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2002 photo: number 81

Photo provided by Janet McNamara, local heritage guide. In August 2012 Stephen Privett shared his memories of working at Wilson and Kyle.

2 storey property in a dilapidated state

In the 1909/10 Valuation records this was described as a 'semi detached in 2 floors brick built and slated' with a frontage to the High Street of 33' 9".

Janet describes no. 81 in 2002: Empty but had been part of the Wilson and Kyle Marine Engineers whose whole complex has been empty for several years. (Paul Kyle says no. 81 was haunted). All due for redevelopment. Buildings back on to Town and Jupps Wharves on a Brent backwater. The main entrance gates are opposite Half Acre.

Wilson And Kyle - memories of Stephen Privett

I worked for Wilson and Kyle for about 4 years my Dad also worked there and also my Nan`s brother.

Wilson and Kyle were an engineering company dealing in Marine Diesel Fuel Injection`s. I worked in the packing dept and helped out in other departments when needed.

The Manager`s name was Mr Rudd. His son who later took over as manager David Rudd.
David Kyle (part owner with Mr Wilson), Paul Kyle son of David.

Along with our wages we got LV luncheon Vouchers. One perticular chap I remember used to save he`s LV and at Christmas time he would take he`s wife out to dinner and then pay using he`s LV.
At tea break there was someone from each Dept would go to the canteen to get the tea, which was made in big metal jugs some had two depending on size of the workers in each department.
Every year there would be a Christmas dinner and dance and an outing for the Children of the fathers who work at W&K. One trip I remember going on was to the Empire Pool Wembley to see Disney on Ice.

A few name`s I remember from working there. Ron Gould, Tommy Hunt, George Wourby and Arthur Osborne.
After work I used to go for a drink either at The Beehive across the road from W&K or go to the Brewery Tap in Catherine Wheel Road.


More details of the properties in this area and their occupants


Published April 2006; updated October 2012