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Wedding photo: Arthur James Hockaday and Elizabeth Skilton 1902

Wedding group

Quentin Pickard has provided this photo taken on his grandparents' wedding day in 1902: remarkably he also has the names of many of the wedding guests.

AJH = Arthur James Hockaday, my grandfather, and ES = Elizabeth Skilton, my grandmother.

Back row, R to L:

Gertrude Cook nee Rump (AJH's cousin), Arthur Cook, Flo Rump (nee Ross), Richard Skilton (ES's brother), Mabel Harris (may have been a bridesmaid), Tom Terry (veteran of the Zulu war), Kate Skilton (ES's cousin, bridesmaid), [unknown], Frank Holden (later married Florence Hockaday), [unknown], Florence Hockaday (AJH sister, bridesmaid), [unknown - just visible - obviously a worker in the pub!], Will Snelling, Gertie Harris (bridesmaid), [unknown - just visible - obviously a worker in the pub!], Ernest Rump (veteran of the Boer War), Nellie Skilton (ES's cousin), Robert Rump (veteran of the Crimean War! AJH's uncle, father of Gertrude and Ernest, married to Sarah Ann), [unknown], Mrs Terry, George Burfoot (best man - not a relative), Mrs Mitchener.

Front row, R to L:

Mrs Newman ('a terrible practical joker'), Mrs Harris, Louisa Hockaday (nee Hannay - on 1911 census - AJH's sister in law - m. Will H, not in photo - probably at work in the pub), Richard Skilton (ES's father), Mary Skilton (nee Barnet - ES's mother), Elizabeth Skilton (bride - my grandmother), Arthur James Hockaday (groom - my grandfather), Sarah Ann Rump (nee Carnell - AJH's aunt), James Hockaday (AJH's father), Alice Davis (nee Hockaday - AJH's sister), Will Davis (another publican), Daisy Richards (later married George Burfoot).

The photo was taken in the back of the public house, The Half Moon & Crown, run by the groom's father, James Hockaday, address 55 London Road, Isleworth. James is on the front row, fourth from right. More about the Hockaday family