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Transcription of the will of Eliza Loveday of Edgware Road, 1861

This full transcription has been provided by Bob Loveday, a direct descendant of the Lockyer/Sharp/Loveday family. The original linebreaks are maintained.

More details of the Lockyer/Sharp/Loveday family.

On the 4th day of December 1861
the Will of
Eliza Loveday
late of No.42 George Street Edgware
Road in the County of Middlesex
Widow deceased, who died on the 11th day of November 1861,
at No.42 George Street aforesaid
was proved in the Principal Registry of Her Majesty's Court of Probate by the Oath
of Henry Lockyer SHARP
of No.15 Great Cumberland Street
in the said county Gentleman the
the sole
Executor therein named he having been first sworn duly to administer

Effects under £7000

This the last Will & Testament of me Eliza Loveday
In pursuance and exercise of the power and authority
given and devised to me in my Marriage Settlement
bearing the date the fifteenth day of June One Thousand Seven
Hundred and Ninety Six and in exercise of the powers and
authority as aforesaid Do make This my last Will and
Testament (revoking hereby and making void all former
Wills) in manner following - I give devise and bequeath
to George Loveday the eldest child of my deceased Son
Henry Lockyer Loveday his Executors administrators
& Assigns The Farm in Somersetshire now in the
occupation of Thos. SHEPHERD in The Parish of Kingsbury
consisting of a Farm House, several closes of Land altogether
Fifty Six Acres or thereabout more particularly set forth
in my Marriage Settlement abovementioned, for His and Their
own use and benefit absolutely for ever. I give and bequeath
to Julia Loveday Daughter of my deceased Son Henry Loveday
(abovementioned) her Executors and Assigns The Farm in
Somersetshire now in the Occupation of Chas. HARDING in the

Parish of Compton(?) consisting of a Farm House, Barn and
appurtenances thereto belonging with closes or land in all
Forty nine acres or thereabouts for her and their use and benefit
absolutely for ever. Also I give and bequeath to the said
Julia Loveday all the India Stock now standing in the
names of my three Trustees Henry Lockyer SHARP, Thos. BOWDEN
and Willm. YOUNG for her and their use and benefit for ever.
I give and bequeath to my Eldest Daughter Emily Mary
de GHEUS wife of Adolphe de GHEUS of Ypres in Belgium
her Executors Administrators and Assigns all the Property
I possess in Bermondsey in the County of Surrey Consisting
of a Wharf & ground Let to Thos. BENSON situated in Mill St
also another Wharf let to - VOGAN also situated in Mill St
a large piece of Land let to Florence BENSON in Jacob St
Also a piece of (where formerly three small Houses stood) now
Let to - HARRIS for Building. I also bequeath to the said
Emily de GHEUS All my funded Property in the Three Per Cts
Government Security now standing in the names of my
three Trustees abovementioned for her and their use and


benefit for ever. I give Bequeath and devise to my
Son Willm. Lockyer Loveday his Heirs Executors and Assigns
and to my Daughter Matilda Susan de St SAUVEUR (Wife
of Henri Sosthène Baron de St SAUVEUR in the department
of Orne in Normandie in France) All my real and Landed
Property of whatsoever kind that I possess at Ealing in the
County of Middlesex to be equally divided between them
share and share alike consisting of a House & Land called
Castle bear Cottage about Sixteen Acres more or less another
House & Land called Dane Lodge about Ten Acres
Three Fields at Ealing Dane about twenty acres & twenty
seven of arable Land Let to Thos. MEACOCK Eight small
Cottages near the Church Let to TAYLOR Also five Cottages
with several pieces of Land about twenty Acres, more
or less, Let to STEVENS I also bequeath to my Daughter
Matilda de St SAUVEUR All my Plate Jewels Cloathes
and personal ornaments of every description for her sole
use & benefit - In exercising my Right I have by this
Will endeavoured to divide my Property comprised

in my Marriage Settlement as equitably as possible
That no dispute may arise after my Death amongst
my Children and I desire to request that no unnecessary
trouble be given to my Nephew Henry Lockyer SHARP
who has been my active Trustee for many Years &
who has done all in his power to improve my Estates
for the benefit of myself and my Heirs and knowing
his extreme probity and honorable conduct, I do
hereby nominate and appoint him the said Henry
Lockyer SHARP to be my sole Executor to this my
Last Will and Testament In Witness Whereof I the
said Eliza Loveday set my hand and seal this fourteenth
day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand
eight Hundred and fifty nine - Eliza Loveday
Signed, Sealed & delivered by the within named
Eliza Loveday and acknowledged to be her last Will &
Testament in the presence of us, who at her request, & in
her presence and in the presence of each other have
hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses
Mattw. WRIGHT(?) Kt(?) 5 Hyde Park Square
Anna Augusta CARPUE 8a Manchester Square


Published September 2016