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Not Brentford

Princess Royal, 107 Ealing Road, Brentford

Howard Webb provided this multi-view colour postcard of the Princess Royal pub dating from the mid to late 1960s.

In 2021 Chris Brown sent memories of the Princess Royal, also a photo of Sandy Dogg performing there - see below.

The Princess Royal is one of four pubs on the corners of Griffin Park football ground and was built in 1841, then rebuilt in 1921. See 'Brentford and Chiswick Pubs' by Gillian Clegg for more details and photos of the exterior in 2005.

Orange was a popular colour at the time the photos were taken and used extensively in the Princess Royal, which presumably had recently been refurbished.

Four images: restaurant and bar; couple serving at bar which has a food display area and TV; function room, man performing on stage, audience of around 40; band of three young men on small stage

Perhaps you recognise the couple serving at the bar, or the band, which includes a banjo player, a drummer and a Jethro Tull-ish figure perhaps playing a recorder? Please get in touch if you can help. Which is exactly what Chris Brown did in early 2021.

Vic & Ann Edmunds serving at barBand of 3 men

Chris Brown: back in the mid sixties I used too play drums in a group and we used to play a couple of nights at the Princess Royal. We used to get I think it was 7 between the three of us. At the time I wasn't even old enough too be in a pub really. But that couple that are standing behind the bar is Vic & Ann Edmunds landlord and landlady of the Princess Royal at the time. I remember the Monkees group and TV show were very popular. And we used too play a few of there songs in our set. Another lady that used too work behind the bar was Doreen. Bigish built lady. The name of our group was Sandy Dogg. Named after our guitarists dog named Sandy. But yes there used too be a good crowd that used too get in there. Never any trouble at all.

Chris' s photo of Sandy Dogg at the Princess Royal.

Sandy Dogg playing at the Princess Royal, mid 1960s

I'm actually in touch with Dave that is the guitarist on the right hand side of the stage with the white frilled shirt on. I remember when we got those shirts. They were from a boutique in Carnaby Street London. Dave used too live in Brentford then he moved to Andover Hampshire when he got married. I did the disco at his wedding. Ray the other guitarist. Well too be honest I don't really know what happened too him.

The funny thing was after the group split up in the 70s I started a mobile and where did I end up playing ? You guessed it. The Princess Royal. Vic & Ann were still there then. Whatever happened too them I don't know.

More Brentford memories from Chris

Published January 2012; updated February 2021