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High Street photo from 'Autocar' published 1905

Howard Webb has provided a scan of this photo, which was published in 'Autocar' on Jan 21st 1905. He adds 'There is an article to go with the picture, it is all about how excellent buses are however it does not mention Brentford or the picture'.

I contacted Autocar on 17 Nov 2010 regarding publication and have not received a reply 4 weeks later, so assume that, after 105 years, there is no issue re: copyright. See below for the original caption to the photo.

Street scene with open-top tram and Goddard's cart filling most of road width

'An everyday occurrence in Brentford. The above illustration affords an excellent example of the obstruction which is caused by the use of trams through narrow thoroughfares. The use of the motor 'bus makes for increased public comfort, for it is obvious it can accommodate itself to any condition of traffic which may obtain at the moment'.

I think the writer was anti-tram as they ran on rails and could not get out of the way of other traffic.

The view was taken in New Brentford outside McIlroys at no. 129 (to the right of the photo), looking east. Howard kindly sent a 300 dpi version, in which it is possible to see items displayed outside with price tags marked 'McIlroys', eg '3/11', '5/11'. The magnificent lamp also incorporates the McIlroy name.

Next door to McIlroys at no. 128 is the Magpie and Crown pre-rebuild. The landlord was Charles Nelms and the signage 'Chiswick Ales' can be made out. A little further along, behind Goddard's cart, is a sign for the Magpie and Stump at no. 124 and the three balls sign must be outside George Hilton Haycock, pawnbroker 122 High Street (1907 trade directory) .

Goddard's cart has signs 'No. 7' and 'Estimates Free'. The tram is an open-top one, destination Hampton Court, there are similarities to the tram being restored at Crich Tramway Museum during 2010.

On the left is the stretch of High Street running up to Market Place, with the Three Pigeons at no. 195 on the near corner. See similar view, 1920s, a little further to the east.

Published December 2010