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British Army WW1 Medal Roll Card

Trevor Mitchell has provided this image of the medal roll card for Joseph Gandell. Trevor has Gandell ancestry, but cannot find a link to the family of Joseph Gandell, he adds 'It is possible that they were descendants of Jewish immigrants into the east end as many who had the names Gandelman / Gandalman / Gendelman anglicized to Gandell.'

Medal card: an index card, completed with details of the serviceman

The card has been completed in at least two stages. The initial information was completed in red, when the 1915 Star medal was awarded, later additions were made in blue:

  • Name: surname and initial, the initial J was later changed to 'Joseph'
  • Corps: Northamptonshire Regiment is abbreviated to North'm R
  • Rank: Private is abbreviated to Pte
  • Regtl No.: 19059
    NB the above three pieces of information are dittoed to confirm that they remained the same at the time of later additions to the medal roll
  • The medal details include the roll and page no. for each medal awarded; the '15 Star' medal details were completed first: this medal was awarded to men who served in France or Flanders (Belgium) between 23 November 1914 and 31 December 1915, or for service in between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915; there was also a '14 Star' awarded to men who served in France or Falnders before 23 Nov 1914
  • The award of the Victory Medal was added later to the card: this was awarded to men who served anywhere during WW1
  • The British War Medal was awarded to anyone who served in WW1, including civilians
  • Theatre of War first served in: this shows Joseph Gandell first served in France on 25 November 1915
  • Remarks: Joseph Gandell's death on 17 August 1916 is recorded
The reverse of the card was not completed for Joseph Gandell: it included headings 'Correspondence' and 'Address'.


Published April 2009