 1836. Many of the residents were in the 'gentry & clergy' category in the 1839 Pigot directory.

The first entries are individuals in houses with no mention of gardens (there are no corresponding tithe records). The surname sequence from 1836:
Leader, King, Fisher, widow Leader, Stannard
is similar to that in the 1841 census:
James Leader, Edward Cornish, Joseph Fisher, Ann Leader, William Lowe and John Stannett

James Leader was recorded near to Red Lion Yard so it seems likely he lived on the eastern side of the Butts.

Later, Rook, Hill and Tomson of 1836 are a match to Elizabeth Rooke, Joseph Hill and William Thomson in 1841. Joseph Hill was a private teacher in 1839 and recorded as such in the census: in 1836 a school is recorded in the vicinity. Joseph Hill was living near Castle Yard in 1841.

A few doors from Joseph Hill was 'Pickering'; in 1839 Emma Pickering was running a 'Ladies Pre-School' and the 1841 census confirms she was a school mistress in The Butts.

The sequence Annand, Forrester, Mansell, Tutton, Lewis in 1836 - each the owner of a house and garden - is repeated in the tithe enumeration: Hannah, Forrester, Mansell, Tutton and Lewis, all tenants of William Creighton.

The 1839 directory gives a more specific address: William Annands esquire, Myrtle Cottage, Butts; he was recorded as 'gentry & clergy' in 1839 as was his near neighbour, Mrs Julia Lewis.

The tithe map shows they lived on the eastern side of Upper Butts, north of the Somerset Road dogleg.

W Crighton was recorded towards the end of The Butts in 1836. He was of Brent Cottage when he prepared his will on 15 Jun 1836 and died the following year. In 1839 his son Charles Crighton esquire was in Brent Cottage. The 1841 census shows a Charles Crighton in Windmill Lane, with Sarah, his widowed mother: William Crighton's estate was put up for sale following his death - see more details.

Total RV: £1,000 covering 39 houses, a school and 'tolls and pig pens' of William Crighton.

RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
20 Leader House J C Leader Esq, gentry & clergy
6 King do. (William King, saddler)
6 Fisher do.
25 Wid. Leader do. (Philip Holman Leader, pawnbroker 1826)
Stannard do.
5 Clutterbuck do. Edw. Clutterbuck, Butts carpenter, builder & undertaker
12 Mrs. Rook do. Mrs Elizabeth Rooke, gentry & clergy
12 Mumford
or Occr. do.
20 Jas. Hill do.
3 do. School Joseph Hill, private teacher, academy & school and fire etc office agent for Globe
25 Tomson House
15 Pickering do. Emma Pickering, Butts Ladies Pre.Sch. 1837
15 Cornish do.
15 Woore do.
15 Jones House William Jones, Butts, bookbinder
or Occr.
15 Wid. Dewell do. Mrs Francis Dewell, gentry & clergy
15 Jos. Hill do. Joseph Hill, private teacher, academy & school, fire etc office agent for Globe, secretary to the savings' bank
or Occr.
100 Dr. Morris House, Offices, Garden (Rev John Morris DD, NB 1837)
50 W. Ronalds House & Garden (Hugh Ronalds & Son, sursery & seedsmen
45 Geo. Clarke do. clerk to magistrates and Brentford union
45 Miss Powell do. Sophia Powell, boarding (school), academy & school
26 Annand do. William Annands esq, Myrtle Cottage Butts, gentry & clergy
16 Forrester do.
15 Miss Mansell do.
15 Wid. Tutton do.
30 Mrs. Lewis do. Mrs Julia Lewis, gentry & clergy
10 A. Marsh Stables
20 J. Myers House & Garden
25 Blagg do. Captain James Blagg, gentry & clergy
35 Saxton do. Mr William Saxton, gentry & clergy
17 Shirley do. Mrs Shirley, gentry & clergy
17 Mrs. Carrington do. Mrs Eliz. Carrington, gentry & clergy
17 Mrs. Fletcher do. Mrs Fletcher, gentry & clergy
20 Fletcher do. Robert Thomas Fletcher, attorney
40 Revd. Geary do. Rev John Geary, OB, gentry & clergy
60 W. Crighton do. Charles Crighton esq., Brent Cottage, gentry & clergy
55 do. do. Tolls & Pig Pens
16 Mrs. Darnell House
30 Mrs. Reynolds House Mrs Hannah Reynolds, gentry & clergy
20 Radcliffe House (Harriet Radcliff, furniture broker and upholsterer; Henry Radcliffe)
20 J. Cross House Salem Cross esq, gentry & clergy
10 Townsend Stables, Shed Wm. George Townsend, Butts, barge master & lighterman and coalmerchant & dealer
22 Mrs. Franklin House & Garden Mrs Frankin, gentry & clergy
1000 TOTAL


16 Remainder of New Brentford

The final block covers the remainder of New Brentford: Ram Alley, The Ham, Church Alley, Boars Head Yard, Plough Yard and Catherine Wheel Yard. Ram Alley is on the north side of High Street, the remainder run south of High Street, and are noted here from west to east.

Ram Alley
There is a heading but no entries for Ram Alley, which in 1838 had three small properties according to the tithe map. In 1841 three household heads here were William Farmer, John Taylor and Mary Reed: all labourers.

The Ham
The Ham, at the far south-western end of New Brentford, has only four houses recorded in 1836 but the tithe map shows approaching 50 properties and the 1841 census uses several pages to cover The Ham. It seems The Ham properties were owned by individuals living elsewhere and the entries such as 'x small houses' without an address account for some of the 'missing' properties here and in the Yards that follow. Colsell, Fruin and Parson occupied three of the four houses in The Ham and were recorded together in 1836. In 1841 Henry Colesill and George Parsons were recorded with Joseph Bourne between them; this may be the same individuals. Jno Ronalds and William Bourne are recorded elsewhere in the churchwardens' accounts and their entries note both had land here. Mrs Rogers, Charles Sims and W. Lowe all held part of a wharf here.

Church Alley
Ten surnames are recorded in Church Alley in 1836:
Oakshott, Clarke, Crooke, Mainwood, Champaigne, Maddox, Pickett, Pennington, Cook, Davis
Three match Church Alley surnames from the 1841 census:
Cole, Cradle, Mitchell, Mattocks, uninhabited, Neville, Sweet, Wheeler, Langsdon, Clark, Maynwood
Elevens properties noted in 1841 is a reasonable match to ten properties shown on the tithe map. The occupations in 1841 comprise labourers, a cordwainer, a sawyer, a lath render, watermen, a carpenter, tanners, a plumber, a laundress and a mangler. Presumably they were tenants and most had moved on between 1836 and 1841.

Boar's Head Yard
As with Church Alley, records for Boars Head Yard 1836 and 1841 show more changes than matches to the occupants' names. Twelve houses were noted in 1836, the tithe map shows around 15 occupied dwellings and 22 properties were recorded in the 1841 census. Names that match between 1836 and 1841: Dowden, Shotter, Hobday and Walker. Robert Walker was a coal merchant and dealer according to the 1839 trade directory and had a house and shed in Boars Head Yard in 1836. He was 72 in 1841. The site has more information about Boars Head Yard.

Plough Yard
Next, Plough Yard, where Warne's malthouse had a RV of £20. This is probably John Warne, a coal and corn merchant and dealer of Old Brentford. He was not resident in Plough Yard, his home was next to the 'new Police Station', Old Brentford High Street, in 1836.

The tithe map shows half a dozen properties, the same number as recorded in 1841. The names show no correspondence however. The site has more information about Plough Yard.

Catherine Wheel Yard
Finally, Catherine Wheel Yard. This had a range of commercial properties - brewery, malthouse, wharf, a stable - and 14 houses. As with the other yards, there were many more properties than the 14 recorded in 1836: the tithe map shows over 40 lining both sides of the yard.

Crooke's brewery, house and malthouse had a total RV of £60, but for many of the properties the RV is blank; presumably their RVs were recorded against their owners, who lived elsewhere.

Many of the entries are in the form of 'Name 1 for Name 2 – house', for example 'J. Quinion for Lovell – house'. Joseph George Quinion or Quinnion has been noted previously as a saddler of High Street, Old Brentford and presumably Lovell was his tenant. Here there are very few matches in names between 1836 and 1841. The site has more information about Catherine Wheel Yard.

Total RV: £235 – 37 houses, two malthouses, a brewery and wharves.


RV Occupier forename/title Occupier surname Description Additions
8 Jno. Clark or Occ. House
4 do. Shed
4 J. Montgomery Meadow James Montgomery & Son, coal merchant & dealer
8 Messrs. Jupp do.
Collett for Cope ?
do. Crawford
10 Mrs. Rogers part Wharf (Fras. Rogers & Son, barge master & lighterman)
42 Chas. Sims do. wharfinger, Boars Head Yd, 1841
H. Cridland Stable
Clawton Shed
5 W. Lowe part Wharf
Colsell House
Fruin House
Parson House
Oakshott House
Clarke do.
Crooke do.
Mainwood do.
Wid. Champaigne
for Maddox
Mrs. Baker House
Franklin do.
Hobday do. Charles Hobday, shoemaker, 1841
Shotter do. Thomas Shotter, dairyman, 1841
Pays do. Jane Pays, Ind, 1841
Baker do. John Baker, OB, barge master & lighterman
Laundry do.
10 Robt. Walker do. Robert Walker, coal merchant & dealer
8 do. Shed
Jennings House
Shotter do. Thomas Shotter, dairyman, 1841
Shere do.
4 Clarke do.
10 Dowden House George Dowden, coachbuilder, 1841
Mrs. Wood House
Vennell for Snelling (Samuel Jonas Vennell, White Horse Market Place 1826)
do. Cliver
F. Smith for Platt
20 Warne Malthouse (John Warne, OB, coal and corn merchant & dealer)
4 J. Smith Stable (John Smith, fellmonger & rope maker)
30 Crooke Brewery
10 do. House adjoining
20 do. Malthouse
20 Mrs. Rogers House & Wharf
Jones for Hillier - house
do. Robins - house
Ropier for Wood - house
do. Thacher
Vaughan for Burrowes
do. for Daubin - house
do. for Barns - house
J. Quinion for Lovell - house
do. for Flora - house
do. for house
do. for Archer - house
Hy. Whitman for Hewlett - house
do. do. for Teales - house
do. do. for Tate - house
do. do. for Archer - house
2 N. Bowden Meadow T Bowden, basket maker
4 D. Northumberland
12 Grand Junction Canal
W. Priest for Lowe (Wright Priest, butcher 1826)
do. Johnson


Published October 2020; last updated May 2023