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Register of Canal Boats 1894

If you cannot read the details, try 'Ctrl+' a few times to enlarge, or failing that, see below for a summary.
Registration for the boat 'Samuel'

The boat

The boat was a wide boat used to transport 'general merchandise' and it was called 'Samuel'. It had two cabins and this meant it could accommodate a maximum of 6 adults or 2 adults and 7 children (under note 14. there is reference to the maximum number of persons registered which was 'subject to the conditions prescribed with regard to separation of the sexes'.

Other registration questions were answered as follows:
Route along which the boat is accustomed or intended to ply: Thames & Grand Junction Canal
Mode of propulsion: horse
Whether to be used as a fly boat worked by shifts: not a fly boat
The registration of the 'Samuel' was cancelled in 1930.


The owner

Alfred Buck, High Street, Brentford owned the 'Samuel'. In 1891 there were two local Alfred Bucks, the father Alfred was living in Norwood at Top Lock House, his occupation was 'barge owner'. In 1891 his youngest son Samuel was 11: perhaps the boat was named after him. Alfred shared Top Lock House with his son William, also a barge owner and his wife and family.

Presumably by 1894, when the 'Samuel' was registered, the Bucks had set up business on the High Street. In 1901 William Buck, son of Alfred senior, was living at 171/2 with his wife and family. His occupation was 'master lighterman' and he was an employer.

There are a lot of Bucks in the census returns for the Brentford area. Fortunately three descendants of the Buck family, Ann Podmore, Pam Marsh & Lyn White have been in touch and they have researched how the many Bucks fit together.


The master

The master of the boat was James Styles. The 1891 census includes several people called James Styles. There is one who was aged 41, occupation 'boatman canal' living at 5, Rowes Cottages, Norwood with this wife, four daughters and a son. Norwood is about 3 miles to the west of Brentford and the canal runs through it, so he seems a possible candidate to be master of 'Samuel'. Lyn White has pointed out another connection between the Buck and Styles families: in the 1891 census John Buck (born 1863) is listed as having Annie M Stiles age 14 (sister in law) and John Stiles age 3 (brother in law) living with them on the boat "Walker"


Other entries from the Register of Canal Boats

David & Ann Podmore also provided two other copies from the register:
  • the 'William' a wide boat owned by Alfred Buck & Sons Ltd, master Edward Latchford (John Seymour crossed out); the boat was propelled by horse or tug and had two cabins; it was registered in 1925
  • the 'Wye', a wide boat owned by Alfred Buck & Sons Ltd, master Arthur Atkins; the boat was used for carrying timber, paper pulp and sulphur and was propelled by tug; it was registered in 1928
The original documents are held by Chiswick Library.


Published February 2007