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Not Brentford

The site of Ealing and Old Brentford Cemetery

See links below for more information about the cemetery. This note focuses on what was here before the cemetery opened in 1861.

Tithe mapThe Ealing tithe map was prepared over 20 years before the cemetery opened and shows fields and a pond in this area, plot numbers 753, 754, 755, 756, 757 and 758.

The cemetery originally occupied just the southern fields 753 and 755, which were both called Little Cyrus Piece. John Hazard held them leasehold under the Bishop of London. 753 was meadow, 755 arable, in total 5¾acres.

Little Cyrus Piece is an unusual field-name. Thomas Hood (1799-1845) was an English poet, author and humorist, who mentioned Little Cyrus and Brentford in his works; this could be a coincidence ofcourse.

On firmer ground, in 1841 John Hazard lived in Old Brentford near the Royal Brewery, which he owned, and he remained in Brentford in 1861. He was born in Cambridgeshire around 1782 (Ancestry family tree) and moved back to Cambridgeshire before his death in 1869.

James Atkinson owned and farmed this area in 1840 along with more land to the north of Pope's Lane: see notes about 'Village Park' and occupiers in later years.

In 1840 plot 756 was meadow (9 acres), 757 a pond (nearly one acre) and 758 garden (presume market garden) one acre.

I think the first burials were near the entrance on South Ealing Lane, marked as section A in the plan, and then progressed eastwards: so 753 was used first, later 755. The cemetery was extended twice, in 1907 and 1940 and by then had taken in plots 756, 757 and 758.

The cemetery is roughly a backward L in shape. Plot 754, the 'missing' bit, was owned by Mrs Mary Anne Armstrong in 1840 and comprised a market garden and house occupied by Henry Goldwin: nearly 9 acres. In the 1841 census Henry Goldwin, 45, was a market gardener at Ealing Lane, Old Brentford. He shared his house with James Cameron, 25, a bricklayer. A burial of Henry Goldwin at Ealing St Mary, October 4 1843, age 53, could be him: there is a baptism in August 1790 of Henry, son of John and Elizabeth Goldwin at the same church that fits prefectly.


The area occupied by the 1940 extension is also looked at in notes on Southfield Farm.

There is more about the cemetery on this site, including a plan, information about burials and names of some of those buried here.


Page published November 2023