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Ealing and Old Brentford Cemetery Register Entry, 1923

The registers of burials at this cemetery are available on the Ancestry website. The sample below includes the burial of Hannah Carter at the grand age of 94 - read more about the Carter family.

Cemetery register
Each entry records the following details, the examples are completed for the second entry of the page shown:

  • Number or mark of grave or vault - 2 L
  • Situation of grave or vault - Ground L Division con(secrated) New Cemetery
  • If purchased, no. of entry - blank; rubber stamped 'Common'
  • Name of person buried - Archibald William Jeffrey; Rebecca Gray; Hannah Carter; Elizabeth Ann Austin; John Samuel Williams (this entry has been crossed out); Gaorge Turton
  • Age - the age of each person is recorded
  • Date of interment - dates from 31 March to 13 April 1923
  • Fees paid - 1 3s 0d in each case where the burial proceeded
  • No. and folio in register of burials - see scan

The site has a some further information about the cemetery and also a plan of the cemetery.


The first entry is in a family plot held in perpetuity, Arthur Henry Bacon being buried March 29 1923 followed by Mary Amy Bacon on 31 August 1927 - his wife? Both were 54 at death. The first interment fee was higher - 5 14s, presumably as the plot had to be opened; the second was 3 17 s 6d.

The second entry shows a common grave where none of the individuals were related. Five adults were buried here over the period March 31 to April 13 1923. Were they buried side by side or on top of each other? A standard charge of 1 3s was made for each interment - under a third of the cost of the second Bacon burial.

A sixth name, Jack Samuel Williams, is crossed out and he may not have been buried here. His age at death was just 3 hours. His birth was registered in Brentford in the April-June quarter of 1923 and his mother was formerly a Saunders. There were other Williams births where the mother was formerly a Suanders in Brentford Registration District: Donald V Williams in the Jul-Sep quarter 1925 and Leslie W Williams in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1929.


Published January 2018