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Brentford High Street, early 1900s

Howard Webb provided this tinted postcard image, the card was sent on 14 September 1908. I have a copy of the same card, but unposted. The process used to convert the photograph, which includes tinting, also seems to reduce the detail, but fortunately one shop with a clear name and a pub sign provide the location.
High Street view

It shows a view looking west along the High Street, taken from near Town Meadow Road. The first building partially shown on the left is no. 61. The 1907 trade directory lists the following businesses:

  • 61: Mrs John Gascoine Dale, corn and coal merchant (the words 'Straw' and 'Seeds' can be made out on the wall)
  • 62: Harry Thomas Webb (this carries three 'Spratts' adverts)
  • 63: Henry Gilbert, mineral water manufacturer
  • 64: Park Royal Laundry (with the bay window)
  • 65: Charles Lythe, antique dealer
Beyond this point it is difficult to make out individual properties but the sign for The Rising Sun PH at no.68 is visible

On the right side the tree marks the site of the Brentford British School (or Rothschild School as it was renamed around the time of the photograph). The sign 'Bridge' is at no. 267: Joseph Wilson Bridge, saddler in 1907.

Next door, to the left looking at the photo, was no. 266, a tailor's shop run by Henry Edwin Gulliver in 1907. Howard also provided an advertising postcard showing Mr Gulliver outside his shop: unfortunately the shop front cannot be made out in the above image, being behind Pickford's Parcel Express cart. This may be delivering a bolt of cloth to Mr Gulliver.

No. 264 has baskets on display on the pavement: Joseph James Neville, cooper is recorded at this address in 1907.

The image includes a range of handcarts (two being pulled, one being pushed), an open top tram, Pickford's vehicle and a horse and cart.

More about properties to the left (numbers 61 onwards) and right (up to 266) or no. 267.

Published August 2012