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Not Brentford

Brentford outing, around 1953

Crowd of over 50 people, range of ages but nobody under 12, ready to get on a coach (from Colchester?).  Ladies are dressed in print dresses, some with jackets or coats, some of the men have open-necked shirts, some wear ties.

Sandra Graves has provided this photo, which was taken outside The Royal Oak near the old St John's School in Brook Road. The old football ground is in the background.

'Working from right to left: Annie GRANT (white shoes), Bill GRANT and then Annie's in-laws, Charlotte GRANT and then William GRANT, with cap and stick (he lived in Albany Road).

'Also along the row is Rita SPATMAN, Mr and Mrs FENNIS used to live in Hamilton Road and Harry and Alice KEYES. Alice KEYES is the 2nd lady from the left wearing a cardigan. Not sure if Harry KEYES is just behind her or to her right'

Kate D (August 2018): my great grandmother Ada BARRY (maiden name NIXON) is the lady on the front row to the left wearing glasses in between the two men in flat hats. She lived in Brook Street. I also think the man to her left is my great grandfather Albert BARRY.

Mrs Pauline Latarche: the lady in the front row in a striped dress holding a white handbag is my Mother-in-Law - Mary LATARCHE, and her husband - Charles, is in the back row to her left (right looking at the picture) with no cap or hat on.

John James, with help from Harry Keyes' brother, identified Eric OWDEN, the man in glasses (** see next item). The lady leftmost in the photo is Mrs MAYNARD. In the back row the tallest man more or less in the middle of the back of the coach standing next to a man wearing a flat cap and a black coat is Jess Kemp's son called Jess KEMP. Jess KEMP senior is also in the photo, striped tie, fourth whole person from the right. John suggests the photo was taken in 1953.

** Glynis Hemmings (October 2014): 'the man in glasses crouched down wearing glasses in the front row is my Dad - Bob WOOD - and to my Dad's left two people along are my Uncle's Eddie Wood and Stan Wood. Read Glynis's memories.

Terence McIver (October 2014): 'The group of four ladies standing next to each other at the front, my grandmother is the lady first on the left wearing a dress with what looks like a bow at the front and black leather gloves; her name was Mary McIVER and she lived in Lateward Road Brentford'.

Kirsty F (October 2011) to ask if anyone can confirm that the man with the walking stick and cheeky smile (just to the right of the coach) is Joseph HAMBRIDGE - if so please get in touch. Kirsty adds 'my grandad's family worked on the barge delivering coal to Brentford, he married my nan Hannah Walker and her family also delivered coal'.

Joanne Daubney (August 2010) to say Bet DAUBNEY, Joanne's nan, originally thought to be in the photo, is not there.

Christine Howes, formerly of 156 High Street (May 2013): my grandad (John HARRIS) is in the front row.

If you recognise anyone in the crowd please get in touch.

Published May 2009; last updated August 2018