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Not Brentford

Will of Frances Bourne, widow, New Brentford, 1856

... Frances BOURNE, the widow of William BOURNE late of New Brentford... lighterman deceased

... I nominate, constitute and appoint Mr Henry John RATCLIFF of Brentford Butts ... Surgeon and Mr George LESLIE of Hammersmith Mall, Gentleman, Executors and Trustees

[Very lengthy, wordy will follows, key bequests extracted]

... William the son of Joseph Jasper BOURNE deceased my late husband's brother ... 50

... household goods ... unto and equally between Charlotte, the wife of Joseph ANDREWS of New Brentford, yeoman and Mary Ann BOURNE, spinster, who is now residing with me and Jane Elizabeth FERGUSON of (Sermon?) Lane, Doctors Commons, widow [clauses to effect that if they cannot agree the split amongst the three of them then to put items up for auction]

... James, the son of my late nephew John DIXON, 60

... each and every of following children of Joseph Jasper BOURNE deceased

... Sarah, wife of Richard WATSON

... Maria Mortimer wife of Henry HARRADINE

... Elizabeth Charlotte Frances wife of Thomas DALE

... Mary Ann wife of John (MARPLE?) the sum of 5

... Frances Ann the wife of James WOODFORD of Calbourne, Isle of Wight 400

... Mary Ann Andrews WOODFORD a daughter of the said James and Frances Ann WOODFORD 200

... said Henry John RATCLIFF, Executor and Trustee, 10

... William James WOODFORD a son of the said James and Frances Ann WOODFORD 20 and a silver watch which belonged to my late husband

... Joseph Jasper BOURNE and George Emanuel BOURNE two of the sons of the said (I wrote John but think it should be Joseph) Jasper BOURNE deceased 20 each

... George FERGUSON son of the said Jane Elizabeth FERGUSON 20

... said George LESLIE, Executor and Trustee, 100 'as a token of the respect I have and bear towards him for several years in the management of my affairs'

... unto my Executors 70 upon trust ... for benefit ... Maria Ann, wife of William NORMINGTON

... invest 700 in the purchase of three pounds per cent interest ... annuities ... to pay Louisa the wife of Richard NELSON ... dividends

... invest 400 ... Frances the wife of Thomas WHITE ... dividends

... I give devise and bequeath unto the said Mary Ann BOURNE ... all those my three freehold cottages and the cart shed adjoining ... and known as Bournes Buildings in New Brentford ... in the several tenures of [gap left in will but no names entered]

... residue ... said Henry John RATCLIFF and George LESLIE

... one of my houses with the appurtenances situate in the High Street next and adjoining to the Bridge

... one of my houses ... next and adjoining to the said last mentioned house and being the second house from the said Bridge

... dated 8th December 1853

signed by Frances BOURNE

... witnessed by James GOREN, Attorney of Law, 29 South Moulton Street, Oxford Street, London and George HUME, clerk to James GOREN

Codicil ... make void my appointment of Henry John RATCLIFF ... in his place John HINGE of New Brentford, veterinary surgeon ... dated 12th June 1855

... proved at London on 20th December 1856

How to see this will in full

A copy of the original will can be downloaded from The National Archives Documents Online service, or it can be viewed free of charge by visiting TNA at Kew.


Published February 2010