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Distillery Road Street Party

Sue O'Donnell provided two photos showing the street party celebrations for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2, June 1953. The first view is from the junction with Netley Road, looking south towards High Street.

View along street festooned with bunting and union jacks, several residents standing in their front gardens

Sue sent a high resolution scan and two full size enlargements follow showing the people on the left and right side. She adds 'Mrs Rowe is the first lady on the left'.

8 residents

Mrs Gittins is one of the ladies on the right:

Children playing, more residents

The second photo shows the party underway, Sue adds
I have arranged people into groups and have done a head count from right to left and given each person a number, hope that makes sense!

Standing at back of photo on right
Renee Evans and her dad Henry Evans (2 and 3)
Standing at back of table from right
Albert Woodley (1), Johnny Roach (3), Mrs Roach (4), Violet Johnson (5), Mrs Aldland (9) holding teapot, Mrs Huckwell (10), her daughter (11), Tom Passey, known as Tamma, (12)
Sitting at back of table
Marion Prince (2)
Sitting at front of table
Kenny Smith (2), Ernie Aldland (3), Charles Woodley (4), Pat Roach- girl with fringe (5), David Johnson (13)

Over 40 happy children sitting at long table with adults standing behind

Janet Byron, July 2022: My ancestors lived at 36 Distillery Road and one of my relatives is in the street party photo: Renee Evans; her mum was Emma Pugh, my nan's sister, who married Henry Evans: read more about Janet's Pugh family.

Charles Woodley, June 2013: I think I may be in the 2nd photo of the street party in progress. I think I am in the front row at the table, 4th from right. I lived at 24 Distillery Road until about 1964 and went to St Georges School until 1958, then Brentford Secondary Modern School 1958-1963. My parents were Fred and Joyce Woodley. I now live in the north of Scotland....
I am now trying to research my family history and would also be interested to hear from anyone who knew me in those days.

Can you add any more names or would you like to get in touch with Charles Woodley (I will forward your email to him)?

Published June 2012; last updated July 2022