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Not Brentford

Will of Jasper Hinge, 1835

Abstract of will

I Jasper HINGE of New Brentford...being of sound mind & memory

... I appoint John HINGE my eldest son and Jasper William HINGE and Joseph HINGE my three sons to be my executors ... to receive the rents and profits of my freehold and copyhold estates I dispose thereof as follows I also will & direct that my beloved wife Elizabeth HINGE to be paid to her by my executors...the sum of 25 on every quarter day of the year out of the rents of my freehold and copyhold estates

... I give to my eldest son John HINGE the freehold house & shop & premises situated in New Brentford and three houses in the parish of the occupation of TILLYER and FLOWER and (blank) and two houses in Spring Garden Old Brentford and a field on Hounslow Heath

... I give to my daughter Elizabeth GUNNER a house & barn & premises and three houses and gardens and one house & garden in the front Mattock Lane in the occupation of FIELD tenant for her life only and after my daughter Elizabeth GUNNER's decease for the children of her female body male and female equal share ...

... I give to my son Jasper William HINGE the copyhold estate situated in Old Brentford after the death of my sister Mary HUMPHREYS now in the occupation of G (?) CALVER (the will of John Hinge, proved 1802, includes reference to George CARVER occupying a HINGE property) & I give the copyhold estate at Heston orchard barn & three houses

... I give to my son Joseph HINGE a freehold house & premises B OLIVER tenant situated in New Brentford, a field called Sepper (?) Close in Greenford parish and I give a field at Hanwell to my son Joseph HINGE copyhold and I give a house in Mattock Lane to my son Joseph HINGE in the occupation of LASS... (?) tenant Ealing

... I appoint my three sons John HINGE, Jasper William HINGE & Joseph HINGE all in the township of New Brentford whole & sole executors

... dated 28th July 1832

... witnessed by Jasper HINGE, Thomas READ, Mary Ann READ

... proved at London on 3rd April 1835 by the oaths of John HINGE, Jasper William HINGE & Joseph HINGE the sons

The testator

Jasper HINGE, blacksmith, New Brentford was recorded in an 1826 trade directory. At the time of the 1841 census the family lived at no. 190.

A Jasper HINGE married Elizabeth TEMPLE by licence at Hanwell in 1795 (Pallot Marriage Index and Middx Parish Register.


The legatees

John HINGE the eldest son: in 1841 he was living at 190 High Street, presumably the 'freehold house & shop' bequeathed to him by his father. He was '45'(ie 45 - 49) and living with him were Elizabeth (67, his mother presumably) and Jasper (37) and Joseph (28). All the men were farriers, born Middlesex. William GUNNER (14) and apprentice and Maria GUNNER (11) completed the household.

The 1851 census shows essentially the same household but without the mother Elizabeth. John HINGE was a retired farrier, Jasper William HINGE a veterinary surgeon master employing two men, Joseph HINGE and William GUNNER farriers. The HINGEs were all born in New Brentford and none of the three brothers had married. William and Maria GUNNER are identified as nephew & niece of John.

See the HINGE family tree for more details.

The witnesses & executor

Jasper HINGE: possibly a cousin, rather than the son Jasper William HINGE?

Thomas & Mary Ann READ: no record found

How to see this will in full

A copy of the original will can be downloaded from The National Archives Documents Online service, or it can be viewed free of charge by visiting TNA at Kew.


Published May 2008; updated December 2011