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Not Brentford

Ealing Road, Brentford ca 1913

Howard Webb has provided a high resolution scan of his postcard (see enlargements below), which he advises was published by W H Applebee circa 1913.
Sepia view of road with around 20 people walking, shopping, lounging on either side

It is a view looking north up Ealing Road, with an open-top motorised bus (no. 306 or 305?) heading towards the photographer. The bus carries adverts for Pears Soap 'The King of Soaps' and 'The Soap of Kings'.

On the left it is possible to make out the name 'A A Carter' on one of the shops. Ealing Road occupants in a 1914 trade directory include Arthur A Carter, furniture dealer (no. 27) and confectioner (no. 29). The window of no. 29 does indeed include adverts for chocolate and a small boy and two other children are staring in at the wares.

There are a number of ladies wearing big hats out walking, on the left side of Ealing Road.

The trade directory shows Albany Road is the road to the left, Walnut Tree Road to the right.

The huddle of boys on the right is outside Beach's jam factory, at least a couple wear long working aprons. The chimney is on the Beach's site, which occupied the area up to the Cressage Road turn to the right.

Strawberry Villa is near the photographer on the right edge of the image and was occupied by 'Mrs Beach' according to the 1914 directory.

Enlargement showing youths
Thanks to Howard sending a high-resolution scan it is possible to 'meet' some of the people.
Enlargement showing ladies with hats
I wonder who the cyclist was, he certainly adds some 'dash' to the scene. The corner shop was a drapers, is the lady to the left of the lamp smoking? It was the era of big hats.

Published December 2010