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Brentford Pub Licence Transfers 1846-1904 and 1942, 1943

Vic Rosewarne has provided all of the following data, which has been sorted by pub / beerhouse name. This is not a complete list of all licence transfers but coverage for the period 1846 to the early 1890s is near complete.

If you can add to the list please get in touch.

Any missing transfers can be spotted easily: for example the Barge Aground licence presumably transferred from Baker to Logsden at some point between 1850 and 1858; but thereafter the various transfers for this pub up to 1887 appear complete. Look out for different surname spellings: perhaps a name misheard or mis-printed, for example John Colesells is later John Colsell; similarly for The Beehive John Coomer of 1866 is recorded as John Comer in 1868. Either (or possibly neither) spelling may be correct.

This list has the bare minimum of information, enough to see the surnames of those involved and sequence of changes over time. Addresses have been removed excepting, for the Red Lion, OB and NB to distinguish the two pubs of this name in Old and New Brentford. Similarly the two King's Arms, both in Old Brentford, are distinguished by including 'Boston Lane' for the pub near the station.

Where the name of a pub has been recorded slightly differently, the entries have been brought together, for example 'Black Boys' and 'Two Black Boys' appear under 'Two...', also references to 'Pigeons' have been added to those for 'Three Pigeons'.

See the more comprehensive list, which is in date order and includes more address notes, circumstances surrounding the transfer (often the death of the landlord), the newspaper title and date where the transfer was reported.

Year Pub Name From To
1859 Alton Arms T. Baker G. Holmes
1850 Barge Aground William Perress William John Baker
1858 Barge Aground Mr. Joseph Logsden Mr. John Colesells
1862 Barge Aground John Colsell James Harris
1865 Barge Aground James Harris Henry Sharp
1868 Barge Aground Henry Sharp Mr. Marsh
1868 Barge Aground Mr. Henry Sharpe Mr. William Marsh
1882 Barge Aground William Marsh James William Gomm
1886 Barge Aground James William Gomm Thomas W. Reynolds
1887 Barge Aground Thomas William Reynolds Thomas George Dorey
1915 Barge Aground Florence Alice Martin Henry Longhurst
1892 Barleycorn John Plasstine Rosina Plastine
1866 Beehive William Gomm John Coomer
1868 Beehive John Comer Charles Coleman
1869 Beehive Charles Coleman Thomas Farrington
1893 Beehive George B. Arnold William Nixon
1942 Beehive Thomas George Beare Sydney Walter Lee
1853 Black "Dog" and Still William Banks Henry Smith
1856 Black Boy and Still Henry Smith W. Hopwell
1858 Black Boy and Still William Hipwell John Baldwin
1873 Black Boy and Still John George Baldwin Elizabeth Baldwin
1879 Black Boy and Still Elizabeth Baldwin Joseph Vann
1886 Black Boy and Still Joseph Van Thomas Matthews
1871 Bricklayer's Arms Charles John Bailey George William Reeves
1876 Bricklayer's Arms George William Reeves William Hinton
1886 Bricklayer’s Arms Sarah Hantor Edward Turner
1852 Bull Elizabeth Taylor William Taylor
1863 Bull W. Taylor W. Keats
1888 Bull William Kates Henry Taylor
1904 Bull J.D. Franklin Harry John Humphris
1848 Cannon Henry Brown Ann Broughton
1848 Cannon Ann Broughton Henry Morris
1850 Cannon Henry Morris John Dale
1861 Cannon Joseph Dell John Hankens
1863 Cannon Mr. John Hawkins Mr. John Strahan
1876 Cannon John Strahan Thomas Bates
1878 Cannon Thomas Bates Robert Hughes
1880 Cannon Robert Hughes Stevens Arthur Cox
1881 Cannon Arthur Cox George Turpin
1882 Cannon George Turpin Alfred Foord
1872 Carpenter's Arms Abraham Boon Thomas Bundy
1888 Carpenter's Arms Henry E. Oldland Henry Alfred Broome
1864 Castle Theophilus Coombs Charles Coombs
1869 Castle Special licence Caroline Coombes and William Ruston
1869 Castle Coombes? Mrs Harriott Caroline
1871 Castle Harriet Caroline Coombs George King
1877 Castle Hotel Special Licence Mrs Harriett Caroline King
1885 Castle Hotel Charles Coombes Ephraim Francis Hatewell
1891 Castle Hotel Samuel Catterns Charles Cordingley
1897 Castle Hotel W. Jennings Henry Waiter Dexter
1853 Catherine Wheel Henry Girard Henry Baker
1855 Catherine Wheel Henry Baker John George Gibbs
1858 Catherine Wheel Mr. John Edmund Gibbs James Hunt
1885 Coach and Horses Thomas H. Neal Mary Ann Elizabeth Neal
1874 Crown and Anchor Francis Reed Mary Reed
1877 Crown and Anchor Robert Pidgeon John Taylor
1870 Crystal Fountain Beerhouse certificate Thomas Basing
1848 Drum Richard Douglas Coster William Mapleson
1868 Drum Thomas Hodle Thomas Hodley
1872 Drum Thomas Hadley James Turner
1885 Duke of Cambridge Sarah Brown Richard Ives
1897 Duke of York Hotel John Foster Arthur Edward Harriss
1889 Ealing Park Tavern George Small William Henry David
1856 Eight Bells Executors of C. Piper Thomas Piper
1870 Eight Bells Beerhouse certificate Mr. Smith
1876 Eight Bells William Ansell John Taylor
1882 Eight Bells Joseph Gaun Richard Lewis
1882 Eight Bells Richard Lewis John Betteridge
1882 Eight Bells John Betteridge William Fishlock
1883 Eight Bells William Fishlock Henry Chatter
1883 Eight Bells Henry Chater Richard Gostling ?
1883 Eight Bells Michael Goulding Samuel Wakeling
1878 Express John Peck Henry Lellick
1882 Express Edwin Vaughan Robert George Aldington
1863 Feathers Thomas Piper John Harris
1860 Fox and Hounds William Monk Sarah Monk and Thomas Martin
1862 Fox and Hounds (-) Monk Sarah Monk
1883 Fox and Hounds (-) Rogers Harriet Rogers
1883 Fox and Hounds Harriet Rogers Thomas George Ashton
1883 Fox and Hounds Thomas G. Ashton Henry Do…er
1889 Fox and Hounds M. H. Butler James Bridgen
1856 Fox Inn Mr. Lewis Henry Pepper Mr. James Smithers
1863 George and Dragon Benjamin Millard Levi Langler
1861 George Fourth William Edwards William Milton
1862 George Fourth William Warren William Prince
1864 George Fourth William Prince Thomas Hill
1865 George Fourth Thomas Hill William Cooper
1875 Globe W. Ansell J. Creamer
1883 Grand Junction Arms John Farrington John McNamara
1871 Grapes Mary Ann Thomas Henry David Thomas
1875 Grapes Henry David Thomas Thomas Moles
1875 Grapes Thomas Moles James Moles
1884 Grapes James Moles Eleanor Moles
1884 Grapes Eleanor Moles Sidney John Bridgeman
1871 Half Moon Licence granted Edward Hoare
1884 Half Moon and Crown Charles Richardson George Walter
1888 Half Moon and Crown George Walker James Hackatay
1862 Half Moon and Seven Stars Robert Pearse (or Pearce) Thomas Woolmore
1863 Half Moon and Seven Stars James Lindley Millard William Boxall
1864 Half Moon and Seven Stars James Leese Richard Edwards
1869 Half Moon and Seven Stars Advert  
1870 Half Moon and Seven Stars Benjamin Edwards E. Edwards ...
1870 Half Moon and Seven Stars Edwin Edwards Robert Henwood
1871 Half Moon and Seven Stars Robert Henwood Charles Gibbons
1873 Half Moon and Seven Stars Charles Gibbons John Fairchild
1874 Half Moon and Seven Stars John Fairchild George Henry Cole
1877 Half Moon and Seven Stars George Henry Cole Ann Cole
1881 Half Moon and Seven Stars Charles Thorne Walter George Moffatt
1882 Half Moon and Seven Stars Charles Thorne Walter George Moffatt
1888 Half Moon and Seven Stars J. O’Donald Thomas Waight
1875 Harp Edward Higgins Edward Bass
1884 Harp (Beerhouse) Mary Ann Buss
1904 Harp Harry Smith William Preddy
1871 Hope and Anchor Licence granted John Bignall
1880 Hope and Anchor Elizabeth Woods William Ward
1883 Hope and Anchor George H…. Fred Mo…
1892 Hope and Anchor Lionel Bary William Danbury
1880 Jolly Gardeners Edward Padbury John Padbury
1893 Jolly Gardeners Caroline Hinton Thomas Woodbridge and H. Hinton
1881 Jolly Gardeners, Isleworth Charles Thomas Hayball Elizabeth Mary Hayball
1856 Jolly Tar Lot 3 Held of the manor of Ealing £160
1877 Junction Arms John Taylor George Samuel Jennings
1846 King’s Arms Charles Cutting George Wiltshire
1855 King’s Arms James (or Thomas) Hoare Hannah Hoare
1857 King’s Arms George Ward John Beadle
1878 King’s Arms Thomas Morris Joseph James Barnes
1883 King’s Arms Joseph James Barnes John Butcher Keeble
1893 King’s Arms James Clements John Frederick Turner
1853 King’s Arms Boston Rd New Robert Barrett
1859 King’s Arms Boston Rd Mr. Robert Barrett "Mr. James Powell "
1880 King’s Arms Boston Rd James Powell Mary Mitchell
1880 King’s Arms Boston Rd Mary Mitchell Frederick James Powell
1884 King’s Arms Boston Rd Frederick Powell Henry Collier
1893 Lamb Ellen Welch Thomas J. Hail
1886 Lord Nelson (-) Acrell Mary Ann Acrell
1887 Lord Nelson Mary Acrell Thomas Griffiths
1891 Lord Nelson Thomas Griffiths Stevens
1880 Magnet John Abraham Payne James Alexander Forsyth
1880 Magnet James Alexander Forsyth Thomas Stevens
1864 Magpie and Crown Griffiths Humphreys George Atkins
1886 Magpie and Crown George Atkins Alfred Lawrence
1860 Magpie and Stump Martha (or Maria) Franklin Mr. Alfred Dean
1862 Magpie and Stump Frederick Deane James Grover
1874 Magpie and Stump James Gasset William Simmons
1889 Magpie and Stump W. Simmons Edward Henry Fielder
1861 Marquis of Granby Mr. R. Smith Sarah Smith
1867 Marquis of Granby John Harding "Cornelius Leggatt "
1870 Marquis of Granby Sarah Smith  
1870 Marquis of Granby Sarah Smith Thomas Silver
1880 Marquis of Granby Thomas Silver William Kates
1881 Marquis of Granby William Kates Thomas William Smith
1888 Marquis of Granby Thomas William Silver William Hunt
1888 Marquis of Granby Walter Nesby Richardson Samuel Harris
1855 New Inn Margaret Elizabeth Giles Richard William Derry
1856 New Inn Robert Gainsford Alfred Meacock
1862 New Inn Charles Blandford William James Woodford
1871 New Inn William Woodford Sophia Pearce
1873 New Inn James Palmer Sarah Weeden
1878 New Inn Sarah Weedon John Davis
1885 New Inn John David James William Marsh
1885 New Inn James William Marsh William Horatia Molmdina
1886 New Inn William Horatio Mollindinia George Harris Marsh
1867 North Star Mrs Sarah Stannett Mr. Isaac Rule
1871 North Star George Tyler John Greenrod
1875 North Star George Taylor Frederick Allen
1886 North Star George Bayliss Ann Smith
1888 North Star H. Grierson Alexander M’Nae
1889 North Star Thomas Smith Charles Meads
1893 Northumberland Arms Edward B. Goodman John Pryor
1868 One Tun John Thick John Thick and William Ford
1868 One Tun John Thick  
1869 One Tun John Thick and William Ford John Thick
1871 Oxford and Cambridge Benjamin Erl Sarah Erl
1871 Oxford and Cambridge For sale  
1871 Oxford and Cambridge Sarah Erle Joseph ? George Wise.
1884 Patriot Steven Gomm Elizabeth Gomm
1875 Plough George Gomm Thomas Waddell
1884 Plough Thomas Wadell Joseph Irish
1888 Plough A. J. Chescoe George Saull
1943 Plough Rosetta and Edwin Benn Rosetta Benn and Maud Gay
1866 Poplars William Perry Caroline Perry
1866 Poplars Mrs. Caroline Perry Mr. Alfred Garside
1867 Poplars Alfred Garside Benjamin Earl
1857 Prince of Wales Mr. Thomas Harding Mr. William Marsh
1859 Prince of Wales Application to transfer licence Adjourned until next Saturday
1860 Prince of Wales Mr. W. Baldry "Mr. Timothy Wood "
1860 Prince of Wales Mr. Timothy Wood Mr. James (or John W. &E.) Ross
1868 Prince of Wales Thomas Waters William Sawell
1868 Prince of Wales William Sawell George Jeffreys
1870 Prince of Wales Protection order Charles Daniel Corney
1870 Prince of Wales Licence Charles Daniel Conner
1871 Prince of Wales Charles Daniel Corney William Thomas Hanley
1881 Prince of Wales Thomas Hamblin Julia Hamblin
1882 Prince of Wales Julia Hamblin Thomas Wm. Wright
1854 Princess Royal Elizabeth Grint Oliver Burn
1863 Princess Royal Oliver Burn "William Marsh "
1868 Princess Royal Thomas William Howard Matthew Maynard
1887 Princess Royal Matthew Maynard Henry Rushbridge
1880 Queen’s Arms Elizabeth Bowler James F. Gilleff
1880 Queen’s Arms James Edward Jelleff Elizabeth Jelleff
1884 Queen’s Arms Isabella Galleff ? (or Gelefe) Thomas Dear
1885 Queen’s Arms Thomas Dean George Henry Young
1886 Queen’s Arms William Thomas Ballen William Sandwell
1863 Red Lion NB Frederick Shipley Eliza Shipley, John W. Cole and Hickson Briggs
1863 Red Lion NB Frederick Shipley Edmund Meacock (or Peacock ?)
1866 Red Lion NB Edward Meacock Thomas Joseph Beaseley
1866 Red Lion NB George Thomas Beasley "George Schooling "
1867 Red Lion NB John Schooling John Whetherley
1876 Red Lion NB John Wetherley Robert Thomas Finch
1878 Red Lion NB Robert Thomas Fitch George Loader
1887 Red Lion NB George Loader George Harris
1851 Red Lion OB Elizabeth Saunders John Solly
1856 Red Lion OB George Smith Charles Loader
1871 Red Lion OB Special licence Elizabeth Loader
1871 Red Lion OB George Chapman Banks George Chapman Banks
1871 Red Lion OB George Chapman Banks James Creamer
1874 Red Lion OB James Creamer James Bell
1876 Red Lion OB Daniel North Frederick Bartlett
1879 Red Lion OB Frederick Bartlett James Tarling
1883 Red Lion OB James Tarling Oliver Damp
1891 Red Lion OB Sam Smith Robert Boxall and Edward Beach
1892 Red Lion OB R. Boxall and Edward Pocock John Henry Smith
1887 Rising Sun Alfred Thomas Henderson E. Charles Gilbert
1887 Rising Sun   Charles Evan Gilbert
1876 Royal Horse Guardsman John Longwood William Benjamin Brooks
1870 Royal Hotel James Stout sen. James Stout jun.
1872 Royal Hotel J. Stroud & Co. Henry Besley
1870 Royal Oak James Cremon John Carter
1880 Royal Oak Richard Lewis Isaac Hammond
1882 Royal Oak Isaac Hammond John Godfrey
1942 Royal Oak Edward Hogwood Eliza Annie Hogwood
1871 Royal Tar Robert Pearce Isaac Bee ?.
1876 Royal Tar George Thomas Wise Richard Pearce
1877 Royal Tar Richard Pearce Ann Tredwell
1878 Royal Tar Ann Tredwell William Brooks
1886 Royal Tar William Brooks Henry Dunning
1846 Salutation William Macnab William Mitchell
1870 Salutation Thomas Redford Thomas J. Edwards
1872 Salutation Thomas John Edwards James Turner
1887 Salutation   Henry Hall Humphries
1887 Salutation Henry Turner Henry Humphries
1887 Salutation James Turner Henry Hall Humphries
1853 Seven Stars Arthur Winkley John Curnelly
1856 Seven Stars Lot 16, sale  
1857 Seven Stars Sarah Cornolly James William Millard
1888 Seven Stars William Boxall John Dunscombe Bradbeer
1872 Shovel and Hoe Phillip Nunn George Court
1874 Shovel and Hoe George Court Robert Bee
1881 Six Bells Thomas Piper Emma Piper and Joseph Bridges Lewis
1881 Six Bells Emma Piper and J. B. Lewis James Dykes
1882 Six Bells Emma Piper and J. B. Lewis James Dykes
1883 Standard George Earl George Baglis
1886 Standard George Bayliss Ann Smith
1856 Star and Garter John Wilder Adams (-)Watts
1857 Star and Garter Mr. David Watts "Mr. Gayman Rackstraw "
1867 Star and Garter Mr. Hartley "Mr. J. Chapman Banks "
1867 Star and Garter Mr. Thomas Hartley Mr. George Chapman Banks
1875 Star and Garter Mr Banks Mr. Stanbury
1875 Star and Garter George Chapman Banks John H. Stanbnery ?
1884 Swan Edward Hicks Henry Barton
1852 Pigeons Robert Winnum George Holt
1855 Three Pigeons George Hall William Moore Ayshford
1857 Three Pigeons William Elmsford Benjamin Edward Goodman
1857 Three Pigeons Mr. William Moore, Ashford "Benjamin Edward Goodman "
1858 Three Pigeons "Mr. Benjamin William Goodman " Mrs. Hannah Goodman
1859 Three Pigeons Mrs Hannah Goodman Mr. Leonard H. Field
1867 Pigeons Inn Leonard Field Margaret Renard
1873 Three Pigeons Margaret Renard William Boughton
1875 Three Pigeons Thomas Letts James John Howard
1876 Three Pigeons James John Howard William Alfred Linford
1879 Three Pigeons William Alfred Linford John Matthews
1884 Three Pigeons John Mathews Henry Taylor
1885 Three Pigeons Henry Taylor James Clopp
1852 Black Boys Thomas Carter Lucy Carter, his widow
1853 Black Boys Lucy Carter & Thomas Martin Mary Ann Wiltshire
1857 Black Boy Mrs Mary Ann Wiltshire Sarah South
1857 Two Black Boys Sarah Brown, late South James Brown
1858 Black Boys Mr. James Brown Mr. Thomas Tunstall Saunders
1865 Two Black Boys Special licence James Such
1867 Two Black Boys James Sutch Joseph Sutch
1868 Two Black Boys Mr. Joseph Sutch Mr. Michael Hardy
1871 Two Black Boys Michael Harty Richard Nash
1876 Two Black Boys Richard Nash David Cowdrey
1878 Black Boys David Cowdrey William John Skinner
1881 Two Black Boys Charles Goodlife Charles Privett
1882 Two Black Boys Charles Privitte Malina Richardson
1865 Victoria, Hanwell Mr. Broomes "Levi Langler (refused) "
1884 Volunteer William Smith John Stevens
1888 Volunteer William Brown John Stevens
1846 Waggon and Horses Frederick Balcombe William Heath
1847 Waggon and Horses William Heath John Tripps Sinclair
1850 Waggon and Horses Johnipps Samuel Reeves
1853 Waggon and Horses Samuel Reeves William Marshall
1865 Waggon and Horses Mrs. Charlotte Marshall Benjamin Dowsett
1870 Waggon and Horses Benjamin Dowcett William Ruseby
1878 Waggon and Horses William Aldous James Smith
1880 Waggon and Horses James Smith David J. Thaxter
1889 Waggon and Horses Andrew Edward Townsend Joseph Thomas Bragg
1873 Waterman’s Arms William Heading Edward Fisher
1877 Waterman’s Arms Isaac Beese William Robert Vassila
1884 Waterman’s Arms William Robert Vassilla Charles Vassilla
1884 Waterman’s Arms   Charles Vassillis
1885 Waterman’s Arms Charles Vasala Thomas Pettet
1891 Waterman’s Arms Charles Spencer Nelms Walter Henry Hubbuck
1892 Waterman’s Arms Richard Ives Benjamin Songi
1892 Waterman’s Arms Robert Ives Benjamin Songi
1893 Watermans’ Arms Richard Ives Benjamin Songi
1861 White Hart Thomas Begley John Cox
1868 White Hart Mr. Cox "Mr. E. Desfarges "
1868 White Hart John Cox Edwin Desforges
1871 White Hart Edward James Desforges George Coles
1871 White Hart George Coles James Moles ?
1878 White Hart William Phillip Baker Mary Baker
1880 White Hart Mary Barker George Hillyer
1852 White Horse William Barnes Thomas Sartin
1856 White Horse Mr. Thomas Tartian or Lartain Mr. William Barnes
1859 White Horse Mr. William Baines Mr. Joseph Barnes
1872 White Horse Joseph Barnes William Jacob Morris
1877 White Horse William Jacob Morris Thomas James Arnold
1881 White Horse Thomas James Arnold Thomas James Hildersely
1881 White Horse Charles Thomas James Hildersely George Edward Gove
1882 White Horse George Edward Love Thomas Williams
1883 White Horse William Williams Henry Howard Alders
1884 White Horse Henry Howard Aldose Richard Farmer Hart
1888 White Horse Maria B. Meadows Joseph Charles Fisher
1894 White Horse Eden Smith Jessie Caroline Peterkin
1884 Windmill William Shelford Evan Charles Gilbert
1887 Windmill Charles … Raymond George Finch
1887 Windmill   Raymond G. Finch
1942 Windmill Alice Caroline Wood James Robert Wood


Published October 2017; updated November 2017