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Not Brentford

New Brentford - 28 June 2008

Google Earth image of New Brentford plus 29 colour photo images of the High Street area; each photo includes a pointer indicating where the photo was taken from and the direction the view is taken of; see list below for details

Dave Stoneleigh has provided this super photographic record of New Brentford on a sunny midsummer day, June 28 2008, during the Brentford Festival. The pointer for each photo shows where the image was taken from and in what direction. The tour starts in the Brentford Bridge area (at the western end of New Brentford) and works eastwards.

The backdrop image is provided by Google Earth.

Larger versions of each of the images will be loaded over time; please use the links below to access these. If there is an image you would like to see that is not loaded just contact me.

New Brentford is the western part of Brentford, with the High Street running through the centre roughly east/west. Brentford Bridge marks the western end of New Brentford and 'High Street' becomes 'London Road' to the west of Brentford Bridge.

  1. View from Brentford Bridge to the west with Commerce Road to the right, including Bridge House
  2. View from Brentford Bridge to the west, including O'Briens at 11 London Road
  3. View from Brentford Bridge to the north east, showing the Brentford Lock development
  4. View from London Road looking east, including Commerce Road off to the left, Brentford Bridge approach in the centre and O'Briens on the right; the abutment wall of the old railway bridge is on the left
  5. View from Brentford Bridge looking east, showing Canal Court (occupying the site of numbers 152 - 158) and The Six Bells at 149 High Street
  6. View from Brentford Bridge of Canal Court on the corner site with the canal in the foreground
  7. To the right of the above
  8. To the right of the above
  9. View from the canal side (by Canal Court) looking north towards Brentford Bridge
  10. View from the south side of Brentford High Street approaching The Ham between numbers 151 & 152 (to the right), looking across to the north side of the High Street
  11. View to the east including Augustus Close to the right; Augustus Close is along the line of the old railway and provides access to Brentford Dock
  12. Part of St Lawrence's churchyard, showing WW1 War Memorial
  13. View from northern side of the High Street, looking southwest at the Six Bells, Canal Court and Brentford Bridge; The Ham is off to the left
  14. View from northern side of the High Street across to St Lawrence's church and churchyard
  15. View from footbridge looking north towards the GlaxoSmithKline HQ at 980 Great West Road
  16. View from footbridge looking southwest to Brentford Bridge, with O'Brien's at 11 London Road in background
  17. View looking north towards the footbridge and Brentford Lock, with Prezzo on the left
  18. Stone plaque outside St Lawrence's church, High Street 'Pure filtered water given by the Grand Junction Water Company'
  19. Stone in St Lawrence's churchyard associated with the Grand Junction Water Company
  20. View of the western end of St Lawrence's church including the base of the church tower
  21. WW1 Memorial,St Lawrence's Church
  22. Side view of Grand Junction Water Company stone
  23. View from eastern edge of St Lawrence's churchyard looking eastwards along High Street, including Tallow Road, leading to Brentford Lock
  24. View of 129/130 High Street (Motorwise) and 131 - 134, the southern side of High Street
  25. View west towards St Lawrence's church behind the trees, the Victorian vicarage (now flats) and site of Spantons Timberyard
  26. View of the southern side of the High Street, including County Parade and the Magpie & Crown at 128 High Street
  27. The Magistrates' Court in Market Place on the north side of the High Street (between numbers 195 & 196)
  28. View of County Parade looking west, including Castle Pizza at 117, Rakib's at 118, access to Bradshaw's Yard between 118 & 119
  29. View looking east towards the Half Acre, including Natwest Bank at 100/101 and Brentford Post Office at 102/3 High Street
Have you a Broadband connection which can cope with a 2Mb download? If so there is also a Large key page (around 5000x3500).

Published 2008, last updated November 2010