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Brentford Licensed Victuallers recorded in 1861, 1882 and 1900

Vic Rosewarne has provided the following lists of licensed victuallers and beersellers from three years: 1861, around a month before the census, 1882 and 1900. In each case there are separate lists for Old Brentford, which was still part of Ealing parish in 1861, and New Brentford.

The 1861 lists include licensed victuallers only. Those for 1882 and 1900 have separate lists of beersellers.

There are 133 distinct surnames in the 176 records that follow: thus several surnames appear more than once. Further checks show 27 surnames were recorded in two or more of the three years: Atkinson, Barnes, Bee, Boxall, Buss, Collier, Gomm, Green, Hamblen, Hillyar, Hinton, Humphreys (spelling varies), Jennings, Loader, Marshall, Mattthews, McNae, Padbury, Pearce, Powell, Smith, Stout, Tayler, Taylor, Thick, Turner and Wise. Many of these surnames are distinctive and not particularly common: it seems likely that the same family was recorded more than once.

In addition to this group of 27 surnames there are a further five surnames which appear twice in the same year: Brooks, Farrington, Ferris, Kates and Piper; these individuals may also be related.

The site includes further information that may be useful if your ancestor was a licensed victualler or beerseller: several licensed victuallers are recorded in family research. Vic has also transcribed details of over 300 licence transfers from 1846; each records the new and previous licensee and often the reason for the transfer is stated or can be inferred.

The site may have further information about the property. If you know the exact High Street address (it may be included below) then find the relevant notes in in the Properties: High Street; these notes often include names of occupants and sometimes details of the structure of the building with links to any photos or postcards. Or, to get an exact address, try the List of pubs A-Z. Searching for the pub name may also bring up references found on this site. Finally, Vic has undertaken some detailed research into individual pubs and his findings will be published over time.

5th March 1861 - VICTUALLERS - Old Brentford (25)

Pub Name Victualler Name
Barge Aground Joseph Colsell
The Bull William Taylor
Cannon John Hawkins
Drum Thomas Hadley
Feathers Thomas Piper
Fox and Hounds Sarah Monk and Thomas Martin
George the Fourth William Milton
Half Moon and Seven Stars Robert Pearce
Hand and Flower William Taylor
King's Arms Hannah Hoare
King's Arms, Boston Lane James Powell
Marquis of Granby Sarah Smith
New Inn, Ealing Lane Charles Blandford
North Star John Stannett
One Tun John Thick
Prince of Wales Thomas Waters
Princess Royal, Ealing Lane Oliver Burn
Red Lion Charles Loader
Royal Hotel James Stout
Salutation William McNae
Seven Stars, Half Acre James Lindley Millard
Star and Garter, Kew Bridge William Rachstraw
Waggon and Horses Charlotte Marshall
Watermans Arms William Butler
White Hart, Windmill Lane Thomas Begley

5th March 1861 - VICTUALLERS - New Brentford (10)

Black Boy and Still George John Baldwin
Blacks Boys Thomas Tunstall Sanders
Castle Theophilus Coombs
Catherine Wheel George Charles Collier
Magpie and Crown Griffith Humphreys
Magpie and Stump Frederick Dean
Red Lion Frederick Shipley
Six Bells Thomas Piper
Three Pigeons Leonard Field
White Horse Joseph Barnes

7th March 1882 - VICTUALLERS - Old Brentford (28)

Barge Aground William Marsh
Bee Hive (New) Thomas Farrington
The Bull William Kates
Cannon Alfred Foord
The Drum James William Gomm
Feathers George Kates
Fox and Hounds Thomas Rogers
George the Fourth William Cooper
Globe (New 1879) James Creamer
Half Moon & Seven Stars Walter George Moffatt
Hand and Flower William Tayler
Kings Arms Joseph James Barnes
King's Arms, Boston Lane Frederick James Powell
Marquis of Granby Thomas William Silver
New Inn, Ealing Lane John Davis
North Star Frederick Allen
One Tun John Thick
Oxford & Cambridge Hotel, Kew Bridge (New) Joseph George Wise
Prince of Wales Julia Hamblen
Princess Royal, Ealing Lane Matthew Maynard
Red Lion James Tarling
Royal Hotel Henry Besly
Salutation John James Turner
Seven Stars, Half Acre William Boxall
Star & Garter, Kew Bridge John Brill
Waggon and Horses Daniel James Thaxter
Waterman's Arms William Robert Vassila
White Hart, Windmill Lane George Hillyar

7th March 1882 - VICTUALLERS - New Brentford (10)

Black Boys Charles Privitt
Blackboy and Still Joseph Van
Castle Hotel Harriett Caroline King
Catherine Wheel George Charles Collier
Magpie and Crown George Atkins
Magpie and Stump William Simmons
Red Lion George Loader
Six Bells James Dykes
Three Pigeons John Matthews
White Horse George Edward Love

1882 - BEERSELLERS - Old Brentford (28)

Alexandra George Clifford Pearce 307 High Street
Brewery Tap William James Goodall 22 High Street
Bricklayers Arms William Hinton Ealing Lane
Carpenters Arms Henry Edwin Oldland New Road
Duke of Cambridge Charles Final 247 High Street
Eight Bells Richard Lewis 380 High Street
Express Edwin Vaughan Kew Bridge Road
Gardeners Arms (& Refreshment House) William Fleetwood Back Lane (Off.)
Grand Junction Arms John Farrington 12 High Street
Hope & Anchor William Ward Brookshot Road
Jolly Gardeners Daniel Hinton Windmill Lane
Jolly Gardeners John Padbury Drum Lane
Lamb Edmond Welsh 409 High Street
Lord Nelson Henry Spicer Grove Road, Windmill Lane
Pottery Arms Mary Evans Bull Lane
Queen's Arms Isabel Gelleff 366 High Street
Rising Sun Alfred Thomas Henderson 68 High Street
Royal Horse Guardsman William Benjamin Brooks Drum Lane
Royal Oak Isaac Hammond New Road
Royal Tar William Brooks Ealing Road
Shovel & Hoe Robert Bee Back Lane (West)
Standard George Earle Half Acre
The Grapes James Moles Ferry Lane
The Harp Edward Buss Back Lane (West)
The Patriot Stephen Gomm New Road
The Plough Thomas Waddell Kew Bridge
Volunteer William Smith Drum Lane
Windmill Harriet Spires Orchard Road

1882 - BEERSELLERS - New Brentford (7)

Barley Corn John Plastine
Brewery Tap, Catherine Wheel Yard Thomas Green
Crown and Anchor (Entry crossed through and "Now a Bank" written over) John Taylor
Junction Arms George Samuel Jennings
Lord Nelson John Ackrell
Magnet Thomas Stevens
Watermans Arms Henry Littleboy
Waterman's Hall, Catherine Wheel Yard Edward Tidy

6th March 1900 - VICTUALLERS - Old Brentford (30)

Three new establishments since 1882 marked '*'
Barge Aground William Albert Best
Beehive Francis Henbrey
The Bull Frederick John Tully
The Drum Stephen James Gomm
Duke of York * Walter George Bevan
Feathers Charles Henry Pennefather
Fox and Hounds George Buss
George the Fourth Catherine Mumford
The Globe Henry Smith
The Grapes * Walter William Woodruff
The Griffin * Abraham Henry Compton
Half Moon and Seven Stars Samuel Vanns Ferris
Hand and Flower William Tayler
King's Arms, Boston Road Elizabeth Collier
King's Arms John Frederick Turner
Marquis of Granby Samuel Ferris
New Inn Jane Blick
North Star Alexander McNae
One Tun Selina Thick
Oxford and Cambridge, Kew Bridge Joseph George Wise
Prince of Wales Walter Hamblen
Princess Royal Henry Risbridger
Red Lion Maria South
Royal Hotel William Stout
The Salutation Henry Hall Humphries
Seven Stars, Half Acre John Dunscombe Bradbeer
Star and Garter, Kew Bridge Mary Ann Purkiss
Waggon and Horses Elizabeth Bragg
Waterman's Arms William Shotter
White Hart, Windmill Road George Hillyar

6th March 1900 - VICTUALLERS - New Brentford (9)

Blackboy and Still John Thomas Matthews
Castle Hotel Frederick William Bird
Catherine Wheel George Charles Collier
Magpie and Crown Charles Nelms
Magpie and Stump George Hopkins
Red Lion William Harmer
Six Bells Thomas George Dorey
Three Pigeons Thomas Collins Gillatt
White Horse Jessie Caroline Peterkin

6th March 1900 - BEERSELLERS - Old Brentford (20)

(The Royal Tar recorded twice)
Albany Arms Robert Bee Back Lane West
Alexandra Maria Annie Pearce High Street
Brewery Tap Harry Blake High Street
Bricklayers Arms William Thomas Rice Ealing Road
Duke of Cambridge Alfred Peasland High Street
Express Robert George Aldington Kew Bridge Road
The Harp Mary Ann Buss Albany Road
Jolly Gardeners Herbert William Hinton Windmill Road
Jolly Gardeners John Padbury Ealing Road
The Lamb Emily Broadfoot  
Lord Nelson Lucy Boxall Grove Road
The Plough William Robert Elkins Kew Bridge Road
Pottery Arms John Rye Pottery Road
Rising Sun Evan Charles Gilbert  
Royal Horse Guardsman Robert Gomm Ealing Road
Royal Oak Boaz Stallwood New Road
Royal Tar William Atkinson High Street
Royal Tar John Francis Wilson High Street
Volunteer James Marriott Ealing Road
Windmill Charles Abbott Wood Orchard Road
Gardiners Arms Julia Gardiner Walnut Tree Road

1900 - BEERSELLERS - New Brentford (7)

Barley Corn Joseph James Small
Brewery Tap, Catherine Wheel Yard Caroline Green
Junction Arms George Samuel Jennings
Lord Nelson Emanual Jun. Smith
Magnet George Neal
Watermanís Arms William Drinkwater
Waterman's Hall, Catherine Wheel Yard William Brown


Published October 2017