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Coach Party in the Ham, 1950s?

Fay Twydell has provided this photo of a coach outing, it was taken by PJ Pinkett of Edgware.

Jean Dunsdon adds (August 2011): the lady sitting on the left is my gran Clara Hamlin (formerly Langley) my dad's mum. (Also mum to Harry Langley).
John Jennings adds (August 2011): the lady sitting to the right of the bench is my nan Annie Jennings, and the lady standing by her side in the long coat and handbag is my aunt Jesse Foster, the lady looking over her left shoulder is my aunt Ada Jennings. They all lived down the Ham until the early fifties.
Stephen Privett adds (March 2013): I`m sure that one of the ladies is my nan (Edith Beasley) she is the one second to left in the long black coat. Standing between the 2 ladies that are wearing hats.

Group of ladies
The photo shows around 30 ladies, most wearing a white buttonhole, in front of a Wrights coach in the Ham, with the railway bridge in the background.

The ladies are late teens to 60+, dresses knee-length, some peep-toe sandals on show and only one of the younger ones is bare-armed, so I would guess it was a spring or autumn outing. A trail-blazing lady centre front is wearing trousers!

There are two gentlemen at the right, perhaps the driver, wearing a cap and light coloured coat (or was it a passing milkman?).

PJ Pinkett, the photographer, was included in phone books from 1948 to 1972 at a couple of addresses in Stanmore, which had an Edgware dialling code until 1954, I would guess the photo is from the 1948-1953 period.

Can you help with any names, or firm up the date?

Published July 2011; last updated March 2013