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Death notice for John Joseph Dorey, 1918

I am grateful to Janet McNamara for forwarding a series of local newspaper cuttings in 2010. They tell the lives of the Dorey family, well known builders in Brentford.

This one is a death notice, published in the Middlesex Independent newspaper, Wednesday September 25 1918. This is an exact transcript excepting I have split larger paragraphs into several so it is easier to read on a PC.



We deeply regret to record the death of Mr, John Joseph Dorey, of Park House, Boston Road, Brentford, and head of the well-known and old-established firm of Joseph Dorey and Co., Ltd., of this town.

The sorrow and sympathy evoked by the sad event will be accentuated by the fact that it occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, Mr. Dorey, indeed, passing peacefuly away in his sleep early on Sunday morning last at the residence of his son, Mr. J.H. Dorey, Haldon House, Hamilton Road. Mrs Dorey had been away from home for some days and Mr Dorey was staying with his son in Hamilton Road. He was then in his usual health, and had not long previously returned from town. It has been decided that no inquest is necessary, the deceased gentleman having been regularly attended by the family doctor, and all the indications unmistakably pointing to the conclusion that the actual cause of death was sudden failure of the heart's action.

The news soon spread throughout the district, and was everywhere received with pained surprise and, as we have said, with profound regret. Mr. Dorey was out and about as usual during the previous week, and was seen by many of the inhabitants and business acquaintances, to all of whom nothing was apparent to lead to the thought that he was so soon to be removed from their midst. In this respect it will be recalled that he attended in the capacity of chairman at the annual swimming gala of the Rothschild Boys' School at Brentford on Thursday night (where his son Mr. J.H. Dorey, acted as starter of the contests) and on the previous Tuesday evening he was in his customary position as vice-chairman of the Brentford District Council, and took part in a brief discussion on the subject of the National Kitchen.


The late Mr. Dorey was born at Strand-on-the-Green, and was 70 years of age. The whole of his strenuous business life was spent in Brentford, and the firm with which he was so long identified occupied an eminent position in the building world, and carried out under his skilled and experienced direction many very large and important undertakings in various parts of the country as well as nearer to the town with which it was for such a long period associated.

Joseph Dorey and Co., Ltd., whose chief works are at Distillery Road, Brentford, specialised in church building, and have erected probably close on two hundred places of divine worship, as well as engaged in the construction of public buildings, factories etc., many of which are in Brentford and its locality: and they are at the present time occupied with several large Government contracts.

Among the most important of the late Mr. Dorey's public functions may be mentioned that of the vice-chairmanship of the District Council, where, although he did not frequently take part in the incidental discussions - speaking only when he had somehting tangible to say - his practical advice in much that pertained to the everyday work of the departments was of great value, and contributed in no small degree to the efficient and economical government of the town.

In other channels the deceased gentleman played an active and honourable, but unassuming and unobtrusive, part in the life of Brentford, holding many important positions and being prominently identified with its local bodies, associations, and institutions. He was one of the oldest members of the Brentford Philanthropic Society, and in the words of the hon. secretary (Mr. Cowley) never refused his assistance to any deserving case brought under his notice. He filled the office of Overseer for Old Brentford, was a member of the Conservative and Unionist Assoication and Club, was on the Brentford Local Board up to the time when that authority gave place to the District Council, to which he was soon also elected; one of the Charity Trustees; a warm supporter of the Brentford rowing and football clubs, and an ardent advocate of all healthy physical recreation.

Mr. Dorey was also a vice-president of the Brentford Boy Scout Association, and a strong supporter of the movement.

The firm of Joseph Dorey and Co., Ltd., had a very wide business scope, and comprised in the undertakings were the York Mineral Water Co., Ltd., British Composition Co., Ltd., and Maxim's Restaurant, Wardour Street, W.

It was a curious coincidence that Mr. Dorey pass away at his son's house and that it was in the same residence where both his mother and father died.

As announced elsewhere, the funeral is arranged to take place from Park House tomorrow afternoon at 2.30.


Page published May 2010