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Funeral of John Joseph Dorey, 1918

I am grateful to Janet McNamara for forwarding a series of local newspaper cuttings in 2010. They tell the lives of the Dorey family, well known builders in Brentford.

This one describes the funeral of John Joseph Dorey and was published in the Middlesex Independent newspaper, Saturday, September 28, 1918.



The funeral of Mr. John Joseph Dorey (managing director of Joseph Dorey and Co., Ltd.) whose lamented death was recorded in our last issue, was carried out on Thursday afternoon with impressive simplicty and amid scenes which testified to the wide sympathy and regret evoked by the melancholy event as well as to the respect and esteem entertained for the deceased gentleman in all parts of Brentford and district.

The cortege left the family residence, Park House, Boston Road, at 2.30, and the Old Brentford Cemetery in Ealing Road was reached shortly before 3 o'clock. The grave, which lay a short distance to the right side of the main entrance, was beautifully lined with evergreen and flowers. The service was conducted in the cemetery chapel by the Rev. George Tuohy, Vicar of St. Faith's (in which parish Mr. Dorey had so long resided, and whose stately church was one of the many sacred edifices which the firm of Joseph Dorey had built.) The Rev. G. Tuohy also performed the graveside rites.

Then follows a description of the ceremony, list of mourners (in full, below) and a tribute published 'some years ago' by Mr. F.A. Felton, then on the staff of the Middlesex Independent. I have not transcribed the tribute excepting the following excerpt:

"He is no believer in an armchair philosophy. You do not find him under the eiderdown when his employees are clanging their hammers and oiling their saws. "


The chief mourners were:—
First carriage.—Mr. J. H. Dorey (son), Mr. Norman Dorey (son), Mr. Charles J. Dorey and Mr. Thomas H. Dorey (brothers).

Second carriage.—Mr. W. Dorey, Mr. T. Allwood, Mr. R. Harwen (brothers-in-law), Mr. T. D. Sellwood (nephew).

Third carriage.—Mr. Henry Tayler (brother-in-law), Mr. M. Tayler (nephew), Mr. W. Dorey (cousin), Mr. J. Gardiner (friend).

Fourth carriage.—Mr. H. J. Sellwood, Mr. J. T. Dorey, Mr. J. Allwood (nephews), Mr. M. Holmes (friend).

Three additional carriages reserved for councillors and other local representatives.

Among a great many other friends of the deceased and representatives of various local authorities, professions and industries were Mr. Forrester Clayton, J.P., C.C. (Chairman of the District Council, of which Mr. Dorey was vice-chairman), Mr. H. Newens, Mr. H. W. Dodge, Mr. G. Challis, Mr. Evan Phillips, Mr..W. J. Noy (members), Mr. J. W, Croxford (Surveyor), Mr, J. Prince (Collector), Mr. H. Coleman (Inspector), Mr. T.W. Peters (Baths Superintendent); Mr. H. H. Whitehead (of the Royal Brewery Company and York Mineral Water Company); Mr. H. A. Bugby (Royal Brewery Co.), Mr. H. Jason,Saunders,.Mr. H. T. Gomm, Mr. J. K. Bohling, Mr. W. J. Taylor (Saunders and Taylor), Mr. W. O'Hara, Mr. B. Lambert (Brentford and Ealing Licensed Victuallers' Association, of which body Mr. Dorey was president in 1898), Mr. C. J. Chree, Mr. J. Remnant, Mr. F. M. Ames (Brentford Printing and Publishing Company) Mr. G. Band, Mr. T. Borer (British Composition Co.), Mr. Morton Lomax, Mr. H. B. Dadd, Mr. J. Simmonds, Mr. W. H. Stephenson, Mr. S Eslick, Mr. G. Manser, Mr. R. Hughes (Brentford Vestry), Mr. A. S. Ruston, Mr. Mark Thomas, Mr. E. Girling, Mr. A. Sherwin, Mr. R. F. Sharp (T. and W. Farmilow, Ltd.), Rev. T. Selby Henrey, Dr. Bott, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Walter, Mr. W. Bedbrooke, Mr. W. Hood, Mr. W. Scott (manager York Mineral Water Co.), and many of the employees; Mr. H.W. New, Mr. Harrison, Mr. W. Gandy, Mr. W. Lewis, Mr. J. Millross, Mr. W. G. Moyce, Mr. F. Meyers, Mr. C.. H., Dunn (London and Provincial Bank), Mr. J. Mills, (of Messrs. J. Mills and.Sons), and the following workpeople belonging to the firm of Joseph Dorey, Ltd.: Messrs. Lewis, J.G. Geach, W. Barnes, C. McEwan, F. Williams, T. Spicer, H. Chant, W. Granville, W. Cox, W. Wilkin, A.W. Smith, E. Jones, W. Phipps, and J. Topping.


The floral offerings included the following: —
Mrs. J..J. Dorey (Trote), Plum and Nell, Mary, Donald and Norman, Charley and Rose, Bunny and Olive, Mr. and Mrs. T. A.. Gardiner, Nephews and Nieces at Sheen, Lucy and Henry, Harry and Florrie, Mrs. Fell, Harry and Nell Sellwood, Brother Tom, Aunt Fan and Uncle Bob, Mrs. Baxter, Jack, Ethel and little Joan, Tom and Lucy, Mr., Mrs. and Jack Allwood, Tom and Dolly (Nephew and Niece), Joe and Lil, Nephew and Niece), Mrs. Rapkin, Miss Dessurne, Miss Pothecary, Chairman and Members of the Urban District Council, Mrs. W.J. Gomm, Boston Park Cricket Club, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Lewis, Staff at Maxims, Maxims Kitchen, Brentford Swimming Club, Staff and employees of Joseph Dorey and Co., Ltd., Mr. H. H. VVhitehead, Mr. G. Challoner, Royal Brewery, York Minerals employees, Mrs. Clack, Mr. Stutter and family, Mrs. Robinson, Miss Merrick, Mr. and Mrs. Noy, the Council's officials at Clifden House, the Baths and the Market, Messrs. Rowe and Co., Thames Soap Works, Mr. Divie Robertson, the Ealing and Brentford Licensed Victuallers, From his Fellow Overseers, Mr. Nowell Parr, Mrs., Miss and Mr. L. W. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Charlton, Mr. and Mrs. C. Morton Lomax, Messrs. J. Clements and G. Knowling, Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Borer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Souch, Mr. and Mrs. Whithair, Mr. Charles Taylor, Messrs. F. Nash and Sons, and the Brentford Conservative Club.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Wickenden and Son, of Brentford and Ealing.


Page published May 2010