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Brentford Redevelopment, March 2022

The south side of New Brentford is being redeveloped by Ballymore and Janet McNamara is keeping a photographic record. For March 2022 Janet has provided eight photos covering three areas.

The first three photos were taken on 10 March and show the view from the Market Place, sitting on the terrace at Verdict the café in the old Magistrates Court. In sequence they show the scene from west to east with Block B to the right and Block C to the left.

The first shows the Magpie and Crown and McIlroys and on the right/north side the Market Building. This used to be Thanet House when I worked there in the Inland Revenue in 1958-1964. Brentford Nylons were operating from there for a time then.

The second looks towards the canal with the white clad building (Block K) in the background.

The third is looking east to the end of the Ballymore development.

March 10 2022 view from Market Place to the west
March 10 2022 view south of the Market Place
March 10 2022 view  of the eastern end of the current Ballymore development

The next two photos were taken on 11 March, south of the High Street. The first picture is taken from the Dock and shows the other side of Block K. In the second photo the building on the left with Bradburys warehouse in the centre is the security gate I think on the Council site with Ballymore’s buildings on the right.

March 11 2022 view from Brentford Dock including Block K
March 11 2022, Bradbury's warehouse and Ballymore security gate

The final three photos were taken on 29 March, (Webmaster: I think these show work starting on Phase 2). Janet adds 'This work started a couple of weeks ago at the old Wilson & Kyle site opposite the Half Acre junction.'

The first photo shows the Beehive on north side of the road, red brick Heidelberg (site for redevelopment), car park at Dock Road junction, 79 and 80 High Street which is 18th century and listed, site of 81 demolished, entrance to the W&K site with grinding shop in front of the overhanging warehouse. This is to be retained and on the right the W&K offices that I think are to be kept too.

I understand that there’s to be some road widening here to fit in a cycle lane.

Wilson and Kyle’s ornamental gates are in store and are to be incorporated somewhere on the site.

The second photo is taken from near the Beehive, looking across the High Street to the southern side. Part of no. 80 is visible to left.

Brentford Dock is visible across the canal in the third picture.

March 29 2022 view from Half Acre corner looking east
March 29 2022 view looking south from Half Acre across the road
March 29 2022 view  towards Brentford Dock


Ballymore's newsletter from February charts progress on Phase 1 of the Brentford Project and includes an aerial view of the site.

Janet sent some similar views to the first three taken back in September 2021.

Other photos by Janet charting the new development.

Some photos will be added showing the Phase 2 area as it was in 2008 in coming weeks.

Published April 2022