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Not Brentford

Catherine Wheel Yard around 1932

These family photos are from Lynn Hayter and were taken in or near Catherine Wheel Yard (now Catherine Wheel Road), which runs south off the High Street between numbers 97 and 98.

Most feature Ena Stone (age around 3), and Lynn's aunt, Lilian Stone; the little boy is Ena's friend Tommy Spicer.

Young girl near lock Ena and Lilian Young girl helping in the garden Young girl with brush in yard
Ena in foreground,
lock at Catherine Wheel Yard
Lilian and her niece,
garden of 36 Catherine Wheel Yard
Ena gardening at no. 36 Ena helping clean the brick paving
outside no. 36

The next three photos include Ena's friend, Tommy Spicer:

Family in garden  Lilian, Ena and Tommy in garden Little girl and boy, Catherine Wheel Yard
Lilian, Ena and Tommy,
garden, 36 Catherine Wheel Yard
Ena and Tommy,
garden of 36 Catherine Wheel Yard
Ena and Tommy,
Catherine Wheel Yard

The view in the final photo above is looking south towards the wharf, with the High Street behind the photographer.

Lynn adds 'the building on the right is a pub and the sign says 'Chiswick Ales', which was one of the ales of Turners brewery, now Fuller, Smith & Turner, I think.'

The pub, the Brewery Tap, was rebuilt in 1928, according to Gillian Clegg's Brentford & Chiswick Pubs, the high entrance with steps to prevent flooding. The pub is still there, its name reminding us of its origins: it was originally next to the Beehive Brewery (which was formerly the Grand Junction Brewery).

Young girl in Catherine Wheel Yard Two little girls and playthings
View along Catherine Wheel Yard,
Ena in foreground
Ena, friend and playthings,
outside a house on Catherine Wheel Yard

Published April 2020