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Brentford Redevelopment, November 2021

The south side of New Brentford is being redeveloped by Ballymore and Janet McNamara is keeping a photographic record. An update from Ballymore's November 2021 newsletter follows.

These photos were taken late 15 November and day time 16 November 2021.

The nighttime view looks across High Street from the steps of Verdict (the old Magistrates Court). The Magpie and Crown is to the right.

The second photo is from Augustus Close looking towards the High Street and the final one is from Brentford Dock.

November 2021 view of Blocks B & C
November 2021 view from Augustus Close
November 2021 near Brentford Dock

Ballymore's November 2021 newsletter

The sixth-floor slab in both Plots B and C has progressed well, alongside the ongoing installation of the precast panels for the lift and stair cores. The drainage installation at the southern area of Plot B completeed this month, and the on-site team began installing the scaffolding at the south elevation here too. The waterproofing of the first-floor terrace -the podium area - has also progressed this month.

Over in Plot K, the facade works have continued during November and the installation of the window frames and glazing can be seen up to the roof level. Further completions include the cement board and balcony stubs to both towers, the installation of the precast column panels to the west tower and both south and west elevations, and finally, the scaffolding installation at the central core is now in situ. Internal service installations have progresssed well this month and the fit-out works up to the third floor are ongoing.

Sensitive exhumation works in Plot A were completed alongside reinternment at Brookwood Cemetery.


Similar view to the first photo, September 2021.

Other photos by Janet charting the new development.

Published December 2021