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Ladies' Outing, 1950s

Fay Twydell has provided this photo taken outside the Magnet pub, showing a ladies' group who have either just returned or are about to set off on an outing.

They are all wrapped up well, part from the young girl at front left. Fay's aunt has provided some names but Fay notes 'I'm not sure what she means by rows'! Please get in touch if you can help identify where the people are, summary of various contacts about names follows the photo.
Back row, left to right: Mrs Rose Osborne, Mrs Joan Osborne, Mrs West, ?, ?, Maud Tew, Eileen Tew, several ?, Annie West, ? Jennings, ? Jennings, ? Jennings, ? Jennings, Mrs Gardner, Betty Gardner, ? Gardner
Front row, left to right: ?, Hilda Wheeler, Nancy Wheeler, Mrs Clark, Maud Wheeler, Dot (Dorothy) Wheeler, ?, Mrs Jennings
The man standing by is Mr, Butler, his wife Mrs Butler is in the back row wearing a hat

Fay adds 'my grandmother Maud Wheeler is the small lady in the middle row just below the lady who is second left in the very back row' and 'aunt Pat: 2nd left front row'. At the time the photo was taken the Magnet was managed by Mrs Clark (centre front).

Jean Dunsdon adds 'My gran Clara Hamlin is in the front row 3rd from right, she is wearing a floral dress under a dark coat and a hat. This was her second marriage, she was married to Edward Langley first, her maiden name was Wiltshire.'

John Jennings adds 'the lady in the middle row with her blouse tuck outside her coat is my mother Mrs Jennings. The lady standing infront of the coach middle row is Mrs Kennedy and beside her is her daughter, second from left in the back row is Mrs Cox. hope these names help. I was born at 35 the Ham in 1938, my father was known as Ted Jennings and my sister Lily'.

Patsy Langley adds 'Clara Hamlin was first married to my dad’s Uncle Ted (Edward) Langley. My dad knew her very well as ‘Aunt Clara’ and she remained ‘Aunt Clara’ following her second marriage.' (May 2012)

Group of 27 ladies standing by a coach
There are three rows, back (7), middle (6 plus lady turned sideways and two ladies, one peeking over shoulder of a standing lady), front (girl plus 10), all left to right:
Back: ?, Mrs COX, ?, ?, ?, Mrs BUTLER, ?
Middle: Mrs KENNEDY, her daughter, Maud WHEELER, Mrs JENNINGS, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Front: ?, Fay's Aunt Pat, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mrs CLARK, ?, Clara HAMLIN, ?, ?

Please get in touch if you can add any further names.

Published September 2011; updated July 2012