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Not Brentford

New Brentford - Lows the drapers and to the east, ca 1905?

View of northern side of High Street, composed of 3-storey buildings with ground floor shops, limited view of the southern side

Howard Webb has provided a scan of this postcard, postmarked 1909 and addressed to a Miss E Healey, of Hampton, Middlesex. Howard suggests the photo dates from around 1905.

The text on the back:
Dear E
I quite forgot last night (when I said I'd got to C.P.I) that I was booked for Sunday night, so hope you won't mind we'll go there a little later on. It's pouring with rain rotten.
Yours Dot.

and a note:
Do you know this shop the x is my bedroom

On the left there is a glimpse of an ironmongers at 211 with a ladder and step ladder propped up, then a substantial drapers with gas lights outside to illuminate the windows. This was run by Charles Low in 1901 and 1913, and occupied numbers 212 and 213. The window display is magnificent, including clothes for small children, men & women. A couple of items in the nearest window are priced at 2/6 (two shillings and six pence): 12.5p in today's money.

Next door with three steps to the extrance, was no. 214, a printers and stationers run by John F Coulton in 1901 and 1913.

Thomas Bates the butcher at no. 215 is just visible - a number of carcases (pigs?) are hanging outside. Purkiss, provision dealers were in the building with the projecting first floor bay window (no. 216). Just visible in the distance is the Beehive Hotel, at no. 227, beyond the Half Acre and therefore lying in Old Brentford.

On the right are a multitude of signs. The 'Idris Royal Mineral Waters' signs were outside no. 100, run by Archibald Hawthorn, chemist & druggist in 1901. The Barley Corn beerhouse at no. 98 is also signed, as is the Catherine Wheel at no. 94. A sign for 'Cigars' is outside no. 96: this was a tobacconists run by Mrs F A Flexman in 1911.

The man with his hands in his pockets, with pipe and cap is outside the London County & Westminster Bank at no. 101.

The traffic is light. In the distance is not a tram, as I first thought, but a laden horse drawn cart filled with stacks of wooden (or wicker?) boxes - perhaps a return from the market?

See details of the properties on the left as far as the Half Acre and more distant properties on the right including the Catherine Wheel and those nearer to the photographer including the Barley Corn.