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Brentford Firemen, 1944

Formal photo of 32 firemen and women outside Brentford Fire Station, 2 fire engines just visible

Keith Davis has provided this 1944 photo, which is entitled

National Fire Service

Station 34.C.5. Brentford

December, 1944

Back Row: Fm. J. Lazarus, Fm. J. Voss, Fm. N.A. Mansell, Fm. Jones, P.T.Fm. L.H. Bohee, Fm. J.H. Ayling, Fm. C. Borrison, Fm. J. Eddolls, Fm. H. Hill

Middle Row: Fm. J. Hodgson, Fm. H.W. Stevens, Fm. C. Hawksford, Fm. F.W. Coates, Fm. C.W.H. Luxton, Fm. F.W. Stephens, Fm. G.E. Stokes, Fm. J.B. Groom, Fm. W. Bishop, Fm. A.E. Higgins

Front Row: Fwm. D.A. Lumpkin, Fwm. D.E. Russell, Fwm. M. Howard, L/Fm. S. Davis, L/Fm. R. Hubbuck, L/Fm. S. Ware, Coy. Officer W.T. Whittaker, S/L P.A. Moss-Blundell, L/Fm. T.J. Winslett, L/Fm. R.C. Hammond, Fwm. M. Littlejohns, Fwm. P. Dorsett, Fwm. I.M. Heales

(L/Fm. = Leading Fireman; S/L = Section Leader)

The photo was taken outside the Fire Station (which opened in 1898, designed by Nowell Parr) at 53 High Street.

Leading Fireman Sam Davis (fourth from left, front row) is Keith Davis's father.